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(44 Min Audio) "GLORIOUS" Hosted By Paul Roma: "When you pick just a chosen few, you're leaving out everybody else. So what are you saying about that? They weren't recognized? They weren't Horsemen?"
Jan 27, 2012 - 12:30 PM

It's here.  It's here.  The newest technical Hall of Famer to scorch the Earth has returned. It's always more than Pretty Wonderful when Paul Roma returns to join James Guttman on for the audio event that's unlike any other. So Notorious, it's ... " GLORIOUS! "

For years, Paul Roma has forced hardcore fans to toss and turn in anger. He's shot on so many stars and hasn't run out of bullets yet. No subject is off limits. No ego too fragile. No topic too sacred. When the former Pretty Wonderful WCW Tag Champion, Young Stallion, Power and Glory, and Horsemen member talks, it causes waves. So grab your life vest and log in to right now to hear what EVERYONE will be talking about tomorrow. It's Glorious!

In the ALL NEW 44 minute Glorious on , Paul Roma and James Guttman discuss:

Life Today
The Horsemen in the WWE Hall of Fame
Appreciating People Remembering Him
The Chosen Few Who Were Horsemen
WWE Leaving People Out
Vince Choosing Who Goes In
Drew Carey In The Hall
Randy Savage NOT In The Hall
Baseball Hall of Fame
What Paul Did
People Talking
How You Can't Erase History
Leaving People Out Of History
Havin a New Life
Why Ric Flair Went Along
What Arn Anderson  Had
Roma's feelings for Flair
The bond he had with others
His Appearance on the Horsemen DVD
Stirring Controversy
Bruno Sammartino Turning Down Hall Of Fame
Trying To Get Around Paul Roma's Horsemen History
Weird Inductions
When He Realized The Horsemen Weren't Behind Him
Why WCW Wanted Him In
After He Left
Why Orndorff Said WCW Wanted Them Together
Tag Team Work
Dealing With Fantasy vs Reality
Who He Is
Christopher Reeves
Not Being Able To Turn Away
Missing Wrestling
Silent Brian Macney
JG's Ten Unforgettable Jobbers
Ken Patera in Hall Of Fame
Leaving Babe Ruth Out of Hall of Fame
Romar Atlas
Dale Wolfe
Mario Mancini
Keeping in Touch
Mario's Big Moments
WWF Jobbers
Brian Costello
Chief Jay Strongbow
Jobbers At House Shows
Mike Sharpe
Why people remember older stars
What's missing
Bringing guys in early
Who's fault it was
When wrestling changed
Giving away tickets
Shooting on Divas
The Screeching
Legends House
Aging Actors
Deep Rooted Celeb Resentment
Being Happy For Others
Bernie Madoff
Working For What you want


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