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JG's 2/5/07 Raw Insanity: Taker Takes His Mania
By James Guttman
Feb 5, 2016 - 9:04 AM

Originally Published February 5, 2007


WWE 24/7 Presents...


Tommy Shiart -
The Man Who Had a Bad Match With Ric Flair


"(Ric Flair) knows his ability in the ring to take someone with a lot lesser ability and making that person look 100% better than anyone else who's ever been in the ring with him before."
- Harley Race

The year was 1982 and the territory system created an environment for the NWA Champion to face all the top stars each region offered. The Champion at the time, current WWE Superstar Ric Flair, had made a name for himself by journeying to each promotion and helping their stars look like stars. However, that wasn't the case every time.

During a trip to Delaware, Ric faced hometown hero Tommy Shiart. Tommy was known as a headache backstage and prior to this encounter he was involved in a major altercation with the local promoter over the finish. Tommy felt he should be victorious over the champion while most others thought he was on crack or something.

Shiart's revenge came into play during the contest. Well known for being lactose-intolerant, Tommy stopped halfway through the bout and went to a cooler he had placed at ringside. Immediately, Shiart began to gobble down ice cream, milk, butter, cheese, and pudding. No one could figure out what his plan was until Flair held him down for the deciding three count. When the referee hit the mat for the second time, Shiart exploded...literally. Leaving the champion in a pool of human excrement, Tommy felt that he had made his point.

The disgusting display is something that fans today are still familiar with. As an homage to Shiart, live crowds chant "Two" whenever there's a two count. It will forever be a reference to Tommy Shiart - the man who made number two on the count of two.


B. Bubba Bibkins - The Original Killer Bee

Masked Confusion!

You smarky little jerks like to talk about Randy Culley all the time. Randy was the original Smash in Demolition. Yet few fans realize that the Demos weren't the first tandem to have a partner switched out because he "didn't click."

When Jim Brunzell debuted in the World Wrestling Federation, he brought with him a partner. B. Bubba Bibkins was a mountain of a man with a yellow headband. Many in the WWF felt that he would be a huge star. All that changed though, when the duo debuted on WWF Television.

Duiring the encounter, the Bees went for their patented "Masked Confusion" maneuver. They would both put on masks in an effort to shock opponents and surprise the referee. All seemed perfect until this exchange took place.

Vince McMahon: Ah ha ha ha! Masked Confusion, Jesse!

Bruno Sammartino: Who's who, Vince?

Jesse Ventura: Shut up until the replays, Bruno! McMahon, this is completely illegal!

Vince: Oh, Jess! You're just mad because you can't tell them apart! It's Masked Confusion! Ah ha ha ha!

Jesse: McMahon, are you f**kin' blind? That guy is 500 pounds while Brunzell is - what - 230? This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my...

After that, the audio went dead for four minutes. The Bees resurfaced weeks later with B. Brian Blair, a superstar closer to Brunzell's weight. After being taught how to be humble and clean Hulk Hogan's room, Blair went on to become a strong part of WWF TV.


Killer Khan's Cabana

Just say Green Mist 

Many fans recall Japanese/Mongolian superstar Killer Khan from his battles on WWF TV. They remember him as the non-speaking monster who did little more than land knee drops and spit green mist into the faces of his opponents. Long before Tajiri was spitting up colored phlegm in a WWE ring, Khan was paving the road.

That's why many were perplexed when Killer debuted his in-ring talk show, Killer Khan's Cabana, in 1987. Following the departure of Rowdy Roddy Piper from the Federation, there was a spot open for a new show host. Although he didn't speak, Khan was chosen to take over.

The shows were simple. With a big in-ring setup, Killer Khan would come down the aisle to the song "99 Red Balloons" and then do a little dance. After that, he would point to the entry way and await his guest. Once the interview subject arrived, Khan would spit green mist in his face.

This went on for about two months. Notable guests included Billy Jack Haynes, Little Beaver, the Federettes, and Rick Derringer. However, it all came crashing down when the WWF tried to do a mainstream crossover with Washington.

