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(64 Minutes) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "Arn Anderson said, 'Hey. That entrance is amazing. But how the hell are you gonna follow that?'"
Jan 24, 2012 - 8:30 PM

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Forget "Stone Cold" - he's Ice Cold. It's time for another round of frost bite as former WCW superstar Ray "Glacier" Lloyd joins James Guttman on to unveil his NEW show... Breaking The Ice!

Famous for his amazing entrance and "Blood Runs Cold" storyline in wrestling, Ray Lloyd is a story that's much bigger than any ring can hold. The standout karate star has achieved success in so many aspects of his life from sports to academics to acting, there's little that Ray hasn't done and done with class. With his new push to help fans get into shape with the Body Vi Challenge Lloyd has plenty to say about it all in his honest no-holds-barred way. So take a break, break out your headphones, and break the ice with Glacier right now and only on !

In the ALL NEW 64 minute "Breaking The Ice"on , Ray "Glacier" Lloyd and James Guttman discuss:

His WWE Appearance
Where Are They Now?
Who Called Him
His Feelings On It
The Message
Post WCW
Handling Fame
The ClubWWI Quote That May Have Lead To It
Forgettable vs Unforgettable
Classic Wrestling Legends
How They'd Handle Writers
Negative Reaction
Social Media Affecting Bullying
Growing Up Today
Viral Vomit
Getting Under His Skin
Marc Mero
What To Do Before Reacting
Nature Of The Business
Fans Putting Too Much Stock In News
Media Shame
Reporting Properly vs Reporting First
WCW Promoting The Giant As Andre's Son
Pros and Cons of Overly Smart Fans
Sid vs Benoit
Word of Mouth Stories
Written on the Internet
Debating Fans About WCW
Wrestlers As Characters
What Successful Stars Have In Common
Armor At The Mall
The Gambler
Glacier's Real Debut
Backstage Reasons
The WCW Worldwide Match
Not Knowing It Would Be His Debut
Memories of the Match
What His First TV Taping Was The Last One Of
Ernest Millers Place In Blood Runs Cold
Thoughts On The Gambler
When Blood Runs Cold Would Have Worked
Power Rangers vs Mortal Kombat
Arn Anderson Quote
Timing's Everything
WCW Variety Show
What Made Ray Fall In Love With Wrestling
Wanting Wrestling To Succeed
When JG's Wife Watched
The Shining Example of What Changed
Cookie Cutter Looking Wrestlers
Talking To Younger Wrestlers
Learning House Shows First
Mimicking TV
Bringing The Audience In
WWE Top Down Setting The Stage
Bringing Back Old Stuff
Job Matches
Vanilla Ice
Benefits of Squash Matches
Wrestling Schools
Georgia Promoting Rules
Indy Guys
Why They Don't Rip Off Glacier
Wrestling Fans
Holding Out Hope
Indy Wrestling Flame Wars
Advice To Indy Promoters
Guys Content Too Early
CM Punk
Being a Role Model
What Ray Doesn't Take Pictures With

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