RDLee's WWE Monday Night Raw Results - Social Experiment Edition
By RDLee
Dec 5, 2011 - 8:41 PM

John Cena opened the show to a chorus of boos. First thing John did was thank Roddy Piper for allowing him to be on Piper's Pit last week. He appreciates the honesty of both the Hot Rod and the WWE Universe. He encouraged those who didn't like him to boo him and those who remained loyal to continue to cheer him on. Cena implied that he should be the number one contender for Punk's WWE title.

Alberto Del Rio came out to argue the suggestion. They bickered back and forth until Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler made their way out to join in the debate. Cena made fun of Ziggler's new nickname "The Showoff" and suggested he call himself the "Jerk Off". Dolph responded by saying it's not showing up if he backs it up every night. Cena called him out on it by saying he if that were true he would stop avoiding Zack Ryder.

The Miz made his presence known next and pleaded his case. He mentioned how he main evented Wrestlemania, beat John Cena, held the WWE title belt longer than Del Rio and how he doesn't need Vickie in his corner. Johnny Ace came out and said that each of the men in the ring will have to face a Smackdown star tonight and if they win they will be added to the WWE title match at TLC. Ace finished by telling Cena that his challenge would be unique though and he called it the "Social Experiment" match. We'll find out more on that later tonight.


Randy Orton v.s. The Miz

After Miz's promise last week to do the same thing to someone tonight that he did to John Morrison and R-Truth you can't help but wonder if they are blowing that angle off with this match. Miz hit the Reality Check but Orton kicked out and the momentum shifted for a minute. Wade Barrett's music hit and he came out to screw with Orton. Randy chased Wade up the ramp as Miz slipped back into the ring as the ref counted to ten. After the match Barrett assaulted Orton and left him laying on the ground. With this win, The Miz is now added to the WWE title match at TLC.

Winner By Countout: The Miz


The WWE Network announcement was a reveal that promised both live action shows, a legends reality show and past content from shows such as ECW, WCW and AWA. All kinds of cool things were mentioned. I can't wait for this network and hope the Comcast affiliate in my area carries it.


Backstage, Johnny Ace was talking to Zack Ryder about his petition when John Cena came in dressed as Ryder. Johnny announced that Cena would face off against Ryder tonight with the winner getting the respective title match they want.

Next, we saw David Otunga tell Kevin Nash that at TLC it would be Nash versus Triple H in a Ladder match where a sledgehammer would be suspended above the ring and whoever gets it can use it legally without ramifications of any kind.


Alberto Del Rio v.s. Daniel Bryan

Bryan was rocking some taped up ribs due to his end match result with Mark Henry last week on Smackdown. Del Rio worked on his injured area during the match. Despite a good fight by Daniel it was Del Rio with the Cross Armbreaker that forced out a submission win. With this victory, Alberto is now in the WWE title match at TLC.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Kelly Kelly and Eve v.s. The Divas of Doom

Before the match they showed a package on Nattie and Beth's "Pin Up Strong" movement. During the video it was interupted by a new 1-2-12 video. This was a quick match and nothing to note. Kelly rolled up Natalya to win.

Winners: Kelly Kelly and Eve


Zack Ryder v.s. John Cena

If Zack wins the match he gets a United States title match but if Cena wins he gains entry into the TLC title match. Big opportunity for Ryder regardless, a year ago he was a nobody and now he is facing off againt the WWE's poster boy in a match with ramifications for two championship divisions. They shook hands as the bout started. The crowd was a little confused about this one but seemed to chant more in Ryder's favor than Cena.

Zack had more offense than I would have expected against John but most of it was basic stuff like headlocks and rest holds. Ryder fought out of several Attitude Adjustment attempts but couldn't keep avoiding them for long as Cena eventually caught him with one when reversing a Rough Ryder and that was all she wrote for the Internet Champion. With this win Cena qualified for the WWE title match at TLC. They teased a Ryder heel turn after the match since Cena took away his one chance at another championship shot but nothing came of it.

Winner: John Cena


Backstage we saw John Cena demand that Zack Ryder gets another chance to earn a title shot. Johnny Ace told Cena that if he gave up his title shot he would give Ryder another match tonight to win a title match. Cena thought about it for a minute and said that he is a ten time WWE champion already because he was given opportunities. Cena commended Zack on all his hard work this past year and eventually agreed to Ace's terms. Now Ryder has an opportunity tonight against a yet to be named opponent.


Zack Ryder v.s. Mark Henry

We saw David Otunga whisper to Justin Roberts before the match that it would be a No DQ, No Countout match. No one expected this match to take place, all bets were on it being Kevin Nash or a debuting Brodus Clay. Henry bullied and overpowered Zack but Ryder showed heart in this bout even hitting the Broski boot which Henry shrugged off. Cena came out, gave the Attitude Adjustment to Henry and put Zack on top for him to pick up the win! Ryder can now challenge for the United States title in the future! Cena shook his hand on top of the ramp as Ryder celebrated this major career milestone.

Winner: Zack Ryder


Kevin Nash v.s. Santino Marella

This is Nash's first match since 2003 on Raw. This match is a result of an attack by Nash on Santino a month ago as they replayed the highlight from that night. Nash hit his three moves to win the match in typical squash fashion. Sideslam, big boot and Jackknife powerbomb. After the match Nash brought the sledgehammer in the ring and teased hitting Santino with it but changed his mind and left without attacking.

Winner: Kevin Nash


Dolph Ziggler v.s. Sheamus

It's ashame that Ziggler kept the new music he debuted last week because I think it sucks out loud. I'm a little surprised to see this match placed as high as it is on tonight's card but I guess Dolph is really impressing the man behind the curtain as of late. The Great White went for the Celtic Cross but The Show Off slid out of it as Zack Ryder came running out to distract him long enough for Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick and win the match. Ziggler is not in the TLC title match now as a result of this loss. Ryder jumped in and hit a Rough Ryder for good measure afterwards.

Winner: Sheamus


Alberto Del Rio, Miz and CM Punk met in the ring for a contract signing for TLC's WWE Championship match. Vice President of Talent Relations and Raw Interim General Manager, Johnny Ace, came out to moderate. He announced that next week will be John Cena versus Mark Henry as the main event for the three hour Slammy Award show.

The first thing Punk did was move the table out of the middle of the ring and talked about how these contract signings never go down without a brawl. Ace announced that this will be first ever triple threat TLC title match.

Miz mentioned how he hurt John Morrison so bad that Johnny Ace had to release him. Johnny looked at the camera and told JoMo that he wished him the best of luck in his future endevours as Lawler laughed like a girl.

All three men battled back and forth on the mic about how great they were until they signed the contract and made the match official. Johnny Ace thanked them and demanded that a photographer get up in the ring for a photo-op with them. Punk didn't like that idea so he started to fight with them. Punk bulldogged Del Rio through the table and gave Miz the Go To Sleep to end the show.

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