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RDLee's WWE '12 Real-Time Roster Reveal Coverage
By RDLee
Aug 13, 2011 - 4:00 PM

Just minutes before the live roster reveal began THQ announced their latest addition to the series in "Create-An-Arena". Now alot of folks have been asking for this feature for years but I, personally, don't give a damn about it being in since I doubt I will ever use it. I am more than happy with all the arenas already in the game each year.

The Miz and Jerry "The King" Lawler were the hosts for the reveal while Todd Grisham handled the MC duties. They revealed the first 20 superstars for the game and they were as follows:

John Cena

John Morrison

Ted Dibiase

Mark Henry

Kofi Kingston

William Regal


Husky Harris

Daniel Bryan

Tyson Kidd

Santino Marella

David Otunga

Evan Bourne



Cody Rhodes

Zack Ryder

Mason Ryan

Triple H

The Miz

Back in the ring we got some more bullshitting around with Lawler and Miz. They talked about how Miz has no match at Summerfest yet. Miz took credit for Daniel Bryan's inclusion in the game this year due to being his NXT pro. Miz talked about how his character rating better be rated in the 90's this year. The next 20 characters were announced:

Stone Cold

Arn Anderson

Ricky Steamboat




Kevin Nash

Booker T

Eddie Guerrero








Michelle McCool

Beth Phoenix

Kelly Kelly

We went back in the ring again with Lawler and Miz who talked about how they missed Edge in the WWE but are glad he is on the legends side now. We found out who the final 20 characters were for the day:

The Rock


Alex Riley

Alberto Del Rio

Rey Mysterio

Michael McGillicutty

Yoshi Tatsu

Jack Swagger

Big Show

Justin Gabriel

Heath Slater

Dolph Ziggler



Drew McIntyre

Sin Cara

Mr. McMahon

Ezekiel Jackson

CM Punk

Wade Barrett

Randy Orton

Speaking of the Viper, they introduced Randy Orton to the crowd since he is the cover star for the game. Orton said he was a big Kelly Kelly fan. How funny. He talked about his beard, and praised Miz before leaving. Pointless really. The King dropped the info that as soon as the game comes out he will be a DLC character.

They finished by introducing THQ's Cory Ledesma who said that Miz's overall score in the game is a 70. Miz took acception to that comment. There was some back and forth between Miz and Cory but it lead to nothing. They hyped it as "Bigger, Badder, Better" and said it was the best WWE game ever.

The game releases November 22nd and remember, the only way to get the Rock on day one is by preordering.


RDLee's Thoughts: Well... I am happy overall with the roster even though there are a TON of current roster stars that weren't included for some reason. Now, I do realize that DLC should bring several folks into the game eventually but here is a list of the ones who didn't make the cut:

The Great Khali, Jinder Mahal, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, The Usos, The Bellas, Tamina, Primo, JTG, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, AJ Lee, Brodus Clay, Gail Kim, Johnny Curtis, Kharma, Kaitlyn, Skip Sheffield, Trent Baretta, Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters, DH Smith, Melina, Michael Cole and Vickie Guerrero. Oh and I really expected Trish Stratus too since she was a part of Tough Enough.

Plus I am a little shocked not to see the usual Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels as in-game superstars or legends. And they must have taken Chris Jericho and Chavo Guerrero out as well since they were active on the roster more recently than someone like Husky Harris was. I expect to see a couple more names added to the list of confirmed characters soon since they usually don't announce any characters who have been released. Plus I am not sure if they even included any of the "unlockable characters" in this reveal. Afterall there were only 7 diva's announced so there HAS to be more than that.

All I can say is to keep checking back on the WWI message board under the thread named "RDLee's Video Game thread" to find out all the latest info on WWE '12 as I find out. Thanks for joining me today. Stay Classy!


(UPDATE as of 5:30 p.m.) It turns out that Chavo Guerrero and Vladimir Kozlov did indeed make it into the game along with 14 other unannounced characters yet to be revealed. I bet they are the unlockables for RTWM mode. Head on over to and take a look for yourself at some of the entrance videos and finishing move videos.

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