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JG's 8/18/08 Raw Insanity: Shawn's To Blame For His Wife's Face
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ROH TV Episode 347: Never Saw It Coming
JG's 8/18/08 Raw Insanity: Shawn's To Blame For His Wife's Face
TGIF: RAW's Young Voice, 5 Star Snowflakes, and More
The ROHbot Report: Honor Re-United, Dojo Pro Black Belt, And More
(25 Mins) Honor Nation: The Anvil

How You Can Help Support ECW Icon Sabu

GoFundMe -Aug 20, 2016

Any fans, friends, or colleagues of the ECW Icon should definitely take a look. All help is appreciated.

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Introducing We Want Insanity: The Store!

WeWantInsanity.com -Aug 25, 2013

It's been one of the most requested additions to We Want Insanity. Now, you can wear the Insanity with the one and only We Want Insanity: The Match/The Movie/The Store!

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(Video) Glacier Is Excited About WeWantInsanity.com!

Ray "Glacier" Lloyd -Nov 26, 2012

Deep down, Ray "Glacier" Lloyd is just like you and me.  The stories of his super powers have been greatly exaggerated. Now, the ClubWWI audio host talks about what the new We Want Insanity means to him.

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Welcome To WeWantInsanity.com!

James Guttman -Nov 26, 2012

WeWantInsanity.com sets out to give everything and everyone the Insanity treatment. While all the wrestling coverage you've come to expect from us will still be presented, now our writers will have the freedom to share thoughts on…well, anything.

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(56 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" w/ Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "Some of the nicest guys in the business were the most hated heels in front of the audience..."

James Guttman and Ray "Glacier" Lloyd -Sep 6, 2012

 Wrestlers Who Differ In Real Life From What Fans Think Them To Be, His Brutal Matches With Chris Adams, Lessons From Lou Thesz, Ray's Twin Brother, The Lack of Success For Twins In Wrestling, The First Time Ray Met Bruiser Brody, Watching Him Transform Into Character Backstage, Stories From Haku's Rugby Career, Whether Being a Wrestler Helps or Hurts More With Acting Jobs, How It Affected His Role in Tyler Perry's "Meet The Browns", His Trip To L.A., Playing a Part In The Indiana Jones Stunt Show at MGM, Ray's Thoughts About Meeting Randy Savage, Jerry Lewis, Abdullah The Butcher, Crusher Blackwell, Eddie Gilbert, and More

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(90 Minute Audio) "GLORIOUS" Hosted By Paul Roma: "(Koko B. Ware) suckerpunched me in the face. So I looked at him and said, 'Dude,' I'm not gonna fight you.'...and he punched me two more times in the face."

Paul Roma and James Guttman -Aug 24, 2012

 On The Latest  ClubWWI.com Glorious: Paul Roma's Unfiltered Opinions, Shocking Shoots, and Stories About Former ClubWWI Guests Including Kevin Nash, Jesse Ventura, Kamala, Eric Bischoff, JJ Dillon, Bad News Brown, The Funks, The Steiners, Demolition, Ted DiBiase, Nick Bockwinkel, Justin Credible, The Killer Bees, The Hebners, Buff Bagwell, Tony Atlas, Paul Bearer, Mabel, Ole Anderson, Sam Houston, Sivi Afi, Road Warrior Animal, Danny Davis, Nikolai Volkoff, Johnny Valiant, Bobby Heenan, George Steele, Shane Douglas, Jim Duggan, Mr. Fuji, Harley Race, Jimmy Hart, Don Muraco, Ronnie Garvin, Outback Jack, Honky Tonk Man, Bushwackers, One Man Gang, Rick Martel, Jacques Rougeau, Ron Simmons, and Many More

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(61 Mins) Dr. Tom Prichard: "How stupid would I be to say I hated (working for WWE) and it was horrible? Because it wasn't."

