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(43 Mins) Shane "Hurricane" Helms: "I can't tell you how many times they'd say, 'We want that more realistic approach.' And I'm standing there in a superhero outfit."
Jan 5, 2012 - 3:18 PM


He's the Super Superstar who's taken down many a dastardly villain for the Three Count.  Now, the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE History, "Hurricane" Shane Helms joins James Guttman for a jaw-dropping 43 minute shoot interview on that answers all your questions including - yes - Whadupwidat?!
From The Rock to Stone Cold Steve Austin to Kane, Shane Helms has worked with them all and stood out while doing it.  Whether fighting crime as the Hurricane or breaking opponents with his Vertabreaker, Shane is a star who is instantly recognizable and never takes a backstep from his opinions.  Now, brace yourself, because he joins the Insanity and no one is safe.  Holding out for hero?  Hold out now more.  He's on...!

In an ALL NEW 43 Minute Shoot, James Guttman and Shane Helms discuss:

His Motorcycle Accident
Fan Support
Positive People
People Helping Him
The Hurricane Character
How People Relate To It
The Superhero Genre Saving The Movie Industry
Being The Underdog
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Skit That Created The Hurricane
Ad-Libbing It
Talking To Steve Austin About It Last Week
The Green Lantern
Debra's Reaction To It
The Changing Face of Wrestling Promos
Character Creation
The New Steve Austin DVD
The Ringmaster Gimmick
Not Being Shane Helms
The Name WWF Wanted Him To Use
Hating It

Internet Critics
The Difference Between Constructive Criticism and Bashing
The Bible Example
Worked Shoots
Losing Magic
Wrestling's Outside Enemies
TV Shows He Didn't Like
Not Tweeting The Alan Gregory People To Complain
The Original Three Count
The Future WWE Star Who Was In The Group
Not Liking Boy Bands
The Three Count Gimmick in WCW
Hating The Theme Song
Loving The Heat It Got
When Evan Karagious Left The Group
The Person Who Was Supposed To Replace Him
The Rise of Suga Shane
His Momentum Leading Into The WCW Buyout
"Everyone in WCW was scared and don't let no one tell you different..."
The Last Nitro
Who Called Him From WWF Afterwards
Being The First One Called
"Chris McMahon"
The InVasion
Trickling In New Stars vs. Mass Star InVasion
WWF Killing WCW
Guaranteed Contracts
Eric Bischoff in WWE
Getting Out of The InVasion Early
The Time He Was Suga Shane in WWF
The Rare WWF/WCW House Shows
What Pat Patterson Told Everyone Before
Why There Was No Supervillain
Thoughts on Mighty Molly and Rosie By His Side
Working With Kane
Two Undertakers
The ECW Run
The Feats of Strength
Not Respecting The Gimmick
Glacier's Gimmick in WCW
Strong Style
"How strong is your style?"
Varsity vs. JV
End of The Hurricane
Why He Dropped The Gimmick for a While
His Amazing Merchandise Sales
Working With The Rock
How It Was Supposed To Only Be a One Time Thing
Trying To Use The Canada Rule on The Rock
Kevin Dunn's Thoughts on The Segment
Dream Come True
Forgetting Many Moments
Betting a Fan He Never Wrestled Jeff Hardy
Losing The Bet
Macho Man Randy Savage
The Savage Angle That Made Him Hate Hulk Hogan
The One Time As a Kid That All Was Right in The Wrestling World

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