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(62 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "I said, 'I know you're not Mr. Wrestling II...and I'm not about to let you walk out there and try to fool these people.'"
Feb 10, 2012 - 11:40 AM

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Forget "Stone Cold" - he's Ice Cold. It's time for another round of frost bite as former WCW superstar Ray "Glacier" Lloyd joins James Guttman on to unveil his NEW show... Breaking The Ice!

Famous for his amazing entrance and "Blood Runs Cold" storyline in wrestling, Ray Lloyd is a story that's much bigger than any ring can hold. The standout karate star has achieved success in so many aspects of his life from sports to academics to acting, there's little that Ray hasn't done and done with class.

Now he introduces his new blog - which addresses career management for young stars and helps them along the path to stardom all free of charge. It's advice from a star who's been there, done that, and continuing today.  So take a break, break out your headphones, and break the ice with Glacier right now and only on !

In the ALL NEW 62 minute "Breaking The Ice"on , Ray "Glacier" Lloyd and James Guttman discuss:

Returning to Indys
First Show of 2012
April is 25 Years
Returning To The First Arena He Worked
The Reaction RD Swain's Name Got
Peach State Wrestling
Macauly Culkin
National Armory Facelift
Changing Locker Room
The Blazers
Pride as a Rookie
Ben Masters
Headlining the Show
Tommy Rich and Joel Deaton
Help From Tommy Early
Georgia Indys
Difference in Rookies Now vs. 25 Years Ago
Last Era of Protected Schools
Easy In and Easy Out
Why Ray Will Never Have a "Retirement Match"
Dedication and Lack Thereof
Looking Tough
The Last Thing Fans Should Think
Dressing Professionally
Mentality of Young Stars
Commitment Equals Success
Jake Slater
Masked Indy Guys
Gino Caruso
What Aggravates Ray
Indy Guys Impersonating Masked Stars
Mr. Wrestling II
The Fake Mr. Wrestling II
Ray Calling Him Out
Mr. Wrestling 4?
Being Protective of His Identities
How The Internet Has Affected Indy Wrestling
Keeping Your Ego In Check
Low Self Esteem in Young Workers
Believing Their Hype
What Jake Roberts Said About a Writer
Entertainment Choices
Guys Unable To Manage Their Careers
Still Learning
Ray's New Blog
Career Management
Poor Foundations
Good Schools
Learning Wrestling
"You don't know what you don't know."
Proving Yourself
Secrets and Kayfabe
Vince McMahon's Explosion Being Reported To Police
Magic Matches
Internet Fans vs Non Internet Fans
50 Things
James and Ray Doing "Show Prep"
Fans Respecting Wrestling

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