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(64 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "Compared to some of the outlandish and vulgar things that have been on wrestling in the past, I'd much rather see (The Muppets)..."
Nov 5, 2011 - 12:33 PM

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Forget "Stone Cold" - he's Ice Cold. It's time for another round of frost bite as former WCW superstar Ray "Glacier" Lloyd joins James Guttman on to unveil his NEW show... Breaking The Ice!

Famous for his amazing entrance and "Blood Runs Cold" storyline in wrestling, Ray Lloyd is a story that's much bigger than any ring can hold. The standout karate star has achieved success in so many aspects of his life from sports to academics to acting, there's little that Ray hasn't done and done with class. With his new push to help fans get into shape with the Body Vi Challenge (, Lloyd has plenty to say about it all in his honest no-holds-barred way. So take a break, break out your headphones, and break the ice with Glacier right now and only on !

In the ALL NEW 64 minute "Breaking The Ice"on , Ray "Glacier" Lloyd and James Guttman discuss:

Muppet Raw
What it meant
Not watching
Why he doesn't watch
Mixing muppets and wrestling
How it would work
Nothing off limits
WCW embarrassment
Forgiving fans
Having faith
Insulting intelligence
Sting's Baseball Bat
What people knew about bats
Hunter's sledgehammer
Buying into it
Rays wrestling pet peeve
Ray's twin brother and nephew
Impact demographics
Dusty booty
Cussing grandma
Stone Cold Element
Hulk Hogan's knee pads
Beating up your boss
Indy imitators
What Lex Luger wanted to be
Ric Flair vs Buddy Rogers
The Austin Starr
Jay Lethal's Savage gimmick
The TNA decision to do it
Bitter young stars
Advice for young stars
The odds of making it
How long it could last
Different direction
Marc Mero, DDP, and Van Hammer
Why he's not negative about WCW
Best victims of good timing
Caring about the business
Locker room veterans
The Glacier name
Starving artists
Joe Clark quote
Recipe for disaster
Ray's Teaching
Teaching Cody Rhodes in High School
Taking the ego hit
Making it in the business
Cornette Advice
Crush It
Social Media
Haku - "Mr. Meng"
How to be proactive With your career
How Ray pushed his new gimmick to WCW
How quickly it got him rehired
Buzz stern
The new Glacier
Russo, Ferrara, Disco
The meeting where Ray reintroduced himself
Terry Taylor
One of Ray's proudest performances
Calling Jim Ross
Pitching to Eric Bischoff
The biggest thank you
We Do Wrestling
Physical illusionists
Botched moves
Walking to the ring
Missing psychology
Flair the heel
Larry Zybszko
Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling
Work smarter, not harder
Broken bones
90 day challenge

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