James Guttman and Dr. Tom Prichard -Jul 24, 2012

  Other Topics on in Tom Prichard's First Post WWE Interview: Thoughts on Triple H and Others in Power at WWE, His Feelings About Dusty Rhodes and Other Developmental Trainers, The New FCW NXT, A Definitive Answer About TNA Prospects, Whether Having His Brother Bruce Prichard in TNA Helps or Hurts His Chances, Michael Hayes's Terry Gordy Tribute, A Crazy Story About Throwing Up In a Restaurant With Hayes and The Hardy Boys, Whether Tom Had Heat For Comments He Made On World Wrestling Insanity Upon Returning To WWE, Joe Hennig's Name Change To Michael McGillicutty, Having FCW Talent Review Raw, The Shocking Review One Guy Gave, How Twitter Has Affected Wrestling, Hating The Bodydonna Gimmick, WWF Filming His Crew Cut Haircut, The Former WWF Champion Who Just Happened To Be Leaving The Salon When They Showed Up, Raw 1000, Tensai, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Ryback, Missy Hyatt, Rick Steamboat, and More

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(48 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "At the top level, there's so much freakin' Kool-Aid being passed around that you don't know what to believe..."

James Guttman and Ray "Glacier" Lloyd -Jul 11, 2012

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": Why Vince Russo's "Shades of Gray" Approach To Wrestling Is Flawed, The Infamous "Dookie" Guy From No Holds Barred, How Ray Got His Role In The Film, The Acting Advice He Got From Ernest Borgnine, What Blackjack Mulligan Said About Wrestlers Retiring, What WCW Had To Have Pez Whatley Do During The Universal TV Tapings, Companies Using "Audio Sweetener", Personality Changes By Wrestler Stars, An Update On Former Star Sunny/Sandy Beach, Advice From Stan Hansen, Tiny "Zeus" Lister, The Rock, Cussing Grandmas, Bane From Batman, and More

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(35 Mins) Perry Saturn: "WCW had the ability to make everybody there hate wrestling. That's when we started doing drugs really bad."

James Guttman and Perry Saturn -Jun 20, 2012

ClubWWI Other Topics in Perry Saturn's ClubWWI.com Interview: Personal Thoughts on Chris Benoit, His Battle With Drugs and Homelessness, Worrying About WWE Discovering His Drug Problem, Thinking That Benoit and Dean Malenko Were Tricking Him Into An Intervention, Hazy Memories of Moppy, Why He Split With John Kronus, TNA Hiring Failed WCW Management, Changes To Vince Russo's Booking, The Political Games WCW's Top Guys Played, The Night The Radicalz Jumped To The WWF, The WCW Legal and Promotional Teams Hating The Wrestlers, His Changed Feeling For WWE Creative, Being Sober, Eddie Guerrero's Talent, How Extreme Rising Brings Back The ECW Feel, Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, Terri, and More

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(1 Hour Audio) "GLORIOUS" Hosted By Paul Roma: "(Vince McMahon) never liked me. He's jealous of me. Couldn't look like me. Couldn't get the women I got. Couldn't have the body I had and still have."

Paul Roma and James Guttman -Jun 8, 2012

Other Topics in the latest ClubWWI.com Glorious: The Horsemen Hall of Fame Induction, Brooke Hogan in TNA, Why She's Not a Doctor Right Now, Vince McMahon: The Fat Girl in The Mirror, Why There Were No Power and Glory Figures, The Backlash Against Celebrities in Wrestling, Gorilla Monsoon's Post-Wrestling WWF Career, The Reasons For a Three Hour Raw, WWE's Many Non-Wrestling Flops, Society's "Anti-Bullying" Message, Roma's Advice on Handling Bullies, How Men Are Treated in 2012, Budy Rogers Corner, Triple H Main Eventing, Ancient Rock, "A-Hole" Fans, and More

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(42 Mins) "Club For The Gold" Hosted By Wendy "Fifi The Maid" Barlow: "I got to sit in the front row and watch the whole Horsmen (Hall of Fame Induction)...I felt honored. I felt so much respect. I cried."

ClubWWI.com -May 5, 2012

Other Topics on "Club For The Gold": Reuniting With All The Horsemen, Ric Flair's Amazing Memory, The Different Vibes Between WrestleReunion and WWE Hall of Fame, Her Retirement From The Indys, Revealing Details From Her Personal Life, What She Told Mean Gene At The Hall of Fame, His Hidden Agenda Jokes During Her WCW Run, Unprofessional Indy Promoters, The Fifi Scrapbook, How Her Children Talked Her Into Returning To Wrestling, Why She Turns Down Many Interviews, The Person She Texts Before Agreeing To Them, What a TNA Knockout Told Her About The Changes in Female Wrestling, Barry Windham, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Ross, Rick Rude, and More

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(32 Mins) Jesse Neal: "I didn't recieve any food stamps...I have no reason to lie, especially now."

