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(55 Minutes) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "He just looked up, with that Eddie (Guerrero) smile, and said, 'The fans deserve my best every time and that's what I'm going to give them.'"
Dec 18, 2011 - 8:36 AM

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Forget "Stone Cold" - he's Ice Cold. It's time for another round of frost bite as former WCW superstar Ray "Glacier" Lloyd joins James Guttman on to unveil his NEW show... Breaking The Ice!

Famous for his amazing entrance and "Blood Runs Cold" storyline in wrestling, Ray Lloyd is a story that's much bigger than any ring can hold. The standout karate star has achieved success in so many aspects of his life from sports to academics to acting, there's little that Ray hasn't done and done with class. With his new push to help fans get into shape with the Body Vi Challenge Lloyd has plenty to say about it all in his honest no-holds-barred way. So take a break, break out your headphones, and break the ice with Glacier right now and only on !

In the ALL NEW 55 minute "Breaking The Ice"on , Ray "Glacier" Lloyd and James Guttman discuss:

Celebrating The Holidays
Appearing on DDP Radio
Reuniting With Chris Jericho
Jericho in WCW
Rebranding Yoga
Jericho Endorsing
Your Body - The Temple
DDP Yoga Specials
Page 20 years ago vs. Page Today
Laughing about Page with Marc Mero
"Not Your Mother's Yoga"
Diamond Dallas Page's Upcoming ClubWWI Return
The Diamond Cutter
Billy Kidman
Chris Kanyon
Glacier's Klique in WCW
"The F.O.P."
What That Stood For
Getting Together To Watch The Sopranos
The Guys Helping DDP Plan Diamond Cutter Moments For Nitro
The Most Creative People In The Group For Coming Up With Them
The Time Glacier Took The Diamond Cutter
How The Move Sold Itself
Supporting Troops
Military Overseas
Kevin Nash's TLC Ladder Match
Kevin Not Needing To Do It
Why Glacier Refused Matches Like That
Overdoing it in Gimmick Matches
Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon WrestleMania X Ladder Match
Getting Hurt
Titles Changing Hands in Gimmick Matches
Wrestling's Fast Cycle
The Road To WrestleMania
What Wrestling DVDs James Would Recommend
World Class Championship Wrestling
The Ricky Steamboat DVD
Steamboat's Philosophy
A&E's Unreal Story of Wrestling
"Mr. Valentine"
Bret v Shawn - The DVD
Private WCW Locker Rooms
The Wrestler Who Turned His Down
The Bret Hart Screw Job
Eddie Guerrero in WCW
Watching Benoit vs Guerrero Behind the Curtain
Being Born Into Wrestling
What Eddie Told Him About It
The Benoit Legacy Affecting Eddies's
Erasing the Good Moments
Never Cheating the Fans
15 Person crowds with 50,000 views
The Blind Side

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