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Something Completely Different: A Beginner's Guide To The Independents

By Mike Johns Oct 11, 2011 - 8:57 PM print

You're a wrestling fan.   Obviously, you have to be, otherwise, why are you here?   Anyway, you're a fan.   You've made it a habit to watch wrestling, and it's become a part of your life, for better or worse.   But, recently, while you still like wrestling, you're not exactly enjoying the shows you're seeing on TV.   You're seeing angles that seem to go nowhere, with no reason or logic whatsoever.   You see wrestlers that honestly suck, whether it's due to a lack of personality or a lack of in-ring skill.   You keep seeing your favorites buried in favor of over-the-hill former World Champions, nearly two decades past their prime, bickering about things that happened 20 years ago in a company that no longer exists.   And just as something comes along that seems new, fresh, and exciting, its legs are cut off two weeks later, so the owner's son-in-law can make the show all about him, again.   So, you log on to the internet and vent your frustrations.   After all, this is something you love.   Something you're passionate about.   Something you've invested a lot of time, heart, and money into.   Yet, all you ever seem to get as a response to your complaints is to shut up and stop watching.   Never mind the fact that it's not wrestling you've fallen out of love with, just WWE and/or TNA.

It's at this point when you, as a fan, may find yourself wanting to seek out new products.   After all, you're a fan.   You visit websites like this on a regular basis.   Surely you've heard of companies like Ring of Honor, SHIMMER, Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, CHIKARA, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Women Superstars Uncensored, and so on.   You know there are alternatives out there.   Unfortunately, for many, the world of Independent Wrestling is a bit intimidating.   You want to check out some of these new promotions, but have no idea where to start.   Fanboys kind of freak you out, and there isn't a TV show, necessarily, for you to watch in order to acclimate yourself to a promotion's product.   That's where I come in.   For a while now, I've been reviewing Indy Shows on this site, trying to make companies you may find intimidating a little more accessible.   That is, when I'm not bravely watching Impact, so you don't have to.

My point is that I want to help you guys out there, because I've been where you are.   I've been sitting on a Monday night, bored to tears, reading comic books in order to keep myself awake because nothing on RAW seemed all that interesting.   I've reviewed TNA for almost two years on this website, and even I don't know why I still do it.   I've sat through these shows thinking, "God, why do I bother?"   Then, one day, I got fed up, and I started exploring all the other promotions out there.   Some, I liked, some, I really, really hated.   But, needless to say, I went in blind, and, really, I don't want you to have to go through the same deal.   After all, nothing can piss you off more as a wrestling fan than spending a lot of money on a set of wrestling shows that turn out to suck more than the ones you already got sick of watching for free on TV.   With that said, here's a few recommendations I can make, in good conscience, about what's worth your time and money, and where to start -

Ring of Honor


This really ought to come off as the "no duh" sort of pick, but unlike most, I'm not going to bullsh*t you and say that ROH is the best show in the market, because, honestly, I don't believe that.   I do think ROH is a solid product, both in ring and out, with a young, talented roster of guys, all of which could potentially become big stars in the business.   Whether it's a charismatic team like the All Night Express, a surprisingly good power man in Michael Elgin, a passionate, dedicated champion like Davey Richards, or just the plethora of fresh, young talent, ROH certainly fills a gap in the current wrestling scene that neither WWE nor TNA seems particularly interested in.   Creatively speaking, ROH is pretty basic.   Guys want to compete to be the best, but, like in real sports, sometimes ego and aggression come into play.   You're not going to see angles where Roderick Strong is sleeping with Davey Richards' ex-wife in order to coerce Davey into giving him another title shot, but you will see a team like the Briscoe Brothers, who've been in the company since Day 1, take offense to an up and coming team like the All Night Express thinking they're better than them.   That's really all Ring of Honor is - pro athletes in a combat sport who occasionally don't get along with each other.   You know, kind of like UFC, in that respect.  

The Positives:
What makes ROH a great product, in my opinion, is that it treats the premise of the show (that pro wrestling is a sport) with respect, and doesn't insult your intelligence.   The people on the show feel real, making it a lot easier to suspend one's disbelief and actually be able to enjoy the show, rather than analyze it.   You're not dealing with a bunch of wacky angles about who's sleeping with who and who's running the company this week.   Plus, the talk is limited.   You're not going to see a long talking segment on an ROH show too often, and the few times you do, things actually happen that further the story.   ROH, if nothing else, doesn't waste your time with a lot of exposition.  