ClubWWI.com -May 2, 2012

Siaki Other Topics in Jesse Neal's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview: His Decision To Leave TNA, Why Twitter Threats Don't Bother Him, Critics Saying TNA Had Him Dwell On His "Story", Why TNA Didn't Try To Make Him Change His Name, Meeting Shannon Moore For The First Time, Why He and Shannon Clicked, The Classic Tag Teams He Would Compare Ink Inc. to, Winning His Last TNA Match, Not Believing In "Spots", Training Under Team 3D, Working With His Real Life Finacee Christina Von Eerie, Using His Military Discipline To Succeed in Wrestling, Combining Hard Work With Luck, Staying Positive, Healing Injuries, Working The Camera, WWE Hopes, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jeff Hardy, and More

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(45 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "I really believe that Marcus (Buff Bagwell) will come through this. He's a tough cat."

ClubWWI.com -Apr 27, 2012

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": His Role in No Holds Barred With Stan Hansen, Reuniting With Hansen at WrestleReunion, Brock Lesnar's WWE Return, MMA vs. Wrestling, His Friendship With Buff Bagwell, Crazy Fans, The Difference In Fan Interaction Between WCW and His Time, John Cena's Talent, The Secret Location of The WCW Power Plant, Finding Your "Why", People Thinking Ray Was An American Gladiator, Why Smart Fans Using Real Names of Wrestlers Sound Rather Silly, Pez Whatley, Jos LeDuc, Casey Anthony, Ric Flair, and More

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(68 Mins) Glacier's "Breaking The Ice" with Special Guest "Sarge" Dwayne Bruce: "Gimmicks change. My gimmicks changed. Hell, I've been a freakin' leprechaun. What the hell?"

ClubWWI.com -Mar 25, 2012

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice" w/ "Sarge" Dwayne Bruce: Dave Bastista's Harsh Comments About Him, Not Remembering Him, The Awful Tryout Video John Cena Sent The Power Plant, The Full Story Behind His Infamous Appearance on Louie Theroux BBC Documentary, What Wasn't Showed on TV, The Origins of the State Patrol Gimmick, The Role Bruce Hart Played In The Gimmick, WCW Power Plant: The Reality Show, Keeping Kayfabe, WrestleMania Rehearsals, Why Dwayne Attended The WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, Marrying His High School Sweetheart, His Sons, Poor Training vs. No Training, Selling Out The Monitor, Filming The Pilot For His Wrestling Show on The Same Day His Mother Passed Away, Jody Hamilton, Davey Boy Smith, Advice From Ole Anderson, Driving To Canada with James Earl Wright,  and More

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(63 Mins) Boris Zhukov: "I was never able to go to WCW because (Vince McMahon) never would release me from my contract. I couldn't even go over and do jobs in WCW. Dusty couldn't use me at all."

ClubWWI.com -Mar 3, 2012

Siaki Other Topics in Boris Zhukov's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview: His Shockingly Different Non-Wrestling Voice, How He Knew That Vince McMahon Wanted To Make Him a Jobber, The Night Nikolai Volkoff Fed Matilda So Much Water That She Peed In The Ring, Ribs From The Rockers, What Mick Foley Did That Ruined His Hell in a Cell Moment With Undertaker, What Jake Roberts Did To Calm Damian Down, What Vince Told The WWF Roster About Wrestling's Future, Why Boris Refused a Plane Ticket WWF Sent Him, The Steve Allen WrestleMania Shower Segment, The Huge Differences Between Wrestling Then and Today, How WWE and TNA Depress Him, Heat You Can't Buy, McMahon Wanting Heels To Be Nice To The Fans, Undertaker, Triple H, Frankie B. Ware's Clipped Wings, Snuka vs. Steamboat, and More

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(60 Mins) Glacier's "Breaking The Ice" with Special Guest Ric Drasin: "I drew the logo for Gold's Gym in 1973 on a Napkin in a delicatessen with Arnold (Schwarzenegger)..."

James Guttman, Ray "Glacier" Lloyd, and Ric Drasin -Mar 2, 2012

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice" w/ Ric Drasin: His Role as Mid-Hulk on the Incredible Hulk TV Series, Training Under Mae Young, Appearing on The Cher Show, Lou Ferrigno's Questions About Anold Schwarzeneggar, Training With Arnold, Designing The First Gold's Gym Logo, Designing The World's Gym Gorilla Logo, His Music Background, Glacier and Kanyon Meeting Fans on the Road, Stories From Randy Savage, Today's CGI Incredible Hulk Movies, Training Young Wrestlers, Crazy Stories of Clueless Wrestling Hopefuls, Their 5AM Phone Calls, Why Dusty Rhodes is Wrestling's Arnold Schwarzenneger, How To Build a Ring, The Dad Who Wanted Ric To Train His 8 Year Old For Wrestling, Luke Perry, Robert Patrick, Bill Bixby, Chet Atkins, Joe Weider, and More

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(37 Mins) Daniel Puder: "The only reason I think I won (Tough Enough) over Miz was because of the Kurt Angle thing."