First Lady Nancy Reagan, looking to promote her "Just Say No" campaign, made an appearance on K.K.'s Cabana in early 1987. Needless to say, by show's end, her red dress mixed with her green face made her look like a Christmas decoration. Khan was immediately yanked from the show and forced to issue an apology to the White House. Since he didn't speak, Killer's hand-written "sorry" consisted of spitting green mist on a piece of paper and drawing on it like fingerpaints. The Reagans hung the apology on the wall of the Lincoln bedroom and it remains there to this day.


Exploding Ring, Flaming Ropes, Barbed Wire, Hardcore, Loser-Wears-Dress, Ladder Match:

Lou Thesz vs. Buddy Rogers

The Hooker

The year was 1963 and there was a feud so hot that only a flaming ring could contain it.

Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers both had major issues with one another over supremacy in the wrestling industry. The two men waged fierce battles over a number of major titles. However, it all came to a head on a televised edition of "The Wrestling Television Show."

In a backstage segment, Rogers was seen asking the General Manager, Yvon Robert, if he could be the judge for that night's bikini/lingerie contest. The scene turned ugly though when Lou Thesz came driving into the backstage area with a soda truck, filled with Moxie, and sprayed down his foe.

This lead to Buddy's infamous, "If you're gonna say you're a hooker, I'm gonna dress you like one" promo. He vowed to put Lou in a dress and make him show the world who the truly superior performer was. The match was set to be an "Exploding Ring, Flaming Ropes, Barbed Wire, Hardcore, Loser-Wears-Dress, Ladder Match," the first of its kind.

Billed as the "War To Settle The Feud," Thesz vs. Rogers featured all you'd expect from these two. There were moonsaults, planchas, corkscrews, and other breathtaking spots. Unfortunately for both men, the feud wouldn't be settled on this night.

At the time, the promotion was working on a celebrity crossover storyline and had a number of well known singers signed to talent deals. In an effort to showcase these well-known stars, the promotion had them all come down to ringside during the match and take out both wrestlers. Ricky Nelson, Roy Oribison, and Bobby Vinton all came barreling down to the squared circle and mercilessly pummeled Rogers and Thesz with bats. Despite being a no DQ match, the referee called for the bell. The crowd let out a loud groan and seemed displeased with the finish

...until Bobby Vinton dropped a bucket of money on them. Then they were all happy again. Yay. Members, Check Out -

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Recap of the Royal Rumble finish. Undertaker is going to WrestleMania, but he hasn't yet chosen who his dance partner will be.

Welcome to Raw, people! Things are starting off with a smoky purple hue and that can only mean one thing! The Under Effin' Taker, baby! The Royal Rumble winner is in "frigid Sioux City, Iowa." Jim Ross hypes the following segment with a promise that Undie will choose his WrestleMania target. Jerry Lawler is equally excited. Who will The Taker choose? Bobby, Dave, or Johnny? Who will be the lucky boy? Ooooo!

Before we can find out, though, the SHABA-DOO of John Cena's theme song rings out. The Champ is here and his time is up. His time is now. We can't see him walk up the aisle and into the ring, straight into the icy stare of Kane's brother.

Hey Bobby. Know who you remind me of? Thomas the Train Engine. You know. Big round face. Huge jacked body. Dum-di-dum. What adventures are ya gonna get yourself into today, Thomas? You big oaf? Hee hee.

What the hell did you just say?!

Nothing Mr. Lashley. I have to run away now.





Toot. Toot.

Toot. Toot. It's Bobby Lashley and he has his ECW Title with him. Jerry Lawler wonders who will be chosen to be the champion going into WrestleMania when he's stopped by the music of the World Champion.

The Big Secret: Batista is actually a pair of twins. One's bald. One has hair. They switch out every now and then in order to give the other one a break. It's really hush-hush. You'll have to wait until he retires and they put it on the DVD.

Dave Batista's here too. He has hair and the WCW Title on his shoulder. All three champions look death in the face and wonder who will be chosen as the prey. The Undertaker goes up and down the line and settles his glare on Batista. Then, with a swipe of the throat, UT showed Titsta that he had been chosen. It'll be The Undertaker vs. Dave Batista at WrestleMania 23.

