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JG's 8/18/08 Raw Insanity: Shawn's To Blame For His Wife's Face
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The ROHbot Report: Honor Re-United, Dojo Pro Black Belt, And More
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JG's 10/19/15 Raw Insanity: Hell of a Sell

James Guttman -Oct 19, 2015

If this storyline ends with something on a pole, I’m calling Titan Tower and putting “RUSSO” into the spell-by-name directory.

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JG's 10/5/15 Raw Insanity: Flashing The Brock Signal

-Oct 5, 2015

"Now" refers to the current generation of superstars. "Then"refers to the legends that paved the way for them. "Forever" refers to how long these shows feel.

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JG's Insanity: The 12th Annual WWE Memorial Day Barbecue

James Guttman -May 25, 2015

So I said, if you want me to name her after the place you conceived her, I'd rather we call her "Backseat of a Buick" than Charlotte...

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JG's Insanity: The 11th Annual WWE Memorial Day Barbecue

James Guttman -May 26, 2014

Investors, molesters. Who gives a damn? I can beat up stupid Don Jones.

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JG's Insanity: The 10th Annual WWE Memorial Day Barbecue

James Guttman -May 27, 2013

If you're in the mood,  I think there's some Italian dressing in the pool house.

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JG's Raw 1000 Insanity: The Rocky Road To Royal Rumble

James Guttman -Jul 24, 2012

Don't worry, man. You can drink it. I didn't give them real pee this time.

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JG's Insanity: The 9th Annual WWE Memorial Day Barbecue

James Guttman -May 28, 2012

Do you like your push? Huh? Because I'll be honest with you, Alvin. I have a metal plate in my head. What's that? Hello. I have a metal plate in my head. Because of that, I don't remember who you are...

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JG's Over The Limit Insanity: The Bad Big Show Ends With The Bad Big Show

James Guttman -May 21, 2012

Hi. I'm Brock Lesnar from the Ultimate Fighting Championship and some, uh, other stuff. I'm here today to talk about a very important subject - bullying...

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JG's 4/2/12 Raw Insanity: They Get Rock, They Get Brock, They Want Daniel Bryan

James Guttman -Apr 3, 2012

OK, so here's our list of demands. Does that sound too harsh? How about Wish List? Wish List is good. These are the things we want for you in order for us to allow Ric Flair to attend WrestleMania yesterday. If you don't meet them then we won't let him go to yesterday's Mania and then what'll you do? Huh? Exactly.

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JG's 3/5/12 Raw Insanity: The Rock Talks Us To Death

James Guttman -Mar 6, 2012

Ah yes. Hello. I'sa me - yours truly, Santino Marella. The doctor tells me to comes talk to you.. Yes. Ha ha. It's a'ok. I am a'here. I want to tell you - how do you say - you son he is a'deads! His car go skiddy skiddy boom boom. He had, uh, his brains, they scrambled like, you say, the marbles. Do not cry. Here, I play an invisible trombone in his honor.

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JG's 2/27/12 Raw Insanity: Kung Pow Cena Tattles on The Rock's Cheat Sheet

James Guttman -Feb 28, 2012

I hate to turn up, though I'm constantly invited. But my mere mention gets, the fans excited. They know they'll see my face and wrestling's wrongs are righted.  Thanks to me - that's why I'm over.

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JG's 2/21/12 Smackdown Insanity: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk Share a Pin

James Guttman -Feb 21, 2012

It's what I believe in, Vince. Dwayne doesn't come here and stick his face in the maple syrup. I do. Hustle. Loyalty. Breakfast.

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JG's 8/15/11 Raw Insanity: Diesel Texts Himself Into The CM Punk Storyline

James Guttman -Aug 15, 2011

Fake Diesel! Fake Razor! Dirty girlies for a nooner! It may be greater sometime later, but I'd rather boom her sooner!

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JG's 7/25 Raw Insanity: And a Hunter Shall Lead Them

James Guttman -Jul 25, 2011

Seems that the now former boss has been up to a lot and he's been influencing the world much more than anyone realizes - except maybe him, which explains the God complex. Our cameras first caught Mr. McMahon at...