ClubWWI.com -Feb 14, 2012

Siaki Other Topics in Daniel Puder's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview: Why He Turned Down TNA, Why WWE and TNA Will Be Begging Him To Join, Bill DeMott's Pinky Punishment, Bob Holly's Training Beatdowns, The Infamous Kurt Angle Shoot, Angle's Reaction Afterwards, Personal Feelings About Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, The Backstage Tough Enough Schedule. WWE's Money Games, Having Instant Heat and Respect Following Tough Enough, WWE Turning Him Heel, His Time in Ring of Honor, His Relationship With TMZ, His Anti-Bullying Campaign, WWE Employees Treated As a Captive Audience, The Type of People WWE Wants As Performers, Justice Smith, Ricky Steamboat, The Hogan Family, Manny Pacquiao, Grandma Knockout, and More 

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(62 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "I said, 'I know you're not Mr. Wrestling II...and I'm not about to let you walk out there and try to fool these people.'"

ClubWWI.com -Feb 10, 2012

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": The Insane Story of the Mr. Wrestling II Indy Imposter, Why Ray Will Never Have a "Retirement" Match, How The Internet Has Affected Indy Wrestling, What Vince McMahon's Limo Explosion Being Reported To Police Tells Us, Returning To The Arena He Got His Start In, His First Indy Show of 2012, Recognizing Fans From 25 Years Ago There, Ray's New Blog Helping Young Stars With Career Management, What Jake Roberts Said About a Wrestling Writer, Magic in Wrestling, Young Wrestlers With Low Self Esteem, JG and Ray Doing "Show Prep", The Last Era of Protected Wrestling Schools, Tommy Rich, Joel Deaton, Macauly Culkin, W.I.I.F.M., and More

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(44 Min Audio) "GLORIOUS" Hosted By Paul Roma: "When you pick just a chosen few, you're leaving out everybody else. So what are you saying about that? They weren't recognized? They weren't Horsemen?"

ClubWWI.com -Jan 27, 2012

Other Topics in the latest ClubWWI.com Glorious: How WWE Tried To Play Him And Flair/Anderson Against Each Other When Interviewing For The Horsemen DVD, Why Flair Was Against Roma in The Horsemen, How WCW Pitched Roma To Him, Disrespect For Other Incarnations of The Horsemen, What Paul Did For The Group That He Doesn't Get Credited For, The Bond He Doesn't Have With Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino Not Being In The WWE Hall of Fame, Randy Savage Not Being In The WWE Hall of Fame, Drew Carey Being In The WWE Hall of Fame, JG's Ten Unforgettable Jobbers Article, Paul's Memory of Some Names, The Wrestler Who Emailed JG About It, Harsh Words For WWE Divas, WWE's "Legends House", Haters, Dale Wolfe, Ken Patera, and More

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(64 Minutes) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "Arn Anderson said, 'Hey. That entrance is amazing. But how the hell are you gonna follow that?'"

ClubWWI.com -Jan 24, 2012

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": How His "Where Are They Now?" Story On WWE's Website Came About, The WWE Employee Who Called Him, The Two Conflicting Articles WWE Had About Him At Once, The Strange Circumstances Behind His "Real WCW Debut" on WCW Worldwide, Thoughts on WCW Enhancement Talent "The Gambler", CM Punk's Quote About Not Being a Role Model, Smart Fans Putting Too Much Stock Into News, The Timing of "Blood Runs Cold", When It Would Have Worked Better, Power Rangers vs. Mortal Kombat, Why Indy Guys Don't Rip Off The Glacier Gimmick, What Successful Stars Have In Common, Bringing Back Squash Matches, What Ray Doesn't Take Pictures With, Vanilla Ice, Diamond Dallas Page, Viral Vomit, and More

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(43 Mins) "Jamison" John DiGiacomo: "Bobby Heenan was a master and he made it easy for me."

