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ROH TV Episode 343: Beers, Cats & Gauntlets
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JG's 8/28/07 EXTREME Insanity: Kelly Hates Miz Because She Likes Balls

James Guttman -Aug 28, 2016

Hey, Vince. Look at this wine. It's called, "Pee Not, Gringo!" Haha. It must be some sort of Mexican pee-pee stopping drink.

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The WWE NXT Playlist

WWE Youtube Channel -Aug 5, 2016

All the official WWE Youtube Videos from the most recent edition of NXT!

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Smackdown: The Day Roman Reigns Became A Munchkin

Aaron Wood -Apr 10, 2015

Three years.  THREE years.  THREE YEARS.  THREE!  YEARS!

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Smackdown: No More Limes Or Lobsterheads...

Aaron Wood -Apr 3, 2015

The music is just great.  I want it on iTunes ASAP. ***Check iTunes...Bugger...***

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Smackdown: Yes, Actually Reviewing The Pre-Mania Show This Year

Aaron Wood -Mar 27, 2015

It's going to suck! It will be a bad show! The card is terrible! Wah Wah Generic Daniel Bryan Isn't King Of The Universe Complaint Wah Wah Wah!

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Smackdown: J & J Only Had ONE Job...

Aaron Wood -Mar 20, 2015

Certain commentators have pointed out how Harper & Ambrose have recently been both wearing a grey vest and blue jeans. Because it's really hard to tell them apart otherwise...

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Smackdown: Dolph, Dean & A Dookie

Aaron Wood -Mar 13, 2015

And that him thinking. Thinking about men. Thinking about manly muscly men. Hard men. And then Brie caught him looking at his laptop and then he started thinking about guys he looked up to in the business.

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Smackdown: And Somewhere, Goldust Is Crying...At Least Until RAW

Aaron Wood -Mar 6, 2015

I mean, at this point, which field of participants is bigger? The one for this IC Title ladder match or the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal? Because right now, I'm thinking it's the former.

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Smackdown: The PPV Opener That Really Can Main Event Any Show In The Country

Aaron Wood -Feb 27, 2015

Daniel Bryan considered how much he wanted a losing streak...

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Smackdown: Not So Much Fast Lane As Hard Shoulder

Aaron Wood -Feb 20, 2015

This week's show also had nine matches. Why? The shiggles.

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Smackdown: Bryan & Reigns Pull Sextuple Duty

Aaron Wood -Feb 12, 2015

This was almost literally a one-match show. Or it was a six match show. Depends on how you count it.

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Smackdown: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Bryan?

Aaron Wood -Feb 5, 2015

(Or How They Learned To Stop Worrying And Just Screwed Up Reigns)

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Smackdown:Thursday Night RAW

Aaron Wood -Jan 31, 2015

So like I say. Bag of dicks.

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Smackdown: Qualifying Success And Failure

Aaron Wood -Jan 23, 2015

Oh, and Nattie's boobs?  PHENOMENAL.

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Smackdown: Two For The Price Of Yes

Aaron Wood -Jan 15, 2015

Somewhere in Canada, Lance Storm is crying salty tears...

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Smackdown: So Long Friday, And Thanks For All The Fish

Aaron Wood -Jan 9, 2015

Well, that's how they're bringing Ziggler back. Zig Cara...

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Smackdown: 1 For 1 on 2015 Main Event DQ Finishes

Aaron Wood -Jan 2, 2015

Oh yeah, and by the way, given the whole point of Edge & Christian hosting this week was to promote their joint-appearance on Haven, was that mentioned even ONCE between RAW, Main Event and Smackdown?

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Smackdown's 2014: That Was The Year That Was

Aaron Wood -Jan 1, 2015

So 2014 is over, finally!  And with the first Smackdown of 2015 airing tomorrow, just thought I'd give you all an incredibly in-depth roundup of every Smackdown episode this year.

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Smackdown: Smell Ya Later 2014

Aaron Wood -Dec 27, 2014

Unfortunately for Ryback, on this occasion, Lana wanted to see an actual fisting...

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Smackdown: Wait...What? This Aired On Tuesday?!?!

Aaron Wood -Dec 19, 2014

***Insert Channing Tatum length "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" run here...***

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Smackdown: Pre...L...C...

Aaron Wood -Dec 13, 2014

This Week On Smackdown: Seth Rollins is like bisexuals or the French, Mizdow can't afford a phone of his own, Goldust wears a hat, and it's a pinfall finish week for seemingly once!

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Smackdown: Where's The Anonymous RW GM When You Need Them The Most?

Aaron Wood -Dec 5, 2014

Rollins needs a "big" nickname, Brie gets pouty and they let an Italian run things because it's not like Berlusconi sucks balls...

