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(46 Minute Audio) In His First Shoot Interview EVER, Sean Mooney Discusses: Why He Left Wrestling, Taping "Event Center," Doing Prime Time Wrestling Live with Bobby Heenan, Heat Between WBF Bodybuilders and WWF Wrestlers, What Randy Savage Took Exception To, The Strange Tale of "Ian Mooney," Why He Didn't Jump to WCW, A Sean Mooney WWE Legends Figure, Spending the Day With Lord Alfred Hayes Before He Passed Away, Hating News Anchoring, Hazing, and More

By ClubWWI.com Mar 30, 2008 - 10:39 AM print


He's been asked for interviews numerous times and turned them all down... including WWE's website.  Now, in his first shoot interview ever, former WWF announcer Sean Mooney breaks his silence...only on ClubWWI.com. 

Wrestling fans between 1988 and 1993 saw Sean Mooney's face more than Hulk Hogan's.  As the host of Event Center, Prime Time Wrestling, and countless other WWF moments, Mooney became someone fans knew very well.  Then, one day, he was gone.

Sean vanished from the wrestling business and left many fans wondering why.  Well, wonder no more.  For the first time ever, he tells his side of the story and you won't get it anywhere else but ClubWWI !

In today's 46 minute ClubWWI.com  interview, Sean Mooney and James Guttman discuss:

Why He Left Professional Wrestling
Misconceptions About His Feelings For Wrestling
Defending The Business
How Long It Took For Him To Be Accepted By The Wrestlers
Vince McMahon
What Vince Was Convinced Sean Would Do When He Left
Interest From WCW
Backstage At WWF For The First Time
What He Saw That Made Him Think He Joined The Circus
Mean Gene's Delivery
The All Day Tapings of "WWF Event Center"
How It Prepared Him For Future Jobs
Being One of The Last "Straight Man" Announcers
The Time Andre The Giant Knocked Him Off a Chair
How He Recovered
The Sad Life of Andre
Whether He Was Ever Asked To Wrestle
The Strange Story of "Ian Mooney"
Where Sean Wanted To Go With It
WWF Prime Time Wrestling's Live Audience
Why It Made Him Nervous
Keeping a Straight Face With Bobby Heenan
What Randy Savage Took Exception To In His Announcing
His Friendship With Lord Alfred Hayes
Why Alfred Didn't Take His Calls At One Point
What Sean Did
Spending The Day With Alfred Before He Passed Away
Being Recognized
What People Ask Him
Why He Hated News Anchoring
Why Some Think He Didn't Want To Reveal His Wrestling Background
Why That's Not True
Working With Jesse Ventura
Being Shocked At His Reception During the U.K. Tour
Whether He Watches Wrestling Today
Whether He Watched It Before He Got Into The Business
What Mean Gene Taught Him About Working a City
Heat Between WWF Wrestlers and WBF Bodybuilders
Why The WBF Was a Crazy Idea
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
WWE Sean Mooney Legends Action Figure?
Public Perception of Wrestling
Why Fans Mail Him Baseball Cards
"Goony Mooney"
How Joe Namath Played a Role in His WWF Job
Larry Sharpe and The Monster Factory
How Fans Either Love Him or Hate Him
Ad-Libbing His Skits With Lord Alfred

...and much more!

ClubWWI.com  is your ticket to the stars and allows you to get the scoop right from the big names themselves. Alongside audio shows hosted by former WWE stars like D-Lo Brown, Bull Buchanan, Orland Jordan and others - not to mention  Dr. Tom Prichard's audio archives - the Club brings you well over 100 of wrestling's top names as you've never heard them before (free clips available on the main free page of ClubWWI.com .)  Superstar interviews include:

Kevin Nash
47 Minutes
Eric Bischoff
65 Minutes
Jerry Lawler
61 Minutes
Diamond Dallas Page
80 Minutes
Mae Young
27 Minutes

Christian Cage
Former NWA Champ

Bruno Sammartino
62 Minutes

Samoa Joe
TNA Sensation

Al Snow
First Post-WWE Shoot!

Ron Killings

First Post-TNA Shoot!

Ted DiBiase
The Million $ Man

A.J. Styles
Former NWA Champ

Iron Sheik
Shoots on Everyone

Sid Vicious

35 Minutes

Bobby Heenan
60 Minutes

50 Minutes

Vince Russo
52 Minutes

Rick Steiner
60 Minutes

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Former NWA Champ

Chris Masters
50 Minutes

Jon Heidenreich
43 Minutes

Earl Hebner
Controversial Ref

Dave Hebner
...and his twin.

Kid Kash
60 Minutes

37 Minutes

Ax and Smash

Jimmy Hart
Mouth of The South

Road Warrior Animal
42 Minutes

Scott D'Amore
64 Minutes

Giant Bernard
42 Minutes

Damian Demento
First Ever Shoot!

Harley Race
70 Minutes

Kevin Sullivan
45 Minutes

The Ugandan Giant

Tito Santana
52 Minutes

Rob Conway
First Ever Shoot!

Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald

Dustin Rhodes

45 Minutes

Brother Devon
of Team 3D

Paul Bearer
50 Minutes

Christy Hemme
TNA Knockout

B.G. James
Voodoo Kin Mafia


Charlie Haas

Chris Daniels
TNA's Fallen Angel


Larry Zbyszko
38 Minutes

Bad News Brown
36 Minutes

Koko B. Ware
The Birdman

Fred Ottman
The Shockmaster

Ole Anderson

56 Minutes

Jacques Rougeau
60 Minutes

Buff Bagwell
Buff Daddy

Sylvain Grenier
52 Minutes

Dory Funk Jr.
55 Minutes

Bill Demott
49 Minutes

Nick Dinsmore
38 Minutes

Juvi Guerrera
The Juice!

Brother Runt
Former Spike Dudley

George Steele
53 Minutes

Tod Gordon
70 Minutes

Dan Severn
54 Minutes

Too Cold Scoprio
40 Minutes

One Man Gang
40 Minutes

Ivan Koloff
60 Minutes

Shawn Daivari
35 Minutes

Steve Williams
55 Minutes

"Former Super Hero In Training" Ro-Z

Shawn Stasiak
86 Minutes

Nikolai Volkoff
Hall of Famer

Big Vito
45 Minutes

Steve Blackman
The Lethal Weapon

Rodney Mack
36 Minutes

Ricky Morton
R-n-R Express

The Valiants

90 Minutes

Tracey Smothers
Angry..Very Angry


ERNEST MILLER, and many, many, more!

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