This cues Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid comes out to his DX theme song and observes what has just happened...

"I know I have been quite the party crasher lately, but it is obvious to me that the Undertaker has made his decision and I could not help but notice that leaves the WWE Champion John Cena without an opponent for WrestleMania and I couldn't let that happen so I am here to help a brother out." - Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton doesn't like the sound of that and he doesn't like being left out of a good ol' fashion party. Ort shows up with his "Hey Nothing You Can Say" song and tells all the men in the ring that it'll be Orton-Cena at Mania. He ain't asking. He's telling. Now if someone has a problem with that - like Edge - well, then he could come out here.

Surprise! Edge runs out. It's the entire top of the WWE roster at once. Crazy. The R Rated Superstar stakes his claim to a title shot, but it's all noise. The only reason he's here is to cue the man who created all these people. Ladies and gentlemen, the Master of Disaster, the tower of power, too sweet to be sour, funky like a monkey, oooo yeah. Mr. McMahon!

Vince McMahon steps onto the ramp and makes an observation. How come no one is challenging Bobby Lashley? Huh? Maybe it's because the Lashman is the toughest champ in that ring. Toot, toot, kiddo. The crowd boos, but Big Mac continues. He's sure there's someone in the locker room who wants to step up tonight. That's fine. When that happens, Bobert will be defending his ECDub strap against whomever it may be.

As for David Batista, well he's got the Undertaker at Mania, so he's taken care of. That being said...we have a match tonight to determine the Raw side of the Championship coin. It'll be Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels! Ahhhh! The winner - get this, people - will face John Cena at WrestleMania! Oh yea, baby! VKM says that while he won't drop money on the fans, he'll give them a quality show.

Ironically, that's true. Hopefully this whole angle will give us some great Raws. If the Mr. McMahon character is being persecuted as "boring," he'll put on better shows to prove Donald wrong. It's strange logic, but I ain't looking a gift horse in the mouth. You?

As all were leaving the ring, Batista stayed behind and engaged in a staring contest with the Undertaker. Know who won? Dave did. Know why? Taker choke slammed him. Not sure of the exact rules of staring contests, but I'm pretty sure that physical contact is automatic disqualification.

Commercial Break. Best video ever. Biff Tannen rules.

On WWE Shop, you can buy a life-size standup of Torrie pervert.

Moments ago, Undertaker chokeslammed Batista. 'Member that?

Jerry Lawler looks like he's wearing a toupee now. Not saying he is. Just saying it looks like he is. Anyway, he and J.R. run down the night's matches and introduce the next six man tag.

1. Chris Masters and The World's Greatest Tag Team defeated Carlito Cool and Cryme Tyme when Charlie Haas pinned Carlito

Oh. Look. Chris Masters wrestling against Carlito Cool on Raw. What a shock. It's like they're trying to win a bet. (JG Note: Like in Brewster's Millions. "You can't tell anyone, Carlito, but if you wrestle Chris Masters on 500 editions of Raw, you'll inherit 30 million dollars.") This one was OK, but again nothing special. Carly looked good at spots, but ultimately ended up costing his team the win. Coolio had Charlie down for a three count, but Shelton Benjamin jumped from the apron to the top rope and hit a flying necksnap. Carl rolled through and Chuckie Cornrow grabbed some trunks. One, two, three. Tha's cool. On a side note, I think they could get more effect out of Haas's cornrows if they made Shelton grow out one of those big Kid from Kid in Play afro-hightop hairdos. That would be awesome.

Get ready for Mickie James vs. Melina! Whatever "get ready" might mean. Hey. I don't want to know, man. Just do your thing.

Commercial Break. According to the Optimum commercial, I can talk to my family in Trinidad for $19.95 a month! That's awesome! I had no idea I had family in Trinidad! Sweet!

Recap of Vince McMahon and Donald Trump throwing money at the little people.