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Smackdown: Daniel Bryan's Make Good

Aaron Wood -Nov 28, 2014

This Week On Smackdown: What's the betting that the Anonymous GM is too good for Smackdown next week though Daniel Bryan showed up here to right Monday's wrongs???

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Smackdown: Monday's Plan Works On Friday

Aaron Wood -Nov 22, 2014

Where was John Cena tonight? Oh wait, it's Smackdown. He was at home. Fair enough...

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Smackdown: Quieten Down, Smackdown's On!

Aaron Wood -Nov 14, 2014

This Week On Smackdown: Shush...

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Smackdown: Wow. What A Birthday Present...

Aaron Wood -Nov 7, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  If this show is my 33rd birthday party it's not ruined, but I'm not remembering it either...

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Smackdown: Things That Take Bumps On Friday Night

Aaron Wood -Oct 31, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  (I watched Smackdown) Seeing Khali made me gnash, (I watched Smackdown) Mark Henry gave Show's back a bash, (I watched Smackdown) And in the main event match, (I watched Smackdown) Cesaro's pumpkin head went smash!

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Smackdown: Not One But Two Careers End. Pre-Cell Careers, That Is...

Aaron Wood -Oct 24, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Two athletes do not great tag partners make for Brie, Bo Dallas shows all the great qualities of being Russian (at least in terms of beating Mark Henry), Dolph wins one and then agrees to at least 2 more and it's Seth's turn to play Carrot Top...

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Smackdown: Year 16 Starts Much Like How 15 Ended

Aaron Wood -Oct 17, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Things.  Aaron's had a long week.  It's a miracle this show got reviewed at all, frankly.  Aaron sleep now.

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Smackdown 15th Anniversary Show: Cena Has His Balls In His Hand

Aaron Wood -Oct 10, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Teddy Long has the sense not to have Zack Ryder cost him anything this time, Cena thinks Ambrose will end up being booed in a few years for the wrong reasons, AJ & Paige defy the laws of thermodynamics (or the editors just suck) and I could watch Stephanie McMahon dance all night long...

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Smackdown: So...Not On Thursdays Then...

Aaron Wood -Oct 4, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:   Dolph's stunt double this week looks nothing like him as if he wasn't trying, Big Show apologised to everyone and no-one, R-Truth made sure first before he started and Cena gets to play a superhero...Abandoman...

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Smackdown: Russian Hits American With Pole

Aaron Wood -Sep 26, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Dean Ambrose borrows other people's stuff, USO = LOD, Three black dudes show up in a Battle Royal that we haven't seen in a while and Big Show knocks one out with Lana watching...

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Smackdown: Last Roman Reigns Match You'll See For A While

Aaron Wood -Sep 20, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  The Bunny bugs Titus, Nikki knows how to use a belt to smack a bitch, Big Show as close to the bottom of the barrel without requiring Zack Ryder's services and Roman jobs on his way to the ER...

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Smackdown: Two (Un)Broke(n) Guys

Aaron Wood -Sep 12, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Mark Henry of all people works double-duty (technically triple), AJ & Paige plays swapsies while Ziggler, Truth, Miz & Sandow share and Rollins & Orton clearly didn't do their jobs well enough.

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Smackdown: More Or Less Is Just More

Aaron Wood -Sep 5, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  HHH is a Mack Militant, Brie suggests she wants to be the only one kicking her sisters ass, Cesaro gets a bootful of belt, Jey Uso finds his crutch very handy and not just for walking, and Mark Henry sets up his PPV so really doesn't fancy being featured in the main event.

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Smackdown: Roman Reigns Really Is The New John Cena

Aaron Wood -Aug 29, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  The Dusts didn't mean it, Paige offered up some mildly sexual chocolate (and I don't mean Mark Henry), Big Show flips out and Roman Reigns, concussed, picked up RAW's script thinking he was John Cena.

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Smackdown: There Are Main Events And Things That Happen Last On A Show

Aaron Wood -Aug 24, 2014

Sorry for the lateness.  But I was away, and now I'm ill.  Indeed, just had a nosebleed.

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Smackdown: Bad Night For Money Making

Aaron Wood -Aug 16, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Things happen.  But alas, I don't have the time to detail them right now...

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Smackdown: Ambrose Deals Jacks

Aaron Wood -Aug 9, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Things happen.  But alas, I don't have the time to detail them right now...

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Smackdown: Jericho Knocks One Off Before Summerslam

Aaron Wood -Aug 2, 2014

This Week On Smackdown:  Goldust gets a golden shower from his brother, Torito never wants the feud with Fandango to end, Dolph Ziggler was a one-man Oscars cut off music cue and Chris Jericho robs Summerslam of a ginger person.

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