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(One Hour Audio) "Wildfire" Tommy Rich Discusses: The "Real Deal Story" Of His NWA Title Win, A Response To Critics of It, Very Harsh Words For Michael Hayes, Heat With Ric Flair, The Man-on-Man Jacuzzi Skit That Turned Him Off From WWE, The Two Things He Had With Him The Night He Hid Under The Ring For Lawler-Idol, John Cena Blaming Old School Wrestling For Drugs, How Paul Heyman "Used To Talk a Rebel's Game," The Wrestler Who Named Him Wildfire, The Wrestler Who Wanted To Bring Him To The WWF, What Happened When He Tried Steroids, The Last Battle of Atlanta, The Promise Abdullah The Butcher Kept, Heat With Bill Watts, The Insane Payouts He Got From Bill and Eddie Graham, What Happened For The First Time At The ICP Show That Never Happened In His Entire Career, Why He Went To The AWA, Drinking, Vince McMahon Sr., Wahoo McDaniel, Chris Benoit, Dusty Rhodes in Polka Dots, and More

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You've heard the speculation, the second-hand stories, and the slander. Now, hear his story in his words as only the legendary  "Wildfire" Tommy Rich joins ClubWWI.com for a shoot that hits you right between the eyes.

From his heroic days as the NWA World Champion to his Hell in a Cellish showdown with Buzz Sawyer to the York Foundation to his Extreme days in the F.B.I, Tommy Rich has kept himself on the minds of wrestling fans for his entire career.  Now, get the answers to the questions you've always wanted to know from one of the most talked-about and controversial stars in wrestling history.  Hear Tommy Rich's tale from the man who knows it best - Tommy Rich ...only on  The Club!

In today's One Hour ClubWWI.com Shoot, James Guttman and Tommy Rich discuss:

Being A Grandfather
When Wrestling Was Wrestling
Today's WWE
Why They Want You To Forget What You Know
The Man-on-Man Jacuzzi Skit That Turned Him Off From WWE
Vince McMahon's Ticket Prices
Why It's Not "Family Entertainment"
Who Vince Really Caters To
Ted Turner
Georgia on a Saturday Night
Indy Wrestling
Lady Wrestlers
Script Writing
Tony Atlas
Today's Skits
Advice From Bob Armstrong
Old School Promos
Danny Hodge
Ken Patera
The Fallout From Chris Benoit
John Cena Blaming Old School Wrestling
Talking a Good Game
Bruiser Brody
Road Trips
Why No One Can Learn Today
His First Night in Atlanta
Getting Slaughtered By Abdullah The Butcher
The Promise After That Match That Abby Kept
Dick Murdoch and Mr. Wrestling II
Being Unique
"Go, Tommy, Go!"
The Wrestler Who Named Him "Wildfire"
The Wahoo McDaniel-Ole Anderson Disagreement
What Abdullah Told Him To Do During Their Return Match
Why He Told Him To Do It Three Times
The One Time He Was Booked in WWF
The Wrestler Who Wanted To Bring Him In
Why He Didn't Want To Go
Bill Watts
Why Dusty Rhodes Came To Atlanta
Memories of Andre The Giant
Packing The SuperDome
The Insane Payouts He Got From Bill Watts and Eddie Graham
Heat With Watts
Jim Barnett
Meeting Vince McMahon Sr.
Going To MSG
The Sheik
"I want the blonde-headed kid."
Bob Giegel
Verbal Contracts
The Last Battle of Atlanta
His Feud With Buzz Sawyer
How Beating Buzz Earned The Boys a Free Party At The Holiday Inn
The Freebirds
Working a Recent Insane Clown Posse Show
The Two Things That Happened For The First Time In His Career That Night
Raven vs. Sabu
Very Harsh Words For Michael Hayes
Hayes vs. Mark Henry
The Real Deal Story of His NWA Title Win
Heat With Ric Flair
Flair's Obsession With Flashing People At Bars
A Response To Critics of His World Title Win
Today's Titles
Not Getting Divorced
Why That Is
Hiding Under The Ring For Lawler-Idol
The Two Things He Had With Him
Stories From Under The Ring
Visiting Hospitals
Why He Went There
Austin Idol Disappearing
The NWA Convention
The Office Not Wanting The Boys To Get Along
The York Foundation
Terry Taylor
Dusty Rhodes in Polka Dots
How It Got Over
The Tennessee Style
Why ECW Told Him To Stop
Paul Heyman: "Used To Talk a Rebel's Game"
Breaking Kayfabe
What He Told Buzz Sawyer One Night
Quitting Drinking For Two Years
Trying Steroids
What Happened When He Did
Going To WWE or TNA
Stand Hansen

…and More!

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