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(45 Min Shoot) Maria Kanellis: "I was surprised by how unhappy people were (in WWE)."
Dec 14, 2011 - 5:26 PM


She's the multi-talented Slammy Award Winning Diva who proved that being blonde was a state of mind.  Now the WWE interviewer with all the wrong questions provides us with all the answers as the beautiful Maria Kanellis joins James Guttman for a surprising 45 minute shoot interview on that shows how life doesn't always imitate art.
Although famous for her role as an on-air ditz, Maria Kanellis is one of the most business-saavy divas WWE has ever tangled with.  Now, she joins the Insanity for an interview that anyone who has never seen her outside of WWE TV needs to check out.  No subject is off limits and no answer is sugar coated as she shoots about it all right now only on...!

In an ALL NEW 45 Minute Shoot, James Guttman and Maria Kanellis discuss:

Making Her Own Bookings
Having Her First Match Back On Feb 25th
Her 30th Birthday
Attending Signings
Her Upcoming Film - The Manos Sequel
Sword fighting
Auditioning For It
6000 Women Trying Out For The 2004 Diva Search
The Diva Search battles
Eating Pie with The Rock
Tickling Kamala
Loving wrestling
Growing up watching
Being blessed
Never Being Afraid To Learn
Religious books
Never Sit on Your Heels
Letter from a Fan
Training Again
A Can of worms
WWE liking People To Be Dependent
"The Grand Monopoly"
More supply than demand
What Surprised Her About WWE
Stars After Wrestling
Changes in characters
When She Got the Ditzy Character
Knowing What to do
Dolph Ziggler Asking for Eggs
Divas at House Shows
Diva Search Heat
Crossing the Battlefield
Meeting Randy Orton
Backstage Paranoia
Celebrity Apprentice
Ashley Massaro on Survivor
Chris Jericho and Stacy on Dancing With The Stars
Losing Leverage
Leaving the Company
Mike Bennett
ROH on Sinclair
Hardcore ROH fans
Going To ROH Shows With CM Punk
Fellow Celebrity Apprentice Star Rod Blagojevich's
14 Year Sentence
Thoughts on Blago
Being From Blago's Home State
How an Elected Leader Should Know How to Use a Computer
Difference   Between Blago and Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon teaching Kelly Kelly how to strip
Maria's Perfume Line
Why Vince Recently Sent Her a Text
Being Donald Trump's Vice President
The Options For President in 2012
President Obama
Her Bella Twin Controversy
WWE fans
Not Minding Headlines
Not Taking Life Too Seriously
Bella Twins and Hot Tubs
Feeding the Rumors
Dirty Sense of Humor
WWE's Twitter Obsession
"Who's trending? I don't care."
Michael Cole
Social Media
Her mom reading her tweets
Being Self Conscious
A Recent Photoshoot
Modeling at 14
Being More Confident
Putting Time Into Your Goals
Promos in the Mirror
Working with Santino
Stars Getting Worried Before Making it Big
What She Said To Calm Santino Down
Santino Making Her Laugh
Funny Heel
Santino the Russian
Developmental Stars to WWE
Calling guys up too soon
Working all guys to girls
Whether she'd go to TNA




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