RDLee's WWE Monday Night Raw Results - Ain't No Wig That Can Hold This Body Down Edition
By RDLee
Feb 6, 2012 - 8:36 PM

The C.O.O. Triple H opened the show to talk about last week's encounter with The Undertaker. First thing Hunter mentioned was how he meant to fire John Laurinaitis last week before being interupted. However, Ace flew to Stanford to meet with the Board of Directors so unfortunately Hunter has to wait before making any further announcements about that.

He next moved onto the Deadman. He mentioned how we haven't seen him in nearly a year since last year's Wrestlemania where he was stretchered out. He claimed that for his entire career he was always humbleled to be in the ring with Taker but last week he did not have the same feeling anymore. He told us he feels sorry for Undertaker now and aired two videos with the first being him showing us how he wants to remember about him and the other being the end of his match last year at Mania when he was clearly hurt.

He finished by declining Undertaker's challenge for a third match at Wrestlemania 28. He said if he got in the ring with him again he knows he would have to put an end to it. He told Undertaker that he pushed him to his limits last year and doesn't want to push him past them. He told him that this whole thing is over. Hunter tried to leave but his music stopped and the lights went out.

We saw a video of the Undertaker sitting on a throne watching a replay of last year's match with Hunter. He kept saying "This is not over" and said that he will not let that be the last image we see of him. He told Hunter to give him vengence and he will give him one more chance at immortality. Camera shot back to Hunter standing in the ring looking unsure as the segment ended.


The Big Show v.s. Daniel Bryan

The announcers put over the fact that Big Show recently considered retirement after what he did to AJ a month ago. Obviously that didn't happen in the end. Bryan brought AJ out with him tonight. She was wearing a neck brace and seemed hesitant to be out there. During the match, Show went to a chokeslam but Bryan reversed it into a guillontine choke hold. They moved the fight to the outside and AJ stood between Show and Daniel. During a scuffle, Show almost ran into AJ once again but stopped himself this time. Bryan took AJ to the back and threw the match.

Afterwards, Daniel yelled at Show telling him he hurt AJ on purpose the first time and nearly did it again just to be a World Champion. Bryan said that since AJ loves him he will do anything to keep her safe and after Elimination Chamber he will still be a vegan and will still be the champion.

Winner By Countout: The Big Show


David Otunga did an in-ring segment where he put in the good word for his boss, Johnny Ace. He kneeled down and did a "Tebow" and prayed with the crowd. Justin Roberts interupted and told us that Triple H has made a match right now for Otunga. Sheamus came out to a good pop.


Sheamus v.s. David Otunga

Otunga was in street clothes. This would have been a better segment for Brodus Clay in my opinion. Sheamus decimated The A-List Harvard graduate and nailed him with the Brogue Kick to pick up the easy win.

Winner: Sheamus


Chris Jericho did an in-ring promo. He talked about how the end of the world means that he is here to put an end to all the Chris Jericho wannabes. He admitted that he trolled us in his return. He pointed out how each of his Elimination Chamber opponents ripped him off. Miz with his suits and tone, Kofi with his move set, Ziggler with his female management, Truth with his catchphrases and CM Punk with his "Best in the World" moniker.

Jericho said he was best in the world and didn't have to write on the back of a t-shirt to convince people. He proved it when he became the first Undisputed champion. He said he has come back to reclaim what is his. On that note, CM Punk's music hit and he came walking out to the ring with a mic in hand.

Punk got up in Jericho's face and looked like he was about to talk but instead dropped the mic and held the WWE title up in the air to get a pop. He turned his back on Y2J and Jericho teased attacking him but didn't. Jericho yelled at Punk and demanded that he come back to talk to him. Punk left as the segment ended.


Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes v.s. Randy Orton and The Great Khali

I'm a little surprised that they brought Khali back so soon. I figured he would he a once in a while type of surprise opponent, not in a full time role continuing into a Elimination Chamber match on pay per view. Wade's new theme song SUCKS big time, he should have kept his old one or bring back the theme from the Nexus. For some reason Khali and Orton tagged each other in by chopping each other during the match. Cody went for a Beautiful Disaster kick by Khali chopped him in mid-air to pick up the win for his team. After the match Orton got up in Khali's face and ended up breaking a choke hold to RKO him for some reason.

Winners: The Great Khali and Randy Orton


Eve Torres, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly and Tamina v.s. Natalya, Beth Phoenix, and The Bella Twins

Beth said in a pretape interview that night after night she has beaten everyone on the roster. She slapped one of the Bellas in the chest to tag them in. Tamina hit the Superfly Splash to pick up the win for her team. I guess they are trying to build up Tamina as the next challenger for the title. Beth stood outside smiling at Tamina after the match for her dominance. One question, Where the hell is Kharma???

Winners: Team Babyface


Chris Jericho v.s. R-Truth v.s. The Miz v.s. Dolph Ziggler v.s. CM Punk v.s. Kofi Kingston

This is a six pack challenge, all six men compete in the ring at the same time and the first one to score a pinfall or force a submission wins. The winner gains the right to be the final entant in the Elimination Chamber match. Jericho played the sneaky role by slowly recovering and taking his time from entering the ring from the outside. After a commercial break we saw R-Truth getting carried out by the doctors after a botched diving plancha to the outside on Miz.

Punk locked on the Anaconda Vice on Ziggler but Kofi broke it up before a submission could take place. They teased a Punk/Jericho fight but Ziggler and Miz spoiled the plans with a pair of clotheslines. Kofi went for Trouble In Paradise on Jericho but Y2J reversed it into the Walls of Jericho which Punk broke up. Punk hit a Go To Sleep on Ziggler and Jericho pulled Punk out of the ring and jumped in to steal the win on a weakened Dolph.

After the match, Jericho sat in the ring with the WWE title in his hands.

Winner: Chris Jericho


Backstage, we saw Kane in Eve's dressing room harrassing her. He told her that if John Cena doesn't fully embrace the hate soon he will be afraid for anyone who crosses his path. He finished by saying for the first time in his life he is afraid of himself. The show ended on that weird note.

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