ClubWWI.com -Jan 18, 2012

Siaki Other Topics in "Jamison" John DiGiacomo's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview: His Surprise Debut on The Bobby Heenan Show, People Crediting Andy Kindler For Playing The Jamison Gimmick, Thoughts On The GWF Stealing His Gimmick For "Sebastian", How Vince McMahon Discovered Him, The Night The Berzeker Threw Him Off The Prime Time Wrestling Roof, Why He Never Went To WCW, How He Was Treated When He Went On The Road, Why The Genius Really Hit Him At The Royal Rumble, How He Earned Respect From The Locker Room, Backstage WWF During Ric Flair's 1991 Jump From WCW, Today's WWE vs. Yesterday's WWF, Why There's Confusion Over How To Spell His Name, Mr. Perfect, Gorilla Monsoon, Paul Bearer, The Rosatti Sisters, and More

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(43 Mins) Shane "Hurricane" Helms: "I can't tell you how many times they'd say, 'We want that more realistic approach.' And I'm standing there in a superhero outfit."

ClubWWI.com -Jan 5, 2012

Siaki Other Topics in Shane Helms's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview: The Original Name WWF Wanted Him To Use, Ad-Libbing The Segment That Created The Hurricane, The Original Pre-WCW Three Count, Hating The Theme Song, The Person Who Was Supposed To Replace Evan in The Group, Why The InVasion Failed, Why There Was Never a WWE Super Villain, The Segments He Did With The Rock, Kevin Dunn's Comments About It, "Chris McMahon", The Rare WWF/WCW House Shows, What Pat Patterson Told Everyone Beforehand, Worked Shoots, The One Time He Was Suga Shane in WWF, Lack of Respect For His Gimmick in ECW, Betting a Fan That He Never Wrestled Jeff Hardy...and Losing The Bet, Twitter, Mighty Molly, Kane, Randy Savage , and More

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(40 Min Audio) "Club OJ" hosted by Orlando Jordan: "They say 'Wrestling Matters' or they'll try to make it PG-13, but in the long run they do what the network's happy with."

ClubWWI.com -Jan 3, 2012

Other Topics in Orlando Jordan's All New Club O.J. on  ClubWWI.com: Brock Lesnar Returning To WWE, The Message It Sends To Wrestlers and MMA Fighters, Why OJ Doesn't Watch His Own Matches, Why He Doesn't Watch Today's Wrestling, CM Punk vs. John Cena, 2004 WWE vs. Today, Why So Many Stars Leave The Business, The Shocking Thing About Today's Rookie Wrestlers, UFC Critics, Wrestlers Who Can't Create Personas, Why Today's Stars Aren't As "Genuine" In Their Roles, Rough Housing vs. Zelda, What OJ's Mother Said About Coming Home With a Black Eye, Orlando's Upcoming Australia Tour, AAW, Life After TNA, Wildkats Sports, The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Johnny Ace, Triple H, and More

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(48 Mins) "Club For The Gold" Hosted By Wendy "Fifi The Maid" Barlow: "(Sting) was so annoyed at the end of his Flair For The Gold that someone got fired..."

ClubWWI.com -Dec 27, 2011

Other Topics on "Club For The Gold": Behind The Scenes of "Flair For The Gold"'s Most Infamous Episodes, The One That She and Ric Walked Out On, Wendy's Recent Bad Experience As a Referee, Predictions For Ric Flair in 2012, Predictions For Cliff Compton and CM Punk, The Arn Anderson-Sid Scissors Incident, Vader's Mask, Her Plans For a Tell-All Book, Appearing In The Three Stooges Movie, The WWE Network, TNA Freshening Up WWE Stars, Filming TV's Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale, Glory Days of WCW, Matt Hardy, Scotty Riggs, and More

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(55 Minutes) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "He just looked up, with that Eddie (Guerrero) smile, and said, 'The fans deserve my best every time and that's what I'm going to give them.'"

ClubWWI.com -Dec 18, 2011

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": His "F.O.P." Clique in WCW, Helping Diamond Dallas Page Come Up With New Diamond Cutter Spots, The Most Creative Members of The Group For Coming Up With Them, The WCW Wrestlers Who Turned Down a Private Dressing Room, Watching Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero From Behind The Curtain, How Benoit's Actions Erased His Legacy and Some of Eddie's, His Recent Reunion With Chris Jericho, DDP 20 Years Ago vs. DDP Today, Kevin Nash's TLC Ladder Match, Why Glacier Turns Down Gimmick Matches, DVDs James and Ray Would Suggest To Fans, Ricky Steamboat's Wrestling Philosophy, Honoring The Troops, Shawn Michaels, Chris Kanyon, Billy Kidman, and More

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(45 Min Shoot) Maria Kanellis: "I was surprised by how unhappy people were (in WWE)."