Also, this is one of the few major Independent Promotions that actually have a TV Show you can watch for free.   If you don't have a Sinclair Network in your area, you can sign up for a General Admission membership on ROHwrestling.com and watch new episodes of the show every Thursday.   This allows skeptical fans, unfamiliar with the product a free and easy way to check out what ROH has to offer, and find out whether or not the show is for you.

The Negatives:
The production isn't great.   In fact, you may want to get used to that, because once you lose the budget of a prime time show on basic cable, the first thing to go, more often than not, with wrestling shows is the level of production.   Now, compared to other Indies, ROH, production-wise, is WWE, but compared to the production you're used to seeing from WWE and TNA, it leaves a lot to be desired.   Another downside of the show is that it takes a while to get into.   You really do have to give ROH 4 or 5 episodes before you can really make a judgment call on it, because, once again, you're used to the much faster pace of a WWE or TNA show.   Ring of Honor moves much slower.  The matches are longer, and the stories don't play out nearly as fast.   This may be the first thing you notice about the TV show, in fact, as the show only runs an hour, and you may only have two, maybe three matches at the most.   ROH isn't going to cram an entire roster's worth of guys into each show, either, which means it may be a month before you see the Briscoes, or Jay Lethal, or Davey Richards on TV.   While I actually find the pace a positive, I do have to admit, it took me a long time to get used to it, and, for a long time, I did find the pacing of the show, especially the TV, a bit frustrating.

You May Be Interested If...
You're an older fan, or, at the very least, a fan of the old school NWA style of wrestling shows.   The slower pace is really indicative of an older era in wrestling.   While the action is often fast-paced and visually exciting, the pacing of the show and the storyline progression really gives the show an old school feel that, once again, may be difficult to get used to.   If you're a younger fan who maybe didn't grow up with the NWA on TBS, or the AWA in syndication, this style may actually be incredibly lost on you, because you're used to WWE's pace.   But if you managed to enjoy any of the older matches on any of those Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes DVD collections you may have seen, Ring of Honor may just be the product you're looking for.

Where To Start:
Go to ROHwrestling.com and sign up for a General Admission membership, and start watching the show for free.   New episodes go up every Thursday.   Also, be sure to check out James Bullock's ROHbot Reports here at the Insanity.   If there is anyone out there who can help explain to you everything that's going on in Ring of Honor, it's JB.   Club WWI members will also want to check out James Bullock's audio show, Honor Nation.

The Stars To Watch:
Davey Richards, the current ROH Champ, who, much like Bryan Danielson, is able to draw you into his matches almost effortlessly.   You'll likely recognize Jay Lethal from TNA, and the World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, as well.   But the real highlights of this show, right now, are the tag teams - the All Night Express, the Briscoe Brothers, Future Shock, and the Bravado Brothers.   If you're looking for some great tag teams, ROH has a lot to choose from.

Dragon Gate USA


Maybe you're not an old school fan.   Maybe you're more into the faster pace of today's wrestling shows.   Maybe you're really into the X-Division style of wrestling.   Maybe you just like to see guys do a bunch of crazy sh*t in the ring.   Dragon Gate USA may be the product for you.   Branching off the popular Japanese promotion, Dragon Gate USA features not only the stars of Dragon Gate, such as CIMA, Yamato, Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk, Dragon Kid, and Masato Yoshino, but many of the rising stars of the Independent Scene, as well, including Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, Sami Callihan, AR Fox, Rich Swann, and the gravity-defying PAC.   If ROH is a lot like the old school NWA of the 1980s, DGUSA is very much the Cruiserweight Division that dominated WCW in the 1990s.   If a human being is physically capable of doing something inside a wrestling ring, chances are, you'll see it in DGUSA.

The Positives:
The action.   By far.   I can't say enough about how awesome the in-ring action is in DGUSA.   There isn't a single person on the roster who isn't pushing above and beyond their limits every time they step in the ring.   You're not going to see too many plodding, slow matches in DGUSA, that's for sure.   If you're a fan that wants to see more of an innovative, fast-paced, high flying style of wrestling, this is your company.

