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#FollowTheTweeter: Tyler Reks' New Web Series, Rick Cataldo's YouTube Controversy, Serena Deeb's One Year Sober, and More
By Mike Johns
Dec 14, 2011 - 8:32 AM

It's December here at the Tweeter , and you know what that means... CHRISTMAS!!!  Yes, Christmas, perhaps one of the most ironic times of year, where we claim to celebrate concepts like love and generosity, all while fighting with one another at various retail stores all across the country, trying to find ways to win the affections of those we claim to care most about by getting them really expensive stuff.  Sure, you can call me a Grinch, but you know I'm right.  All one has to do when you're, say... me, is follow a lot of wrestling personalities, many of which shameless push their Amazon wishlists, especially at this time of year, hoping fans will buy them stuff.  And, amazingly enough, they do!  I honestly don't understand the mentality behind making one's Wishlist a public matter, or the mindset of the fan who actually buys these gifts for these people.  I kind of find the act a bit "stalker"-like.  Of course, one could say following a bunch of wrestlers on Twitter is also "stalker"-like, but at least I can justify that the same way the folks at TMZ justify their existence - by claiming to be something resembling a "journalist".

Of course, most folks around this time of year either try and live up the whole "good cheer" part of the season, or, have a laugh at just how absurd this whole season has become.  I'm, obviously, one of the latter.  Meanwhile, let's see how some of your favorite Wrestling Stars are handling the Most Ironic Time of the Year -
Here's Serena Deeb at Rockefeller Center, not reenacting a scene from Home Alone 2.

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks, in the meantime, plays one of Christmastime's Greatest Heels - the Asshole Who Cuts You In Line!

Mick Foley, self-proclaimed Christmas Fan, also playing one of Christmastime's Greatest Heels - The Cheap Bastard!

Your Grandmother has just found her new favorite kid, the Blue Meanie!

Al Snow, obviously, celebrates Christmas the way he celebrates every day.

Speaking of Al Snow, I saw a tweet recently that reminded me of a story he tells on the ROH Secrets of the Ring DVD, about how he fell asleep when riding with some veteran wrestlers when he first broke into the business.  Some of you may not know this, but it's considered poor etiquette for a wrestler to fall asleep in the car while traveling with his co-workers on a tour.  The main reason is that you need to stay awake in order to keep the driver awake, that way, nobody gets hurt.  The story Al Snow tells is that, when he fell asleep, they hit a bump, and when he woke up, he was told that they just hit a man and possibly killed him.  They then forced Al to promise he'd not turn them in, which ate away at him for several days before they finally told him the truth.  In this, Al learned a very important lesson about how to conduct himself better in the business.  So, when I see a tweet like this, it kind of makes me wonder just how much Hornswoggle is respected by his peers, and, well... that they're being pretty nice to him compared to what happened with Al Snow -

Since we have Tyler Reks and his crew on the brain, I guess now is as good a time as ever to share with you this, from Tyler Reks' YouTube page -

After the success of Zack Ryder's Z! True Long Island Story, it was only a matter of time before more WWE Midcarders started web series of their own.  While I think Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins certainly have the right idea about trying to find new ways to reach out to fans and get themselves over, I'm not a big fan of the MidCard Mafia, so far.  I just don't see the real humor in it.  But, then again, there are people out there who don't get Colt Cabana's Creative Has Nothing For You, a series I actually like quite a bit, so it's really a matter of taste.  Either way, at least Reks and Hawkins are trying to do something to put themselves out there with the wrestling fanbase, which you really can't fault them for at all.

Speaking of the Z-Ryde and Colt Cabana, I may as well just post the latest episodes of their series' now...

Yes, that's right, Zack Ryder got Mr. Belding on the show! #WWWYKI

"The Boy Diva" Rick Cataldo stirred up some controversy recently by posting this video to WSU's YouTube Account. 

In it, he uses some racial slurs, and within an hour of its posting, there was a proverbial sh*t-storm on Twitter, thanks in small part to a rather scathing post at, an extremely popular website among the Women's Wrestling community, aimed directly at WSU's Twitter Account, later forcing the promotion to issue an apology.

Fun with Jay Briscoe

Most of the people reading this right now may have never heard of Tim Donst.  While he may not be the most recognizable name here on the Tweeter, the CHIKARA star certainly does have a good understanding of how the wrestling business works, and what it takes to be successful in it, as seen in this tweet -

Continuing on a meme that seems to have been started by comments ROH Commentator Kevin Kelly made a couple weeks back, it seems a lot of people have jumped on the "Tim Tebow = John Cena" bandwagon, including CHIKARA star, Sugar Dunkerton -

In what should be considered good news for Sugar's kayfabed day-job, the NBA is supposedly no longer on strike.  Meanwhile, here's Chuck Taylor, with possibly the worst way you could conceivably watch a basketball game -

Don't get Karen Jarrett started on her personal life.  No, seriously, don't get her started -

Speaking of people's personal issues I honestly could not care less about, here's Eric Bischoff, commenting publicly on Hulk Hogan's latest lawsuit against his ex-wife -

Maria Kannellis seems happy.  I wonder why...

In case you're wondering, the man pictured is "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett, a somewhat divisive figure among the Ring of Honor fanbase, these days.

For those wondering if Steve Austin will, in fact, be at next year's WrestleMania, the following tweet probably doesn't answer that question.  Or maybe it does...

Finally, I'm actually going to leave you with something of an inspirational story, shared with us by Serena Deeb via Twitter -

We here at the Tweeter would like to wish all of you a very Merry Festivus, and a Slack-Filled New Year!  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some grievances to air, and some feats of strength to perform....

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