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(1 Hour) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "Ticked off? If they dedicated a full quarter page in the WrestleMania edition to the Glacier gimmick, what's so bad about that?"
Dec 2, 2011 - 12:20 PM

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Forget "Stone Cold" - he's Ice Cold. It's time for another round of frost bite as former WCW superstar Ray "Glacier" Lloyd joins James Guttman on to unveil his NEW show... Breaking The Ice!

Famous for his amazing entrance and "Blood Runs Cold" storyline in wrestling, Ray Lloyd is a story that's much bigger than any ring can hold. The standout karate star has achieved success in so many aspects of his life from sports to academics to acting, there's little that Ray hasn't done and done with class. With his new push to help fans get into shape with the Body Vi Challenge Lloyd has plenty to say about it all in his honest no-holds-barred way. So take a break, break out your headphones, and break the ice with Glacier right now and only on !

In the ALL NEW 60 minute "Breaking The Ice"on , Ray "Glacier" Lloyd and James Guttman discuss:

Wrestlers Moving Florida
WCW Universal Tapings
New Year's Resolutions
When You Should Start Them
Early Resolution Handling
DDP Yoga
Marc Mero
The Former WWE Champion Who's Been Doing DDP's Yoga Program
WWE's Infamous "Turkey List"
The Reaction Those Who Were On It Had
The Shots WWE Took At The Glacier Gimmick
Playing Characters
Believing gimmicks
Playing Roles
Becoming Roles
Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes - The People and The Performers
Taking Things Personally
As long as they're talking about you...
WWE Not Bashing
The WWE WrestleMania Magazine Slamming Glacier
Looking Back on The Original Costume
Advice to Those Put On The Turkey List
Finding Your Real Fans
Taking It In Stride
Tales From The Wal-Mart Line
WWE's issues with Glacier
How The Lists Are Put Together
What Your Fan Base Thinks
Online Critics
The Prolonged WCW Glacier Debut Buildup
Making The Most Out of Things
Wrestling Fans Emailing
What The Boys Take For Granted
Being Lucky
Following Your Passion
"If you can look up, you can get up."
The Business Breaking Your Heart
Indy advice
Rocky - Not Just a Boxing Movie
Apollo Creed
Ricky Steamboat Advice
The Lost Babyface Comeback Spot
A Great Scott Hall Spot
Sympathy for the Babyface
Steamboat Never Turning Heel
Hollywood Hogan
People Relating To Steamboat
Buying Wrestling Related Items
The Steamboat DVD
WWE Documentary
Jericho-Steamboat Match
Standing Out
Headlock Spot
You only have so many bumps...
Terry Taylor's comments To Indy Wrestlers
Getting Better
Researching Trainers
Thanking Tommy Rich
Remembering Those Who Helped You
Wrestling Muta
Breaking In As a Team
Story of Driving To An Early Booking
Finding Out It Was Cancelled
How The Event Could Have Made Him Bitter
Dusty Rhodes Words of Wisdom

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