ClubWWI.com -Dec 14, 2011

Siaki Other Topics in Maria's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview Her Controversial Comments About The Bella Twins, Being Fired By Three Billionaires in a Year, Whether She'd Join TNA, The Reality of Wrestler Finances, Being Released Just As She Joined Celebrity Apprentice, Other WWE Stars Getting Released After Doing Outside Projects, Thoughts on Fellow Celebrity Apprentice Star Rod Blagojevich Getting 14 Years in Jail, Feelings About Rod From The Show, Donald Trump's Possible Presidential Run, WWE's Twitter Obsession, What She Would Say To Calm Santino's Nerves Before They Went on TV, Backstage Paranoia, Dating ROH's Mike Bennett, Her Return To The Ring, Doing Promos in The Mirror, Tickling Kamala, Eating Pie With The Rock, Dolph Ziggler Asking For Eggs,  and More

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(1 Hour) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "Ticked off? If they dedicated a full quarter page in the WrestleMania edition to the Glacier gimmick, what's so bad about that?"

ClubWWI.com -Dec 2, 2011

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": Advice To Those On WWE's "Turkey List", The Two Shots WWE Has Taken At The Glacier Gimmick, Wrestlers Who Never Turned Heel, WWE's Issues With Glacier, Looking Back On The Original Glacier Costume, Online Critics, The Lost Babyface In-Ring Comeback Spot, The Early Event In His Career That Could Have Made Him Bitter, Thanking Tommy Rich on Facebook, The Former WWE Champion Who's Been Doing DDP's Yoga Program, Words of Wisdom For Dusty Rhodes, Advice From Terry Taylor To Some Indy Workers, The Real Allure of the Rocky Movies, A Great Razor Ramon Spot, Hollywood Hogan, The Great Muta, Jericho-Steamboat, and More

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(54 Mins) Glacier's "Breaking The Ice" featuring Marc Mero: "I broke the code of silence. So obviously there were people not happy with me because I spoke out against wrestling. It wasn't about pointing my finger at somebody else..."

ClubWWI.com -Nov 11, 2011

Siaki Other Topics in Marc Mero's ClubWWI.com Shoot w/ JG and Glacier: Misconceptions About His "List" of Wrestler Deaths, Pushback From The Wrestling Community During His TV Appearances After The Benoit Murder, The Wrestler Who Invented The "Johnny B. Badd" Gimmick, Having His Car Repossessed Right Before His WCW Contract Signing, The Future WCW Wrestler Who Drove Him There, "Who's Little Richard?", Why He Didn't Have a Lawyer Look Over His WCW Contract, Being WCW Rookie of The Year, The One Direction Dusty Rhodes Gave Before His Match With Marc, Decision To Do Public Speaking, Losing His Family, The "Thriller" Dance, Thinkpoz.org, Ad-Libbed Promos vs. Scripts, Never Having a Marc Mero vs. Glacier Match, Bruno Sammartino, Shawn Michaels, and More

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(64 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "Compared to some of the outlandish and vulgar things that have been on wrestling in the past, I'd much rather see (The Muppets)..."

ClubWWI.com -Nov 5, 2011

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": How Ray Got Himself Rehired By Eric Bischoff Right After Being Released, The WCW Meeting Where Ray Reintroduced Himself In-Character, Unbelievable WCW Wrestling Moments That He Found Embarrassing, What a Young Lex Luger Told Dusty Rhodes He Wanted To Be, The Austin Starr Gimmick, TNA's Decision To Do The Jay Lethal Macho Man Gimmick, Ric Flair vs. Buddy Rogers, Indy Stars Killing Themselves, Jim Cornette Advice, Working With "Mr. Meng", Larry Zybszko and The Art of "Stall Wrestling", Why Ray Doesn't Watch Wrestling Regularly, Cussing Grandmas, Impact Demographics, Van Hammer, Marc Mero, DDP, Joe Clark, and More

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(46 Min Audio) "GLORIOUS" Hosted By Paul Roma: "Vince is the anti-Christ. He's the devil, man. He's going to suck these kids in any which way he can."