The Negatives:
If you have a real stick up your butt about ring psychology, you may find this show annoying.   Also, there's the occasional dropped storyline, such as how DGUSA spent the first half of 2011 turning Akira Tozawa into a sympathetic babyface, getting kicked out of Kamikaze USA after refusing to attack Reby Sky at Jon Moxley's order, just for him to join up with the heel faction, the Blood Warriors, later in the year, but that can be chalked up more to the lack of continuity between the home promotion in Japan and the American branch than anything else.   A lot of times, you'll actually see DGUSA having to adjust to fit things that are going on in Japan, and vice versa.   For the most part, DGUSA is pretty self-contained, only referencing events and alliances in Japan when its relevant to events going on in DGUSA, but, as mentioned earlier with the Tozawa deal, sometimes, you have to wonder if the two offices talk all that much.   Seriously, all that work making me like Tozawa, and you just put him in another heel stable?   That's something TNA would do!

You May Be Interested If...
You're a fan of the X-Division, high-flying wrestlers, and total, non-stop action.   I'd actually recommend this show more to TNA fans than WWE fans, especially those who became TNA fans in the early to mid-2000s, when the X-Division was a much more prominent part of TNA's show.   If you're a WWE fan and like to see more guys like Evan Bourne, Sin Cara, Yoshi Tatsu, Tyson Kidd, and Rey Mysterio, this show may also be for you.

Where To Start:
Honestly, I'd recommend you start with Enter The Dragon 2010, and go from there.   It has a great Main Event between Bryan Danielson and Shingo, during Danielson's sojourn to the Indies following the Neck Tie Incident in WWE.   It also has the very beginning of the Ronin storyline, where Johnny Gargano first approaches CIMA about joining Warriors International (the faction that would later become the Blood Warriors).   If you don't want to start there, you can also go to Bushido: Code of the Warrior 2010, which has Austin Aries' debut for the promotion, plus the formation of Ronin (the faction of Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor and Rich Swann), attacking CIMA after an amazing tag match against Kamikaze USA.   It really depends on how far back you want to go, and whether or not you want to see why Ronin came about, or whether you just want to skip to the part where Ronin is established as DGUSA's Degeneration X, more or less.  

The Stars To Watch:
Really, it's all about the gang warfare.   You have the Blood Warriors looking to take out the brash upstarts, Ronin.   You have the Dirty Ugly F*cks wanting to tear DGUSA a new asshole.   Meanwhile, there are great athletes like PAC, Riccocet and AR Fox lighting up the sky, plus all the great Dragon Gate talent from Japan, like BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi, Yamato, and, my personal favorite, Akira Tozawa.   If you start with my recommendations, you'll also see great matches with Shingo, Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and Austin Aries, as well.   For the most part, though, Ronin is the best part of these shows.   Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, and Rich Swann have a lot of chemistry, not only in the ring, but out of it, as well.   They really are just three cool guys banding together against adversity.

SHIMMER: Women Athletes


The Promotion that started the American Joshi Revolution, changing the way women are perceived, not only by wrestling fans, but by promoters as well.   After decades of seeing women's wrestling portrayed either as a joke or softcore porn, Dave Prazak and Allison Danger founded an all-women's promotion that proved that there is, in fact, an audience and a market for serious women's wrestling in the United States.   It's inspired many clones, including Pro Wrestling EVE and NCW: Femme Fatales, as well as making way for its greatest competition in the market to date - Women Superstars Uncensored.   But we'll get to WSU in a bit.   Right now, it's time to talk about the Leader...

The Positives:
Beyond the fact that it's a serious women's show, one you won't necessarily be ashamed to show a girlfriend who may be convinced that the only women's wrestling in the world is the kind you see in strip clubs and on TV, it's honestly one of the best, most consistent series of shows I have ever seen.   The wrestling is solid.   The psychology is spot-on.   The booking is consistent.   The characters are fun, colorful, and interesting.   Everyone on the roster stands out in some way, whether it's in their look or the way they're presented.   Sure, there's a few duds, here and there, but for every Melanie Cruise or Cindy Rodgers, there's a Rebecca Knox, a Portia Perez, a Knight Dynasty, a Leva Bates, a pair of Minnesota Homewreckers, and a screaming banshee from hell in MsChif, ready to regain your interest.   Whether or not you're a fan of women's wrestling, from a creative aspect, it's hard to argue with SHIMMER's over-all quality.

