JG's Raw Insanity
JG's Insanity Notebook: TarnishMania, 10% of Impact, Give Kharma a Hand, Life of a Masked Man, and More
By James Guttman
Jun 9, 2011 - 10:52 AM

- Eric Bischoff recently went off on the "10%" of TNA fans who use the Internet. Of course, this number is flawed because more than six people use the internet.

- The Ultimate Warrior recently released a video that threatens to bring down Hulk Hogan for his womanizing and drug-using ways. Uh oh. Warrior may finally be able to tarnish the image of the man who hooked up with a friend of his daughter's, explained that he understood why OJ Simpson could kill his wife, bad mouthed the disabled family friend his son injured in a car crash, lied about steroids to Arsenio Hall, criticized a star for retiring due to injury, and many other wacky moments. Yeah. Tarnishing that image, huh? You're a bit late to the dance, Warrior. Hulk already beat you to it.

- Halting plans abruptly for her big run, Kharma had to be written out of storylines because she is pregnant. WWE has vowed to fire Mark Henry if a hand comes out of her.

- Mick Foley is apparently gone from TNA. The main cause for his departure is a Tweet he sent out criticizing the company - you know, the same company he was working for and getting paid from. When reached for comment, Rep. Anthony Weiner said, "Wow. And I thought I showed balls on Twitter."

- Speaking of TNA, the company is slowly in the process of changing their name to "Impact Wrestling". Many in WWE have already begun planning how to sneak down to their office with spraypaint and write "Nothing We Do Will Ever" before the new name on their door.

- What's wrong with Chyna's frontdoor? Did she break it? Is that why they're not using it now? I'm so confused.

- Michael Cole is back to being crazy and normal at the same time. Really glad WWE decided to ruin the commentator they spent years building credibility for only to use him in a small heel run and return him to a weird Jonathon Coachman-like state alongside Jerry Lawler - who's more forgiving than he should be. It makes no sense. A few weeks ago, he was the D**k in a Box. Now he's just the little weenie with an attitude. If wrestling weren't a scripted show and all this was real, we'd have to send Michael Cole to a therapist to find out what the hell is wrong with him. He has some sort of mood disorder.

- Christian recently turned on World Champion Randy Orton in a fit of rage. Wrestling seems like a lot of work. If Christian really wants to get the title from Orton, he should just become best friends with him and wait for him to retire.

- Andy Leavine was the big winner of the night on Tough Enough this past week. The night's big loser - NXT.

- Rey Mysterio's upcoming DVD is entitled "Life of a Masked Man".  Among the chapters are: It's hot in here, I have a big blindspot while driving, and I can't deposit checks at my bank without getting jumped by security.

- The WWE Smackdown vs. Raw series is over for the home video game consoles. The new game, due out in November,  is called "WWE '12". The number 12 represents how many moves longtime players expect them to have left in the game after taking handfuls out each year.


That does it for me, guys. Keep your eyes peeled for an all new audio guest and check back for more. Be Well. Thanks for sharing my Insanity.

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