This Week In WWE Vintage Collection History: Vintage Collection Gets Foe'd
By Aaron Wood
Feb 12, 2012 - 4:08 PM

Mean Gene welcomed us to the show and announced that this week's show would be all about classic rivalries inside the squared-circle (which would technically be just a square) as part of the "Famous Foes" series. HE said this as if this was a returning idea. Have to say, I don't remember it. I remember Great Friend Better Enemies, but that's about it.

Anyway, back to the axiomatic subject in hand, we would be starting with one of the most personal rivalries ever, one that started in ECW and moved to WWE. From being childhood friends to bitter enemies they had fought in every type of match, including a Loser Leaves ECW match, here Dreamer finally defeated Raven. But history would look to repeat itself in 2002 when they met again in a Loser Leaves RAW match on the June 24th episode. Would it be deja vu for Raven or would Tommy "Dream" be a nightmare? Get it? Tommy Dreamer? His DREAM? Words are Mean Gene's bitch.

After the break, we saw a clip from the WCW Nitro of March 30th 1998, and Chris Jericho's famous "List of 1004 holds" promo (ARMBAR!) after he quickly beat Marty Jannetty. We only saw the first few to the point they took the commercial break. Anyway, after this, we moved back to the studio as Okerlund set up our next rivalry, namely Jericho and Dean Malenko. They would engage in quite the feud trading wins back and forth with each other over the Cruiserweight Title.

However, JJ Dlon decided that they had to settle things once and for all, leading to a match where Malenko would get one last shot to reclaim the CW Belt on the July 24th 1998 edition of Nitro. Would Malenko reclaim the title, or would Jericho's extra four holds win the day?

Our next rivalry took us to WWE circa 1996, with The Undertaker and Mankind, having already engaged in a series of battles, and having already taken undertaker' manager Paul Bearer, Mankind stepped in the ring with The Phenom once again on the episode that aired on December 9th in a No Holds Barred match.

Our main event this week was so apparently great that one country couldn't contain it as it was Sting vs. The Great Muta. Sting, as the franchise of WCW had his fair share of enemies, some of whom were his best friends. But one particular thorn in Sting's side was the "Pearl of The Orient", The Great Muta, who came to the NWA as, at the time, an undefeated superstar. Muta & Sting would trade wins all the way until WCW's closing in 2001. So when WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling held their joint-promotional shows, there was only one match that just had to happen as Sting & Muta squared off.

This was from the first WCW/NJPW Supershow on March 21st 1991, with it airing in North America the next month from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. This video, I'm afraid to say, has Japanese commentary on it, because it was all I could find, oddly enough.

In controversial fashion, Muta won the battle, but he was far from winning the war. Over the years, they would trade wins and titles and even occasionally team up against common enemies. But Sting and Muta were still more foes than friends. Gene noted that we'd be seeing more famous foes next week.

Raven spent the vast amount of the rest of his time in WWE on Heat. Like all stipulations, it was eventually broken, although this only happened once in a losing effort to Jeff Hardy in a Royal Rumble qualifier, in his last televised match in WWE before being released the next week.

During that time on Heat, given it's non-priority status with management, Raven took some creative control and ran an angle based loosely on the seven deadly sins, with Raven playing a puppet-master character. However, as management took notice of the angle, it was determined not to be over and canned.

As for Tommy, things would head on an upswing for him. Despite losing a rematch on Heat to Raven the following month, he would soon win the Hardcore Title from Bradshaw, defending it over the next month until he lost in a match to RVD where the Hardcore Title and IC Titles were unified Tommy would later drift in and out of being used on RAW, making more and more appearances on Heat.

Despite being Malenko's last shot, he would play a pivotal role in Jericho's eventual title loss a couple of weeks after this match, as Malenko was the special referee as Road Wild as Jericho faced Juventud Guerrera, with Juvi winning. However, just 2 days later on the next Nitro, Jericho defeated Stevie Ray for the WCW TV Title before turning his attention to his non-feud with Goldberg.

As for Malenko, a few months after the end of his feud with Jericho, he took his place in a revitalised Four Horsemen with Benoit, Mongo and Flair. Malenko & Benoit would feud with the West Texas Rednecks principally, trading wins back and forth until Uncensored 99 when the Horsemen won the WCW Tag Titles, belts they'd only hold for a couple of weeks before losing tot he Filthy Animals.

As obviously noted in the match, the following Sunday, Undertaker faced The Executioner (Terry Gordy) at "In Your House: It's Time" in an "Armageddon Rules" match, which was essentially a Texas Deathmatch by another name. He then moved onto a short feud with Vader, clashing at The Royal Rumble, both in a singles match and later in the Rumble itself. After this, when Shawn Michaels vacated the WWE Title, Taker faced Vader, Austin & Bret Hart in a Four Corners match for the Title. Bret won, but lost it the next night on RAW to Sid. Taker was then positioned as Sid's challenger at Wrestlemania, obviously winning the match and title.

Mankind re-entered Undertaker's life one last time at the IN Your House event after Wrestlemania, where Undertaker retained and got his revenge on Bearer, hitting him with a fireball (which in turn led to the angle that saw the debut of Kane). As for Foley, his pre-WWE were exposed by a series of interviews with Jim Ross utilising his home movies, showing playing a character called Dude Love. When Shawn Michaels was once again injured while a tag champion with Steve Austin, after Austin rejected Mankind's help, in the next match Austin had, Foley debuted the Dude Love character for real, helping Austin win. They would hold the belts until Austin was injured by Owen Hart at Summerslam.

At the first Superbrawl event as featured in last week's show, Sting teamed with Lex Luger facing The Steiner Brothers for the WCW Tag Titles. The match ended when Nikita Koloff, who had been feuding with Luger, came out and swung a chain. However, missing Luger, he hit Sting, leading to a feud between the two over the summer before beating "Stunning" Steve Austin for the US Title.

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