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(43 Mins) "Jamison" John DiGiacomo: "Bobby Heenan was a master and he made it easy for me."
Jan 18, 2012 - 11:46 AM


Long before Mick Foley stuck a sock on his hand, our guest stuck one in his coat pocket.  Now, the co-host of the Bobby Heenan Show and unforgettable star of Prime Time Wrestling, "Jamison Winger" John DiGiacomo joins James Guttman for a rare 43 minute shoot interview on that takes you backstage for one of wrestling's most memorable time periods ever.
From being thrown of the roof by the Berzerker to leading the Bushwhackers into battle at the Royal Rumble, few stars made us laugh the way Jamison did.  Now, years later, the comedian from New York joins the Insanity to talk about all his memories from the days before Raw and the moments that many fans will never forget.  It's another rare interview.  It's another surprising guest.  And it's yet another one of the hundreds you can hear right now on...!

In an ALL NEW 43 Minute Shoot, James Guttman and "Jamison Winger" John DiGiacomo discuss:

Life today
Raising a child
How Vince McMahon Discovered Him
Ad-Libbing His Entire WWF Career
Bobby Heenan
Clicking With Bobby
Surprising Bobby Heenan On-Air
His Responses to Bobby During His Debut
Stumping Him
People Feeling Sorry For Him
The Beverly Brothers Segment That Never Finished
Why it Didn't Happen
Getting Guys Over
Never Thinking Longterm For Jamison
Convincing People of Who He Was
Comedy conflicts
What WWF conflicted with
Team Player
Prime Time
The Live Studio Audience
What He Did During the Commercials
Being Given Leeway
Running with it
The Berzerker Viking Ritual
His Favorite Moment from the Kkit
Hospital Gurney Interview
What was great about Prime Time
Support For The Character
Harder To Watch Today
Easy To Flip Channels
Wrestling Today vs Wrestling Then
The Ultimate Fighter
Changes in wrestling
Jamison House Mother
The Bobby Heenan Show
Reality TV
Biggest Differences Today
Mean Gene
Mr. Perfect
Gorilla Monsoon
Higher Premium on Comedy
Finding Jamison
Inducted in New England Wrestling Hall Of Fame
Strike Force
Realizing Popularity of Prime
Accepting Bookings At Jamesonxwwf
People Thinking He Was Andy Kindler
IMDB Crediting Andy Kindler As Jamison
His Friends Contacting Kindler's Management
Fan Conventions
The Rossati Sisters
How They Differed From Bobby
Growing Up As a Fan
Sebastian in GWF Stealing His Gimmick
Thoughts on It
Not being insulted
What Set Jamison Apart
Jerry Lewis
Being On The Road
Bushwhackers Outside The Ring
Wrestler Resentment
How The Majority of Stars Treated Him
Where He Earned Respect
The Genius Hitting Him At Royal Rumble
Why He Fit In
Not Partying
Thoughts on Vince McMahon
The Show Where He Was Discovered
How He Was Brought In
Royal Rumble
The End of Jamison
Why He Didn't Go To WCW
Spelling of Jamison
How Hulk Hogan Treated Him
Ric Flair's 1991 Debut
The WCW Title on WWF TV
Paul Bearer
Jimmy Hart
Subculture of Wrestling

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