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#FollowTheTweeter: Raven Talks Black Friday, Kizarny's No Turkey, JBL's Scooter Gets Snatched, Steve Austin the Artist, Slater's Gonna Slate, and Much More!

By Mike Johns Nov 30, 2011 - 9:13 AM print

It's time once again to #FollowTheTweeter , as we here at the Insanity bring you the best and the nuttiest online posts from all of your favorite wrestling superstars.  Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, your faithful Tweeter follows them all.  So, with no further ado, let's get on with the show!

Former WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield recently had his scooter stolen outside of a Police Station.  Needless to say, he's not particularly happy about this development -

Former WWE Superstar Sinn Bodhi (the man formerly known as 'Kizarny') woke up last Thursday morning to a slew of messages from friends and fans about a piece on WWE.com about the supposed "Biggest Turkeys" in WWE History, and how Kizarny was ranked at #3.  He decided to respond to this by posting the following video blog on the matter, as well as some conversations he had with John Laurinaitis -

A couple of former Tough Enough competitors have been sighted in the past week, including this video of Million-Dollar TE Winner Daniel Puder -

As well as a Maven sighting by former ROH World Champion and current FCW Star, Seth Rollins -

Maven Huffman, for those who don't know, was the Season 1 winner of Tough Enough, all the way back in 2001.  These days, he's trying his hand at acting.

For those wondering what's become of the Lay of Lay-Cool since being injured earlier this year, Layla seems to be recovering well.  While no official word on her return has been given, she does have an action figure set to come out in 2012, a figure she previewed on her Twitter recently -

Unfortunately, this will not be out in time to get one for James Bullock for Christmas. 

While Layla's spot in WWE seems secure, at least for the foreseeable future, Jackie Moore's spot in TNA is, well... not -

Then, there's this bit from former SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, the "Rate Tank" Kellie Skater, and Cat Power, discussing Eagles' facination with Sharks, and Serena Deeb's desire to go swimming with them -

Yep, sounds like TNA, all right...

Speaking of TNA, it seems that there's a bit of Twitter tension between Founder Jeff Jarrett and Play by Play Announcer Mike Tenay -

Low-Ki had this message to a man driving an Escolade, recently -

I recently cast my vote in this year's Mashable Awards, an award voted on by internet users to honor the best in online communities, services, and personalities.  Amazingly enough, John Cena, CM Punk and Zack Ryder were all nominated for Must-Follow Athlete on Social Media.  Who wasn't nominated?  Simply the greatest tweeter of all f*cking time, Jay Briscoe!  Are you serious, bro?  John Cena's boring "I love my CeNation" tweets are NOTHING compared to outright batsh*t insanity that is Jay Briscoe's every other thought, yet #DemBoys don't get a nod?  So, because I couldn't cast my Mashable Awards Vote for Jay, here's a nod to the Best Tweeter in Wrestling Today, as we once again have some Fun with Jay Briscoe -

Ultimately, I ended up casting my vote for Must-Follow Athlete on Social Media for Zack Ryder.  After all, CM Punk may be able to make some cool comments every now and then, but not even he could have pulled off the supreme career turn-around Zack Ryder did in 2011 simply by putting together the Z! True Long Island Story .  Speaking of which, here's the latest episode, featuring the footage WWE doesn't want you to think is cannon, and the REAL demise of the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison -

Go ahead, WWE.  Keep telling us Miz took him out.  We all know what really happened to JoMo...

Speaking of Morrison, here's a tweet from his possible future boss, Eric Bischoff, discussing Jeff Hardy -

I honestly hope, for everyone's sake, that you're right about Jeff, Eric, and that things really will be different this time. 

As I'm typing this, I'm mere hours away from a live SmackDown where Daniel Bryan will face off against Mark Henry inside a steel cage for the World Title.  Last Friday, though, Bryan tweeted this endorsement of a certain Indy Promotion's Black Friday Sale, and it's not the one you'd think...

Sure, I could be breathing more into this than is actually there, but it certainly does seem strange that Bryan would endorse Dragon Gate USA, a company he was only with for a handful of shows, rather than Ring of Honor, the company where Bryan built most of the reputation he has now among the hardcore wrestling fanbase. 

The Coolest Thing I've Seen From a Wrestling Fan Online (This Week) courtesy of SHINING WIZADO -

Check out more of SHINING WIZADO at ShiningWizado.com

Also, on Black Friday, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan's new wrestling promotion, Resistance Pro, held its first show in Chicago, featuring stars like Harry Smith, Gran Akuma, Petey Williams, Cheerleader Melissa, Colt Cabana, and Teddy Hart.  Raven had a big part in helping to put this show together, working as an agent behind the scenes, and tweeted about it the following day, giving high praise to everyone involved -


As many of you may know, Smashing Pumpkins is one of my favorite bands, so when I learned that Billy Corgan was going forward with promoting his own wrestling shows, I took an immediate interest.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks when the Black Friday DVD comes out, I'll be able to get a hold of it and give you a more detailed review of the show, but from everything I've read about it and the fan reactions I've seen to it on Twitter, it looks like R-Pro could be a very interesting show worth keeping your eyes on.

Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks had a little story to tell to Nigel McGuinness recently about a mark named Mark -

Meanwhile, former ECW Champion Sabu posted this plea to his fans, hoping that they can help him get booked in CHIKARA -

It certainly would be interesting to see...

Speaking of things that may be interesting to see, here's the latest episode of Colt Cabana's web series, Creative Has Nothing For You -

And since we're here, let's check out the latest episode of The Tommy Dreamer TV -

You may remember a few editions back, I posted a tweet from Bret Hart showing off a painting he did for a charity auction.  Well, as it turns out, Bret isn't the only wrestler out there with an affinity for fine art, as Stone Cold Steve Austin posted his latest masterpiece -

We leave you this week with some words of wisdom from Montell Vontavious Porter -


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