ClubWWI.com -Nov 2, 2011

Other Topics in the latest ClubWWI.com Glorious: The Full Story Behind The Break Up of "The Young Stallions", Resentment Jim Powers Had For Paul's Post-Stallions Push, Their Locker Room Blow Out, The Bret vs. Shawn DVD, The Story Behind Paul's Backstage Altercation with Shawn Michaels, The Role Paul's Son Played In It, Whether Roma Respects Hart, Whether He Respects Michaels, Bret Bringing In Videos of Students Screaming In The Dungeon, Muppets Hosting Monday Night Raw, WWE Selling Violence and Sex To Children, Vince's Subtle Message About Puppets, Scott Hall in Rehab, WCW Drug Testing, Why Wrestling Sucks, Tully Blanchard, Jake Roberts, The Rougeau Brothers, Kim Kardashian, and More

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Take The World Wrestling Insanity Quiz

James Guttman -Oct 20, 2011

As fans of our Facebook page and Message Board Members know, I put together a quiz yesterday about, well, wrestling. It's a wrestling site. What did you think I was going to do a quiz about? Come on. Pay attention. If you're guessing wrong already, you're screwed. The quiz hasn't even started yet.

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Woo Mercy - New DVD Documentary on Former ClubWWI Guest Jimmy Valiant Available Now

EllBow Productions -Oct 17, 2011

The Jimmy Valiant Experience follows Jimmy's legendary career of over 10,000 matches. Hear about his humble beginnings in Tullahoma, TN to becoming an international superstar in the world of professional wrestling...

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(36 Mins) "Club For The Gold" Hosted By Wendy "Fifi The Maid" Barlow: "Fifi would not have survived in Nigeria. I don't know what I was thinking..."

ClubWWI.com -Oct 15, 2011

Other Topics on "Club For The Gold": Her Role in Tomorrow Night's Season Two Premiere of "The Walking Dead", Making a Surprise Appearance For Ohio Valley Wrestling, A WWE "Flair For The Gold" DVD Box Set?, Her Role In The Infamous Nigeria Story, Matt Hardy's Suicide Hoax, Wrestlers Drunk Tweeting, WCW Center Stage Flashbacks, Arn Anderson in a Kimono, Filming "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" With a Brunette Kate Hudson, Signing An Autograph For Ian Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries", Legacies Lost, Koko B. Ware, Buddy Rogers Corner, Papa Johns Pizza, and More

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(50 Mins) JG's Audio Insanity: 10 WWE Moments Worse Than This Week's Raw

James Guttman -Oct 12, 2011

Raw was bad this week. The Triple H show killed momentum and turned many fans off but it was nowhere near the worst WWE moment ever. Nope. James Guttman checks in with an audio looking at ten things that rate higher on WWE's "worst ever" list...

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(47 Min Shoot) Haku: "I reached over without thinking, grabbed his face, and bit his nose off..."

ClubWWI.com -Oct 1, 2011

Siaki Other Topics in Haku's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview The Story Behind The Infamous "Nose Biting" Incident, How It Changed His Career, The Wrestler Who Was There For It, The Person Who Came Up With The Name "Haku", Reaction To The Kidnapping Matilda Angle, The Reason Why He Fought To Defend The Business, Looking Back On The "King Haku" Gimmick, What Giant Baba Had Harley Race Teach Him In Japan, Whether He Was Supposed To Wrestle Andre The Giant After Their WrestleMania Split, His Giant Meng Hair, Whether It Caused Any Problems For Him, His Answer To The Question Of Who He Feels Was The Toughest Wrestler He Knew, Glacier, Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, The Heenan Family, Ric Flair, Triple H, Stone Cold, and More

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(75 Mins) "Breaking The Ice" Hosted By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd: "This monopoly of wrestling companies has hurt not only the wrestling product, but also the wrestling fans..."

