RDLee's WWE Monday Night Raw Results - President's Day Edition
By RDLee
Feb 20, 2012 - 8:49 PM

We opened the show with Eve talking backstage to the Bella Twins. She told the Bellas that she was never friends with Zack Ryder and was using him all along. She said that the whole world is now talking about her because this is what the world does to get attention. She told the Bellas to film her going into John Cena's locker room so she can continue to string him along in her plot too.

Unfortunately for Eve though, when she turned around, John was standing there shaking his head. This must be the end of that storyline then. What a terrible and weak heel turn reveal this turned out to be. Basically, a huge waste of time the last few months were.

Next, we moved into the arena where Cena made his entrance to the ring. Eve followed him out to the ring trying to defend herself. Cena told her she was using her assets to further her career. He said he lost a friend in Zack Ryder because of her. He called her a "Hoe-ski". John compared her to the Rock and called them both scandelous bitches.

Eve started crying on the ground but when Cena came to help her up she tried latching onto him for another kiss. John held her off until the referees came in to pull her away. He finished by saying no thanks, he wished to remain disease free. They dragged her to the back as the crowd chanted Hoe-ski again.


Sheamus v.s. Mark Henry

Last night after Daniel Bryan retained the World Heavyweight title, Sheamus came out and attacked him, thus making his attentions clear on who he will challenge at Wrestlemania. I'm guessing that Henry is feeling a little bit better now from his recent injury since this is his first real match in a while. Mark dodged a brogue kick and hit a splash into the corner. Henry went for the World's Strongest Slam but Sheamus slipped out and hit the brogue kick on his second attempt to get the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston v.s. Primo and Epico

Rosa danced her way out with her boys as well. I guess Air Born is officially over with this pairing. If Evan Bourne had been professional maybe he would have been in a match at Mania. Kofi was distracted by Rosa which almost allowed Primo to hit the backstabber, however, he managed to turn around and hit the trouble in paradise as a counter to pick up the win for his team.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth


We had a Hall of Fame class of 2012 video induction announcement for Ron Simmons a.k.a. Farooq of the A.P.A. Great choice and well deserved for the first african american world champion. DAMN!


David Otunga v.s. Ezekiel Jackson

Johnny Ace accompanied Otunga to the ring while Teddy Long cornered Big Zeke. I think Zeke has been underutilized over the past year. A while back I considered him to be a future main eventer. Surprisingly, The A-List was able to hit his one armed spinebuster to pick up the win over Zeke. After the match, Ace raised the hand of his man as Michael Cole celebrated.

Winner: David Otunga


The Undertaker made his way out to the ring. No wig on this time either. Bald and beautiful under his hood. Taker said that every day this past year he has been hell for him because of the Triple H match last year at Wrestlemania 27. Taker told Hunter that even though he said no to his challenge it was not his choice. He called Triple H out and told him to look him in the eyes to decline the challenge.

On that note, Hunter Hearst Helmsley made his way out to the ring to look another man in his eyes for the second week in a row. Soon as Hunter started talking, Taker told him to shut up and quit being a bitch. Hunter responded by saying that he will not be the one to end one of the two last of their kind. He told Taker that he needs to be the leader of the next generation.

Undertaker asked him if it was bad for business if he were gone or if Hunter was gone. HHH shrugged that one off and said that it was just plain bad either way. Hunter told him that he isn't asking him for vengence, he is asking him to end it instead and he knows how to end him. He refused to be the one that finishes it. Taker called him a coward as Hunter tried to leave the ring. HHH got pissed at that comment, got in Taker's face and nearly fell for his backhanded tactic. 

Hunter said he is sorry but the answer is still no. Undertaker said that he knows that Hunter can't do what HBK couldn't do because Shawn was always better than him. Hunter took off his jacket and made his way back down to the ring. He walked right up to Taker and told him that he is on for their match at Wrestlemania. Damn. I didn't want this. No one does, actually.

Hunter finished by telling him that the match will be a Hell in a Cell match.


Daniel Bryan v.s. Santino Marella

These two were the last two guys in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. For a minute there last night, it appeared that Santino might have pulled off the upset. Super quick match that effectively killed off the momentum Santino built up last night. Bryan locked on the Lebelle Lock and Santino tapped out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


The Bella Twins v.s. Kelly Kelly and Aksana

This is a random pairing. I didn't know Aksana was ready for primetime in the ring. The Bellas did some twin magic and stole the pin after a facebuster. Literally a one minute match. No point in even doing it since there was no payoff with Kharma returning.

Winners: The Bellas


John Cena came back out to talk about the Rock. He trashed the Rock's posse and said he used to be a fan of Dwaynes. He told us that he doesn't respect the Rock. He reminds us that the Rock will likely run back to Hollywood as soon as this thing is over. He also tells us that Vince might fine him for saying that the only reason Rock came back is because of Fast Five and the launch of his Twitter account. Cena says that he is proud to be a professional wrestler and vows to beat the movie star at Wrestlemania in the Rock's hometown.


WWE Championship Number One Contendership 10 Man Battle Royal

Cody Rhodes, R-Truth, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Santino Marella, The Big Show, The Great Khali, Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston were involved in the match. WWE Champion, CM Punk did commentary during the match. He wore his classic announcer suit as well for shits and giggles.

Great Khali eliminated by everyone.

The Miz eliminated by Kofi and Truth.

Wade Barrett eliminated by Santino.

R-Truth eliminated by Santino.

Dolph Ziggler eliminated by Big Show.

Kofi Kingston eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Santino eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes eliminated by Big Show

Big Show eliminated by Chris Jericho

Winner and new number one contender for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 28: Chris Jericho


After the match, CM Punk got in the ring and had a face to face with Jericho. He extended his hand out of respect but Chris chose to ignore it and walk away to end the show.

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