The Negatives:
The commentary teams, while informative, giving you all the necessary background you'd need to understand what's going on, can come off somewhat stock.   Dave Prazak and Allison Danger can feel like a babyface overload, sometimes crossing the line into near-parody.   Meanwhile, the team of Prazak and Portia Perez, while more balanced, can often devolve into arguments where Portia will say something so absurd, you'd just imagine Prazak is glaring at her, thinking, "you do know we're recording this for the DVD, right?"   Sometimes, the dynamic is fun, leading to classic exchanges the likes of Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan, and sometimes, it can get a little annoying, the likes of a Cole/Lawler argument.   Plus, there's the fact that Portia's voice is just naturally grating to listen to in the first place.  Obviously, Prazak/Perez is the superior team, having become the default in recent Volumes, replacing the classic Prazak/Danger team, but both teams have a varying degree of campiness that can sometimes get very annoying to listen to.

You May Be Interested If...
You like the idea of seeing pretty, athletic women, kicking some serious ass.   Unfortunately, most fans come into an all-women's show with preconceived notions that women are inferior wrestlers, for both good and bad reasons.   Yes, women do generally receive less ring-time and few opportunities to ply their craft than men do, on a scale so absurd, if you saw a similar discrepancy based on something as arbitrary as, say, hair color, you'd most definitely call it bias.   This discrepancy does take a toll, and does make it much harder to find quality women's wrestling, especially in the United States, where women's sports in general are practically ignored outside of the occasional Olympic Medalist or World Cup Soccer Team. But, at the same time, just because you see a series of bikini models botch their way through a 2-minute match on TV every week doesn't mean there aren't serious women wrestlers who train and take their craft seriously.   If this is a notion you can't see yourself overcoming, it's not going to matter how well-booked the show is, what the characters are like, or the quality of the stories that play out, because the fact that this is an all-women's show is going to taint your opinion.   In other words, if you don't have an interest in seeing chicks fight, this isn't your show.

Where To Start:
Pretty much anywhere, really.   Go to SHIMMERwrestling.blogspot.com, look over the DVD releases, see what matches interest you, pick a show, and go.   All the necessary information you'll need will be included, either as pre-match recaps, or on the commentary itself, referencing previous volumes by name and detailing anything you may have missed.   If anything, I'd suggest doing a quick Google search to see when different volumes were taped, as SHIMMER tapes between 2 and 4 shows over a weekend block, and starting with the first show of a particular weekend, then going in order.   While there are a few larger arcs that go on over multiple tapings, many times, angles will resolve themselves over a 2 to 4 show period, especially in later volumes.   No matter where you start, though, don't worry, Dave Prazak and either Allison Danger or Portia Perez will cover anything you need to know on commentary.  

The Stars to Watch:
SHIMMER has played host to a Who's Who in Women's Wrestling, from Indy Standouts like Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez, to current WWE stars like Beth Phoenix and Natalya, to TNA Knockouts like Madison Rayne and Sarita, to the top international names, such as Ayumi Kurihara, Ayako Hamada, Madison Eagles, and Britani Knight.   Outside of a few duds, here and there, SHIMMER has always managed to have one of the most solid rosters of not only great in-ring talent, but interesting and colorful characters, as well.

Women Superstars Uncensored


If SHIMMER is the clean, family friendly, more traditional wrestling show, WSU is its polar opposite.   Geared towards a more mature audience, WSU shares a lot of similarities to ECW.   The language and the content of the shows are more adult in nature, the production is almost garage-level, guerilla-style filmmaking, and the rivalries, far more intense, both physically and otherwise.   WSU is both more violent and more dramatic, feeling more like a ghetto street fight than a sporting event.   While WSU and SHIMMER share a similar ethos when it comes to presenting serious women's wrestling, their philosophies and creative approach to that goal are vastly different.

The Positives:
The Main Events deliver.   By God, they deliver.   Anything this company asks you to invest, whether its in Mercedes Martinez as its champion, the various contenders that try to take her down, or whatever else they have going on, they pay it off and pay it off in a big way in the main event.   Whether its Martinez and Angel Orsini damn-near killing each other with ladders, to the recent fights between Alica and Jessicka Havok, to the 80-minute classic between Martinez and Lexus back in August, this show goes out of its way to make you feel something.   The matches feel like fights, where nothing is being held back.

The Negatives:
The production is absolute sh*t.   It's gotten a lot better in the past year, but it still has a long way to go before it even gets to the passable levels of a SHIMMER, ROH or DGUSA.  

