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RDLee's WWE Monday Night Raw Results - End Of 2011 Edition

By RDLee Dec 26, 2011 - 8:46 PM print

Johnny Ace came out wearing a CM Punk "Best in the World" t-shirt. He baited Punk into coming out by talking crap about him for a minute. Ace told Punk that tonight he will compete in a gauntlet match against three opponents and if any of them win, they will be granted a WWE title match next week.

Punk suggested that if he wins the match he should be given a fourth match against him. Johnny told him that he didn't want any of him. The crowd started chanting "You Can't Wrestle" at Ace. Punk told him to give the audience what they wanted and John told him he was on.


Cody Rhodes v.s. Booker T

Booker still looks in great shape. It's good to see him putting over the future talent while he still has name value and can put on good matches. Rhodes looks like he's wearing underwear with his current white attire. Cody dominated most of the match but Booker was able to mount a comeback late in the match a sideslam and a side kick. However, Rhodes hit the Beautiful Disaster kick to slow his momentum. In the end it was Booker T hitting the Scissor Kick to pick up the win. He celebrated after the match with a spinaroonie.

Winner: Booker T


Backstage we saw Zack Ryder thank John Cena for helping get him the opportunity he needed to win the United States title. Cena brushed it off and told him it was his hard work that earned him that championship.

Next, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry were announced as CM Punk's three opponents for the gauntlet match.

Finally, we saw Big Show meet up with Johnny Ace and David Otunga about Show's cheap shot on Otunga last week on Smackdown. David threatened a lawsuit but Show said that he could beat him anyday of the week with one arm tied behind his back. Ace liked that idea and made that a match for tonight.


Eve Torres and Zack Ryder v.s. Tyson Kidd and Natalya

It's pretty awesome seeing Nattie and Kidd back together for this match. I think they should have never broken up the Hart Dynasty to begin with. The crowd chanted "We Want Ryder" even though they were getting him. Stupid people. Ryder hit Tyson with a Rough Ryder to win the match

Winners: Eve and Zack Ryder


John Cena promo time. The crowd booed him big time once again. You can really see that he is getting tired of the hate regardless of what he says about not caring. Cena called out Kane but the Miz came out instead and wanted to fight him. This lead to an impromptu match.


The Miz v.s. John Cena

Not much of a match as Miz bailed and bitched at the crowd for chanting against him. The referee counted him out as he rambled on. Cena wins by count out. After the match, R-Truth made his return and began to brawl with Miz on the outside of the ring. Truth looked crazed as he pummeled Miz by tossing him into the steel steps. Truth grabbed the microphone and began trash talking as he bashed Miz with punches. He finished the assault by nailing Miz in the head with the microphone.

Winner: John Cena


Big Show v.s. David Otunga

Show had one arm tied behind his back for this match. Not much happened here either as Mark Henry came out and beat down the Big Show until Daniel Bryan came out to even the odds by distracting Henry while Show got his arm free. Big Show chokeslammed Otunga to end the fighting.

No Contest


Alberto Del Rio came out in a wheelchair being pushed by Ricardo the ring announcer. Alberto told us that he completely tore his groin. Ricardo himself was in a neck brace. The Bella Twins came out and demanded the crowd show him some respect. Del Rio dismissed them after they began bickering. He promised he would return next year and become the WWE champion once again.


CM Punk v.s. Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry

This was a 3 on 1 gauntlet match. If Punk wins he gets a match against Johnny Ace later tonight. If anyone pins Punk they get a WWE title match next week. Punk quickly eliminated Swagger with a kick to the back of the head. Swagger attacked him before he left the ring to help out the next guy coming out, Ziggler.

Dolph worked on Punks leg some and tried to weaken him with submissions. Ziggler got a close two count after hitting a leg drop bulldog. Johnny Ace came down to the ringside area to eject Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger as Punk hit a kick to the head and went for a cover. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag during the distraction and picked up the win. Next week Dolph will get a WWE title match on the first Raw of the 2012.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Kane came out with his iron man mask on for the promo. He said what we see is his true self and he may wear a mask but it's because everyone is a liar. John Cena immediately made his presence known but Kane summoned some fire on the stage to keep him from coming down. Kane told us that he attacked Cena because of his rise above hate campaign. He told him that it was okay and that humans were hateful by nature. Deep down everybody hates and why rise above it when the natural impulse is to embrace it.

Kane said that hate is the seed in which we are all born. It drives us, motivates us and fuels us. He told Cena that the second he stops hiding the truth he will truly be free. Kane told him that he will help him towards his path to enlightenment. Kane starting chanting "Cena Sucks" with the crowd to instigate his anger.

Cena simply stood there looking confused and angry as the show ended.

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