RDLee's WWE Monday Night Raw Results - Royal Rumble Fallout Edition
By RDLee
Jan 30, 2012 - 8:36 PM

Johnny Ace opened the show to plead his case about his recent job performance. He told the crowd that he made some mistakes but still feels confident he will be named the permanent Raw GM. Next he announced CM Punk's opponents for the Elimination Chamber WWE title match.

Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, R-Truth and Chris Jericho were named. He next announced Beth Phoenix versus Eve, Kofi Kingston versus Miz, Dolph Ziggler verus Randy Orton and CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan for tonight.

CM Punk came out singing "Na, na, na, Goodbye" with the crowd and talked trash to Ace in the rin to his face. Punk ran down all the things Ace was bad at including his stuttering, speech and grammer failures. Johnny responded by offering his hand in friendship and asking Punk to put their differences aside from here on out. Punk refused and told him he would put him to sleep.

Daniel Bryan's music hit and he came out cheering "Yes!" for remaining the champion against all odds. The crowd booed him. Bryan told us that while Ace and Punk were in the midst of their drama he was busy winning a big match. He told Punk that he wasn't much of a challenge in comparison to the guys he has beaten lately. He called himself a role model and a vegan. 

Punk made some jokes which made Bryan mad. Punk suggested that he and Daniel give the fans the best wrestling match they could get later tonight as Sheamus came out to join in on all the fun and remind us of his Royal Rumble win last night. He rambled on and told us we would find out who he picks to face at Wrestlemania soon.


Randy Orton v.s. Dolph Ziggler

Wade Barrett was shown up in the sky box being interviewed about his match with Orton this Friday on Smackdown. I feel bad for Dolph because right now he is one of the most entertaining in-ring performers in the WWE and he is still booked to look like a nobody sometimes. During the match Dolph did his show off routing by pulling out some sit ups while Orton was down. Ziggler nearly won after hitting a Zig Zag but Randy kicked out. Eventually Orton hit the RKO and picked up the victory as Wade Barrett watched on.

Winner: Randy Orton


Brodus Clay v.s. Tyler Reks

The Funkasaurus versus T-Rex. How silly. The crowd seemed a little dead. Reks actually got in a little bit of offense compared to recent foes. However, Clay recovered immediately and finished off Tyler with the running crossbody. I think it's time for Clay to start moving up the ladder a little. Maybe next week he can face off against someone like Jack Swagger.

Winner: Brodus Clay


CM Punk v.s. Daniel Bryan

We had a backstage segment between these two before the match where they talked about their unique characteristics in being vegan and being straight edge. This was a technical match as you would expect. Bryan worked on Punk's arm and shoulder throughout the bout. Punk sold the pain well even switching up his usual right arm in the bulldog move to the left.

Chris Jericho came in out of nowhere pulled Bryan out of the ring and hit Punk with a Codebreaker. As a result, Daniel Bryan picks up the win unintentionally.

Winner by DQ: Daniel Bryan


The celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame will welcome "Iron" Mike Tyson into it's fold this year.


The Miz v.s. Kofi Kingston

R-Truth joined King and Cole at the commentary booth. Miz talked about Kofi's handstand during the Royal Rumble last night to avoid elimination. Miz claimed that he lasted 45 minutes. He claimed that he will still main event Wrestlemania regardless of not winning last night. Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere to pick up the win. I didn't expect this result at all but I guess it makes sense to build Kofi back into a credible challenger.

Winner: Kofi Kingston


Eve Torres v.s. Beth Phoenix

I really can't help but wonder why they already broke up the Pin-Up Strong/Divas of Doom pairing of Nattie and Beth. This was a squash match as Beth quickly hit the Glam Slam to win the match.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Afterwards, Kane appeared on the titantron and told Eve that everything that has happened to Zack Ryder has been John Cena's fault. He told her that he will continue to hurt Ryder until Cena embraces the hate. Kane's pyro went off and he appeared behind her in the ring. John Cena ran out and began battling with Kane. Cena hit Kane with the steel steps twice. Next, Cena cleared off the ringside table and went for an Attitude Adjustment but Kane got out and retreated.


Johnny Ace came our for his performance evaluation. He graded himself on a 5 point grading system with 5 being the best. He said he gave himself a lot of fives in different areas of his job. Triple H heard enough and came out to tell him that he abused his power to do something he's never done before in his career, become a star. Ace disagreed and claimed he did what he did to make Raw better.

Hunter explained how Vince and himself were removed from their jobs as GM because they let personal decisions affect his performance. Ace said he would do anything to keep his job. Hunter told him to apologize to the WWE Universe and if they accept his apology he would reconsider. The crowd gave Ace hell with big time heat to drown out his words as he apologized.

Hunter said that maybe he should give Ace a gauntlet match against the entire WWE roster. He was kidding. Next he said he would perhaps Ace would have to become a member of the Kiss My Ass club to keep his job. Johnny put on some chapstick and got on his knees as Triple H laughed at him.

HHH told him the bottom line is that board decided that he could come back and run Raw whenever he felt like it. He finished by telling Ace that he wishes him well in all.... then, suddenly the lights went out and Undertaker's music hit.

The Deadman has finally returned after a year long absence to give the thumb across the throat gesture to Hunter as the Wrestlemania 28 sign was featured in the background. Triple H patted him on the back and walked out as the show ended. Taker stared at the Mania sign looking sad before his music hit.

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