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Stevie Got Screwed: Exclusive Comments From Stevie Richards On What Should Have Been His Million Dollar Perfect Game
By RDLee
Mar 14, 2011 - 12:05 PM

Last year 2K Sports generously handed over $1 million dollars to Wade McGilberry for pitching the first perfect game in MLB 2K10 on the very first day of the contest which was also the release date of the game.

Fast forward one year later and as many of you have heard by now, Michael Manna aka former TNA and WWE star Stevie Richards was the first person this year to pitch a perfect game in this years version of MLB 2K11.

Normally this would mean Manna should be awarded the advertised million dollar prize right? Well, not so fast because according to 2K Sports this year a new set of rules for the contest was instituted including a start date of April 1st.

Friends and fans of Manna quickly began to show their support by using hashtags of #StevieGotScrewed whenever they used their Twitter accounts in hopes that 2K Sports would eventually respond to public outcry and possibly offer Michael some sort of reward or acknowledgment at the very least for overcoming this incredibly hard challenge first in the world.

To put an end to any doubts or speculation folks might have had regarding whether or not he completed the perfect game in the Pro dificulty like he claimed, Manna posted this picture earlier to serve as proof of his achievement.

I reached out to my long time friend a couple of days ago and asked him if he would be kind enough to provide World Wrestling Insanity with his own personal thoughts on what has happened since he accomplished the amazing feat. The paragraphs below are his exclusive comments on the entire situation.


"When I tweeted about the perfect game and posted to the video to YouTube, @2ksports asked if I could follow them so they would have the ability to DM (direct message) me.

The 1st DM asked what difficulty the perfect game was accomplished on. I answered that it was the default setting (which is Pro) for Franchise Mode in the game.

The 2nd DM stated that the game must be played in MLB Today and that the contest begins on April 1st, 2011. They sent along the link to the 3-page PDF showing the rules of the contest.

Like I stated in the T4 Show for March 9th, 2011,  I had no idea that the contest date had changed along with the multiple rules and restrictions even if it was within the approved timeline. I was (and am) very proud to be the 1st player to pitch a perfect game in MLB 2K11.

I had reached out to 2K Sports about the possible social media/PR opportunity that this situation presented as well as my recognition from the sports entertainment world.

Unfortunately, they have not replied nor shown any interest in any sort of positive publicity we could both garner from my passion for gaming.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support- not only in this situation, but for supporting my wrestling career and all the T4 Show content."

-Michael Manna-


You can follow Stevie on his Twitter page @MichaelManna  or check out his content on the T4 Show website at . Also be sure to  subscirbe to the T4 Show channel on Youtube at: T4 Show Videos .

I want to personally thank Michael for giving me the opportunity by utilizing his comments to bring everyone a different look at the entire MLB 2K11 perfect game situation. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you and remember to Stay Classy!

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