Beyond that, the midcard talent is often hit or miss.   Some are great characters, but really bad wrestlers, even by women's standards.   Some are decent wrestlers, but bland as all hell.   Some are all right, but don't have a look that will take them beyond the Indies.   And then, there's some that don't have anything going for them at all.   When WSU hits, it hits hard, and goes all the way.   When WSU misses, it also misses just as hard.   It does nothing halfway.  

You May Be Interested If...
You like SHIMMER, but kind of want a little more edge to your shows.   This may also be a better jumping on point for WWE fans who like the Divas, but want to see more out of the division.  It really can be summed up as "ECW with Chicks".

Where To Start:
The upcoming show.   As of this writing, that'd be Breaking Barriers II on November 19 on iPPV, featuring the WSU debut of Melina vs. Serena Deeb, and a War Games Cage Match between the Midwest Militia and the team of Mercedes Martinez, Britney Savage and Alicia.   If you're reading this sometime after that (and, who knows, you might), check out WSUwrestling.com and see when the next show is.   Really, when it comes to WSU, the best time to jump in is now.   WSU really has a great grasp on the fact that every show is someone's first, and that there's no guarantee you're coming back, so not only are you going to be kept up to speed on what's going on, but they're also selling you the next show.  

The Stars To Watch:
For starters, Mercedes Martinez, going into her third year as WSU Champion, the longest reigning champ in wrestling today.   Martinez really shines in WSU as a woman who can have a quality match with anyone at any skill level in any style.   She's also a hard-ass Boricua with a violent temper, the perfect babyface to lead the charge for a company like WSU.   You're also going to see a lot of familiar names pass through WSU, as both former WWE Divas like Jazz, Serena Deeb, Jillian Hall, and Melina have been a part of this company, as well as many current TNA Knockouts, such as Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Traci Brooks.   There are also the leading heels in the company right now, the Midwest Militia, led by Jessicka Havok and consisting of Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie, who are looking to take over WSU and end Mercedes Martinez' record-breaking title run.   The Boston Shore of Amber and Lexus are another team to look out for, as well as the Belle Saints of Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio.   Plus, there's Rain, who has become a mainstay in this company in recent years.



This is actually the hardest company to endorse, because I really think this is a company where you either "get it" or you don't.   Unlike most wrestling shows, that at least attempt to treat its subject matter seriously, CHIKARA really doesn't.   Sure, the conflicts are serious enough, but the premise is, well... Imagine if your favorite cartoons as a kid came to life and had a wrestling show.   That's pretty much CHIKARA.   It's a combination of light-hearted comedy, superhero fantasy, and sports entertainment with a gender-neutral approach and an international flavor.   It really is the most original, unique product in the market today.   And while I would seriously recommend that everyone reading this immediately go out and watch at least one CHIKARA show, like, right now, I honestly can't say with any confidence whether or not I actually believe you'll like it, because, really, you either get CHIKARA, or you don't.

The Positives:
From a sociopolitical standpoint, CHIKARA may very well be the most progressive product every to be put out in wrestling.   Various races, genders, nationalities, wrestling styles and cultures blend together in a beautiful mosaic of awesome that can only be described as Utopic in nature.   CHIKARA presents a world where everyone is equal, where diversity is celebrated, and that, ultimately, we are all part of the same greater picture.  

From a production standpoint, CHIKARA is as good as it gets.   They're certainly making the most of not having a Prime Time budget, looking as though they could easily find themselves a home on television if a network was willing to consider it.   Plus, they're able to do this and still produce and release their shows on DVD in short order.   While you will need a DVD player that plays DVD-R discs in order to watch them, they're generally well-produced shows that you can get almost immediately after the live shows take place.   Hopefully, they'll be able to maintain this level of production as they enter into the iPPV market later this month.

From a wrestling and a creative standpoint, you will not find a more unique product.   While CHIKARA may not always be able to boast about having the best talent or the best in-ring action, it may just be the most fun.  

Hell, even the commentary is good, most of the time.   CHIKARA has a revolving door policy when it comes to commentary, as each match on a DVD will have a different pair of commentators, be it Gavin Loudspeaker (the ring announcer), referee Bryce Remsberg, or talent such as Mike Quackenbush (who may very well be the best play by play man in the company), UltraMantis Black, Tim Donst, or whoever else may be passing by from moment to moment.   Everyone brings a unique perspective to commentary, while also being informative, entertaining, and adding to the overall story, as many who commentate are, in fact, characters on the show.