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JG's Insanity: Vinnie Gaga - "Bored That Way"

James Guttman -Jul 5, 2011

The kids are tired of Rey
and won't watch TNA,
Take your PG back, baby
Fans were bored that way

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JG's Insanity: The Time Traveling Announce Team Crime Fighter Heroes

James Guttman -Jun 21, 2011

Before time. Before space. Wrestling commentators throughout history were gathered in a timeless place and left to live in a world of their own. In a world of such characters, only a select few can band together to keep them in line. They are... The Time Traveling Announce Team Crime Fighter Heroes...

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JG's Insanity: The 8th Annual WWE Memorial Day Barbecue

James Guttman -May 30, 2011

Yo. You know those bags that Cody Rhodes puts on people's heads? You'll never guess what I did to them.

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JG's Insanity: The WWE vs. TNA Apprentice

James Guttman -May 11, 2011

Well, surprisingly WWE didn't actually do this task. The task was to put on a wrestling show to entertain fans. From the first day, Vince refused and insisted they wouldn't do a wrestling show. When I told him it was required, he threw himself on the ground and hit me.

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JG's 11/22 Raw Insanity: Your Awesome New WWE Champion

James Guttman -Nov 22, 2010

Warning: Live monkey requires daily feeding and bathing. Do not taunt, prod, poke, eat near, shine light on, make eye contact, or look in the general direction of the monkey as it is trained to attack and will attack anyone within a 100 foot radius. Also, all monkeys shipped are infected or may be infected...

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JG's 11/8 Raw Insanity: Orton's Vipers vs. Barrett's Carrots, Aksana Steal Belt, and Santino Makes The Ginger Snap

James Guttman -Nov 8, 2010

You're either Nexus or you're not in the opening segment because the Natural Born Thrillers are taking the stage and there's a podium, so you know this is official.    As The Nexus Slaveboy, John Cena, reads an overblown introduction from a 1776-style scroll, The boys in N take to the ring and defer the spotlight to their hometown leader, Wade Barrett...

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JG's NXT Divas Premiere Insanity: Naomi's Night, AJ Styles and Profiles, and The Most Ridiculous Thing Josh Matthews Has Ever Seen

James Guttman -Sep 7, 2010

We received your memo about NXT Season 4. In it, you asked for some ideas about themes for the still-unconfirmed edition of WWE's great talent search. So we all got together - dropped a little acid, listened to a little Phish - and started writing...

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JG's NXT Finale Insanity: A Winner Is Crowned And Then Promptly Beaten By NV2.0

James Guttman -Sep 1, 2010

Last night, Monday Night Raw turned 900 years old. Few people know, though, that WWF NXT turned 904 three months ago. The longest runny endoscopic television program in the history of wrestling, NXT gets its name from the phrase - "Noah's X-Ray Tests." Noah, you see, was the first winner of NXT and he went on to win the Stanley Cup from the Russians in Rocky 2. But, I digress.

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JG's 8/24 NXT Insanity: Pantsless Trivia, Nobody Remembers Johnny Ace, and MVP Wrestles Cody Rhodes For a Really Long Time

James Guttman -Aug 25, 2010

Hello Jarrett.  Hello Dixie.
I'm with Vince now. Bet you miss me.
NXT is awesome. I ain't teasin'.
And they say they'll bring in AJ for next season.

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JG's 8/17 NXT Insanity: Husky Gets Audited, Kaval Gives TNA a Shoutout, and Showtime, No-Time, Off-You-Go-Time

James Guttman -Aug 17, 2010

It's good evening to you but good morning to Josh Matthews, who just woke up after a hard night of doing Speed. He's seated alongside Michael "Speed" Cole for a show that promises to eliminate two contestants. That's it. They don't promise anything else. If you're looking for surprises, you can go watch TNA. Huh? You want that? You want to have to go and watch TNA? Of course you don't. So shut your face and enjoy the hour.

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JG's 8/10 NXT Insanity: Firing The Cannon, The Dirtsheet Explodes, and Michael Cole Punches Harder Than Husky Harris

James Guttman -Aug 10, 2010

However, the real issues weren't even being addressed according to some.   Marcus Smart of the Wrestling News Site, Wrestleballz, spoke to us about his concerns regarding McMahon's run.

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JG's 8/3 NXT Insanity: Lucky Charms, Losing Makes Perfect, and Michael Cole Wants To Bang The Miz Real Bad

James Guttman -Aug 3, 2010

Yeah.   You don't know about him?   He's got all sorts of issues.   His name isn't even Lucky.   It's Palmer.