ClubWWI.com -Sep 26, 2011

Other Topics on Glacier's "Breaking The Ice": The Wrestler He Least Liked Working With In WCW, Why He Felt That Person Was So Difficult To Deal With, Muppets on Raw, Anti-TNA Bias Online, Ten Secrets To Being a Pro Wrestler, ROH vs. TNA, The Thing That Hurt WCW The Most, Club Member Q&A, His Role in "River of Darkness" With Kurt Angle, Thoughts on Vince McMahon Ending WCW, The Phantom Car Driving Itself Into Ray's Garage, Snooki at WrestleMania, What TNA Needs To Cut From Its Schedule, How Ray Survived WCW's Changing of The Guards, Marc Mero, Kevin Nash, Mae Young, and More

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(26 Mins) Death Before, During, and After Dishonor: Live Coverage From Inside ROH's iPPV with James Guttman, Aaron Wood, Matt Dawgs, and Canadian Bulldog

James Guttman, Aaron Wood, Matt Dawgs, and Canadian Bulldog -Sep 18, 2011

Get ready for a ClubWWI.com audio event like no other as James Guttman, Aaron Wood, Matt Dawgs, and Canadian Bulldog report live from inside the arena for ROH Death Before Dishonor...

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(46 Min Shoot) Jay Lethal: "Not only is (ROH surpassing TNA) believable to me, but it's very conceivable to many of the fans out there as well."

ClubWWI.com -Sep 13, 2011

clubwwi Other Topics in Jay Lethal's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview: Details of Hulk Hogan's Black Machismo/Randy Savage TNA Angle That Never Materialized, The Hilarious Story Behind Jay's Three Calls To Randy, Ring of Honor Challenging TNA's Spot As The Second Major Wrestling Company, Bitterness Over The TNA Release, The Origin of The Name "Jay Lethal", The Insane Reason He Was In ROH's Special K Stable, Who Convinced Him To Do The Randy Savage Impression on TV, How He Broke Into Wrestling At 16, Sinclair Purchase Leading ROH Stars Back, TNA's Focus Problems, Best Wrestling Video Game Ever, Lanny Poffo's Reaction The Night He Wrestled "Black Machismo," Teaming With Homicide For One Of The First Times At Saturday's Death Before Dishonor IX, Taz, Balls Mahoney, Kevin Nash, and More

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(20 Mins) "GLORIOUS" Special Hosted By Paul Roma: "Hunter's trying to create a Hogan of himself...At the end of the day, he'll never be that."

ClubWWI.com -Sep 11, 2011

Other Topics in the latest ClubWWI.com Glorious Special: Triple H and Kevin Nash stealing CM Punk's Storyline, Hunter Wanting To Be Hogan, The People Hunter Steals His Gimmicks From, Hogan and The Nasty Boys, Geniuses in Wrestling, Vince McMahon, TV Time Today, Johnny Ace, Look vs. Talent, Guys Without Talent, Who's At Fault For WWE"s Lack of Talent, 2 1/2 Men, Ashton Kutcher, What Charlie Sheen Should Do Next, and more

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(35 Min Shoot) "NWO Sting" Jeff Farmer: "I think (NWO) had the potential to be successful for longer than it was. It's a shame they didn't keep it going."

ClubWWI.com -Sep 7, 2011

clubwwi Other Topics in Jeff Farmer's Uncut ClubWWI.com Shoot Interview: What Eric Bischoff Warned Him About The Fake Sting Gimmick, The Watering Down of the New World Order, The Funny Story of How He Learned WWF Had Bought WCW, Why He Was Fired and Hired by NJPW In The Same Day, The Reason He Became Sick Over The Idea of Losing To The Smoking Gunns, The Prosthetic He Originally Used As "Fake Sting", Why It Was Dropped, His Run As "Cobra", Feuding With Craig Pittman, Becoming "Super J" in New Japan, Training Under Ole Anderson, What Hogan and Bischoff Thought of His Gimmick, Why He Had Heat in the WCW Locker Room Once, What Terry Taylor Told Him When It Happened, Scott Norton, Gorgeous Geroge, Lex Luger, Johnny Ace, and More

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(25 Mins) Honor Nation: The Anvil
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Jul 16, 2018
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Jul 9, 2018
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Jul 2, 2018
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Apr 26, 2018
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Apr 19, 2018
(51 Mins) Honor Nation: Wrestlemania 34 - The Dream Crusher
Apr 9, 2018
(31 Mins) Honor Nation: Ronda Rowdy, Disco Burned, and Wrestlemania Fever
Apr 5, 2018
(33 Mins) Honor Nation: Acts of Cowardice and Friendship
Mar 29, 2018
(35 Mins) Honor Nation: The Ultimate Deletion
Mar 21, 2018
(32 Mins) Honor Nation: Fastlanes, Anniversaries & Baseball Bats
Mar 12, 2018
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Mar 1, 2018
(31 Mins) Honor Nation: Splitting on the Brand Extension
Feb 20, 2018

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