The Negatives:
This show asks a lot of its fans.   It asks you to suspend a near-unrealistic level of disbelief.   It asks you to accept characters such as wrestling ant men (the Colony), blaxplotation-era basketballers (Sugar Dunkerton), various Mythological Creatures (such as Tursas), and other over-the-top cartoon characters as serious protagonists and antagonists.   CHIKARA also asks you to accept some rather crazy storylines from time to time, as there have been instances where the fate of the entire free world has rested on the results of a pro wrestling match.   Basically, CHIKARA asks you to take the most utterly ridiculous things, things you'd never accept from any other show, including WWE and TNA, and take them seriously enough to enjoy the show.  

CHIKARA also tends to hold a lot of multi-night events, tournaments, and on-going story arcs that take place over a year (every year in CHIKARA is considered the equivalent of a Season of a TV Show, and is even referred to as such).   This can be intimidating to new viewers, who may feel like they're jumping in during the middle of a season and have no idea what's going on.

You May Be Interested If...
You like comic books, cartoons, superhero movies, Doctor Who, Family Guy, South Park, anything on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Comedy Central... Really, you don't have to be a wrestling fan at all to like this show, but it helps.   I actually think this show would fare better among the Adult Swim crowd than it would most wrestling fans, because they'd know going in this wasn't totally serious, that it was just a fantasy show, and roll with absurdities more so than the average wrestling fan.

Really, you just have to be a total nerd.   If that's you, and chances are, since you're reading this, you are, CHIKARA may be the show for you.

Where To Start:
Subscribe to their YouTube Channel at YouTube.com/user/CHIKARAoffice, and watch the new videos as the come up.   Not only will this give you an update every time they upload a new episode of their web series, the Podcast-A-Go-Go, but you'll also get a weekly Throwdown Lowdown, featuring highlights from recent shows, as well as event centers telling you about upcoming events and DVD releases, and even an on-going recap of everything that's been going on in CHIKARA thus-far.   While the continuity of the show can be intimidating, CHIKARA goes above and beyond on YouTube to make their product more newbie-friendly, giving you tons of free content and the ability to find out if this is a product you'd like to see more of.

The Stars To Watch:
You'll actually see most of these folks other places, whether its their current tag team champs, Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor (members of FIST - Friends in Similar Tights - in CHIKARA), SHIMMER mainstays Sara Del Rey and Madison Eagles, or the plethora of international talent that stop by on occasion.   As for the CHIKARA Homegrown, the Colony are often cited as the Heart and Soul of the Promotion, being the faces of the promotion for nearly a decade now.   Mike Quackenbush really shines here, as well, in the ring with his tag partner, Jigsaw, and out, as perhaps one of the best play by play men out there today.   With the BDK apparently no more, and the 12 Large Tournament about to wrap up November 12 on iPPV with the crowning of CHIKARA's first-ever Grand Champion, the field is wide open now for just about anyone on the CHIKARA roster looking to stand out.   Personally, I hope Sara Del Rey wins the Grand Championship, but that's just me.   A lot of others would like to see Fire Ant, Hallowicked, Jigsaw, or even Quack himself take the gold.

And that's about it, really.   I don't follow Pro Wrestling Guerilla enough to honestly recommend it, although I know ZAH used to follow it regularly, and always spoke highly of it, so it's certainly another show worth checking out.   I'd honestly advise against EVOLVE, unless you're a big fan of DGUSA, and don't quite care for character or story at all, as there really isn't one in EVOLVE outside of Chuck Taylor's attitude problems.   Pro Wrestling EVE, while interesting, is bound to be lost on most American fans, and considering women's shows are a hard enough sell, I doubt most of you would take an interest in EVE.   Beyond that, I either don't follow it, or haven't seen enough of it to form an opinion, positive or negative.

If you're an Indy Fan and have any suggestions for me, feel free to leave them below.   I'd really like to know what else is out there.

As for the rest of you, questions and comments are always welcome.   There's a big world out there, and a lot of new promotions to see.   If WWE and TNA aren't doing anything for you, chances are, there's a show for you out there somewhere, just under your radar, waiting to be discovered.   With that said, I'll leave you with a silly little song from a band I really like called Shonen Knife, wishing you luck in whatever new things you find.


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