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JG's 7/27 NXT Insanity: The Night The Mustache Died

James Guttman -Jul 27, 2010

Daniel Bryan is lowered from the ceiling in a tangled web of neckties.   When he drops to the ground, he's attacked by seven rookie stars named "The Neck Cyst."


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JG's 7/20 NXT Insanity: The McGillibuddies Make Michael Cole Want To Throw Up

James Guttman -Jul 20, 2010

If you're hungry, Mungry, say what's up!   WHAT'S UP!?

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JG's 7/13 NXT Insanity: Nextivus For The Rest of Us

James Guttman -Jul 13, 2010

Who's Tina and why can't I be in her for 90 days?

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JG's 6/1 NXT Finale Insanity: Did Jennifer Hudson's Boyfriend Lose a Rigged Reality Show Too?

James Guttman -Jun 1, 2010

Hey yo.   Shurvey time.   Am I here to eat hamburgersh?   Or shometin N…W…O!   YAY!   I'm 'onna pud'dis'shit on Youtube!

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JG's 3/8 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Has No Friends, Shawn Michaels Has His Own Cloud, and Vince McMahon Has Multiple Partners

James Guttman -Mar 8, 2010

You want to get murdered and eaten?  Huh?  Do you?  Well, then don't order stuff from Craig's List.  We here at WWE Shop won't murder and eat you.  That's the WWE Shop promise.  And now, onto our crap...

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JG's 1/4/10 Raw vs. Impact Insanity: Bret Hart Tries To Move Past 1997, Hulk Hogan Tries To Recreate It, Impact Says Hello To 100 Former WWE Stars, Raw Says Goodbye To One

James Guttman -Jan 5, 2010

An Insanity so massive there's actually a third show recapped in it and a virtual remote to skip to the shows you want to read about first.

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JG's 11/9 Raw Insanity: Y2Big Plays The Heartbreak Game, Sheamus The Jobber Squasher Strikes Again, and Chavo Doesn't Win Here Anymore

James Guttman -Nov 9, 2009

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler run down the Survivor Series card. It starts in 15 minutes and costs $700. Call your local cable operator for availability.

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JG's 10/26 Raw Insanity: Kofi Kingston Can't Be Trusted With Other People's Property, Two NASCAR Drivers and a Leprechaun Book Survivor Series, and Bob Holly Does Not Make a Big Surprise Return

James Guttman -Oct 27, 2009

It's things like this that make Cena's "You Can't See Me" line funny. Why? Because many people can't see it because they're not paying 40 friggin' dollars every three weeks to watch television when there're 1000 channels on TV. Word life. This is basic economics.

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JG's 10/5 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Wishes John Cena Into The Cornfield, Miz America, and Look Kids - Big Ben. Parliament.

James Guttman -Oct 5, 2009

DX has a book. That's funny. They've had WWE's for years.

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JG's 9/14 Raw Insanity: Trish Returns, Batista Leaves, and It Sucks To Be Chavo Guerrero

James Guttman -Sep 14, 2009

Shane: No, no, no. Kanye told me in the jungle room that George Bush doesn't care about black coffee.

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JG's 8/24 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Celebrates 64 By Acting 20 With 40 Year Olds

James Guttman -Aug 24, 2009

Vince McMahon: …so that's what happened. I had said that he and his medals weren't worth a cup of coffee when he left the company. Now, this week, he gets arrested at Starbucks. It's true.

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JG's 7/27 Raw Insanity: Shaquille O'Neil Went To Leprechaun School, Big Show Ate Too Many Blueberries, and MVP's Summerslam Hopes Fall To Masterpieces

James Guttman -Jul 28, 2009

Triple H? Three H's? Your name is "Ha Ha Ha?"


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JG's 7/13 Raw Insanity: Hey, Lois. This Reminds Me Of The Time Seth Green Fought Randy Orton On Monday Night Raw...

James Guttman -Jul 13, 2009

Triple H wins the Sledgehammer/Watermelon match after he pins Gallagher, Finlay, Cryme Time, The Miz, Mark Henry, Santino Marella, and all the new ECW guys.



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JG's 7/6 Raw Insanity: Ted DiBiase Breaks The Fifth Commandment, Carlito Is Not His Brother's Keeper, and The Hunters of Thuganomics Are Coming For Randy Orton

James Guttman -Jul 6, 2009

There's two unseen alternate endings to John Cena's "12 Rounds." That makes three endings most people have never seen.

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