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(40 Min Audio) "Club OJ" hosted by Orlando Jordan: "They say 'Wrestling Matters' or they'll try to make it PG-13, but in the long run they do what the network's happy with."
Jan 3, 2012 - 7:49 PM

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Were you planning on going Clubbin' so soon after New Year's Eve?  No?  Well you are now. 

That's right.  Former WWE U.S. Champion and the man too controversial for TNA,  Orlando Jordan returns home to and shoots with James Guttman once again as we close out 2011 witht he show he started over five years ago... Club O.J.!  

He's the shock and awe of pro wrestling and now, after his time in TNA, Orlando returns to the site that he spoke out on for the first time ever and takes back the reigns of his outspoken audio show. Grab a drink, feel the beat, and tear this mutha down with the greatest hair in the business.  It's Club OJ and it's only on!

In the ALL NEW 40 minute "Club O.J." on, Orlando Jordan and James Guttman discuss:


OJ's New Year
His January 18th Australia Tour For AAW
Speaking In Third Person
Where The Tour Will Take Him
Being Gone For Three Months
His Busy Schedule
Returning in April
The Character of Orlando Jordan
Leaving TNA
Strings Being Pulled
What Young Stars Today Are Missing Before They Even Debut
Growing Up in The 80s
What Rookies Expected Then
Indy Opportunities
Tired of "Bullshit"
Warrior Living His Persona
Rough Housing
Changes in Kids
Almost Losing an Eye
Why Today's Stars Aren't as "Genuine"
Randy Savage
Ric Flair
Why He Doesn't Watch Today's Wrestling
CM Punk vs John Cena
Triple H
Johnny Ace realism
How Many tTmes OJ Watched Himself Wrestle
The Genre Wrestling Has Become
"Wrestling Matters"
2004 vs Today
Wrestling Flowing with Current Events
Entertainment Industry in a Recession
Brock Lesnar's UFC Loss
Brock Returning To WWE
The Crowds He Draws
UFC Critics
Watching Sports with People
The Messages a Brock Return Sends
Brock's Rise
Wildkats Sports
The January 26th Debut Monthly Show For Wildkats


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