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(48 Mins) "Club For The Gold" Hosted By Wendy "Fifi The Maid" Barlow: "(Sting) was so annoyed at the end of his Flair For The Gold that someone got fired..."
Dec 27, 2011 - 4:32 PM

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She's traded in her feather duster for a crossbow and our brand new audio host Wendy "Fifi The Maid" Barlow is using it to shoot like you wouldn't believe as she joins James Guttman on for the her own show... Club For The Gold!

She's one of the most elusive stars in wrestling. But during her time, Wendy was a part of some of wrestling most talked about moments including fellow ClubWWI host Paul Roma's Horsemen Debut, one of Rick Rude's final storylines as an active wrestler, the infamous Shockmaster debut, The Hollywood Blondes parody, and more from the set of WCW's "Flair For The Gold". Now she talks about it all plus backstage stories from a woman who went behind the curtain at a time when very few women did. So grab a drink and toss out a "woo" for the new audio show that's going to rattle cages...only on !

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In the ALL NEW 48 minute "Club For The Gold" on , Wendy "Fifi" Barlow and James Guttman discuss:

The Way We Treat Christmas Trees Before and After Christmas
Filming Teen Wolf
Running Into The Guy Who Was Doing Lex Luger's Biography
Michael J Fox's Teen Wolf
Fifi's Funeral Scene
Ice Skating With Chandler Riggs from Walking Dead and His Family
The Walking Dead Hiatus
Their Mid Season Finale
Zombie TV vs. Zombie Movies
"Get your zombie on."
Almost Losing a Toe with Dolly Parton
Working the Three Stooges Movie
Storytelling TV
Raising Expectations
CM Punk's Storyline
Punk and Compton
Bumblefoot of Guns-n-Roses
Her Plans For a Tell-All Book
Her Personal War Stories
Promoters Reinventing the Business
Lack of Respect Today
Family Men vs. Lone Wolves
Lack of Direction
What Vince McMahon Learned From Lesnar and Chyna
TNA Freshening Up WWE Stars
WWE Network
Wrestling Reality Shows
PPV Changes
Outside WWE Projects
Former Stars Who Are Still Valuable Resources
What You Learn From Pro Wrestlers
Ronnie Garvin
Fifi's Bad Refereeing Experience
The Fifi "Hrmph!"
Flair For The Gold
The Annoyed Sting Edition
The Horsemen
The Max Payne Guitar Edition
Her and Ric Walking Out On It
Glory Days of WCW
His String Mask
The Arn Anderson Scissors Incident
Sid Quote
Wendy's Matt Hardy prediction for 2012
Flair in 2012
Cliff Compton in 2012
CM Punk in 2012
Punk and Her Book
Indy Wrestling Shows
Wrestle Reunion
Ted Allen memorial Show
Scotty Riggs and the Twister Game
The Benefits of Indy shows
Club For The Gold
Her 2010 Year End Show


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