Vince McMahon tells John Coachman how it is. Look. The people don't want cash. They want quality. Vince realizes this all of a sudden. No idea when that happened. Mac's explanation was cut short, though. Kenny Dykstra walked in and requested a match with Bobby Lashley. VKM gives the young man his wish and applauds his gusto. You win this match and you'll be the youngest champion ever! Younger than Randy Orton and ol' jerky whatshisname. Once the Dyker leaves, Coach hands over a note. Sorry, Vinnie, but this came for you this afternoon. It appears to be from Donald Trump. The boss reads the telegram aloud.

"Dear Vince,

I received so many compliments for dropping money on your audience last week that I've decided to up the ante. Next week, I, Donald Trump, will be appearing on Raw. In person. In your very ring and I have a business proposal that will change your life forever."

Hmmmm. That sounds pretty good, actually. It's the first time they've gone the right way in this whole thing. Coachman assures Vince that he will have The Donald bounced from the building before he gets in the chairman's face. The VinMan stops that train of thought in its tracks. No way, Coach-ay. Mr. McMahon has a McPlan for Trump. It involves a certain club. It's a...Kiss My Ass Club. Wow. Sounds like next week is going to be the big one.

After that we go to wrestler/interviewer Maria. Although she can barely do either, she gets credit for both. Mary brings in the Nature Boy Ric Flair, who's happy as a pig in Shiart over tonight's match. Naitch has a non-title match with Jeff Hardy. If he wins, he'll get an Intercontinental title shot at WrestleMania! Whooo! Slick Ric gets red and excited over his passion for the business and seems ready as ever to go to Mania.

In the make-up girly area, Melina and Candice Michele are flapping gums like dem ladies do. Lina compliments Candy on her Superbowl commercials and they exchange some phony pleasantries. When the GoDaddy girl leaves the scene, Johhny Nitro walks in. He tells his chickie-mama that she's hot and awesome. When the Women's title comes home to the chocolate tag team with a candy shell, the paparazzi will be popping! Pop! Pop! Whooo!

Commercial Break. Tobacco kills more people every day than the amount of garbage pails in New York City. Wait. Hold on. There's garbage pails in New York City? Someone tell that to the people who pile the 50 bag garbage mountains on the street.

Balls Mahoney is here because no one watches ECW and they want people to see this, I guess. John Coachman introduces the Ballman and then calls out the man who has been handpicked to take him apart. We like to call him Super Sivi Afi, but you can call him...UMAGA!

2. Umaga pinned Balls Mahoney after the Samoan Spike.

Jerry Lawler asked Jim Ross if he watched ECW. J.R. said he did. Lawler called the original ECW "Extremely Crappy Wrestling" and went over the attack of McMahon-buddy Elijah Burke by Balls and others. The King, observing the contest, said that Umaga had balls in his hands. I laughed. After the obligatory running Butt bump and thumb-stab, The Samoan Bulldozer covered Mahoney and got the three count.

Still to come: The Canadian Ladies Man vs. The Crazy Ladies Man vs. Father Thaddeus Crotchchop.

Commercial Break.  " Diddy Kong DS  is only for the D.S." Uh. No duh.

Last week Super Crazy basically slapped a woman in the face. But he speaks broken English in a cute way so it's alright.

3. Super Crazy with Mickie James pinned Johnny Nitro with Melina after a Moonsault

Jerry Lawler talked about how Super Crazy definitely was Super Crazy because he hits ladies. Ike Turner was super crazy too. (Super Crazy Note: What does a love having to do with it?! I am Super Crazy!) With Melina screeching from ringside, Johnny Nitro opened up a can of red-carpet whoop-ass on the lucha star. The King talked about the similarities between Crazy and a Bumblebee´┐Żagain. This went on a few months ago too. Weird. When Mickie James evened the score for her man, Nitro was sent reeling. S.C. regained control, hit a moonsault, and got himself an upset. A super upset!

Ay, ay, ay!

Commercial Break.

Back on Raw, Melina and Mickie James are in the ring and things are set to go for the women's!

4. Women's Champion Mickie James pinned Melina

Both of the men from the previous match have taken positions at ringside. It's actually a really interesting way to set up a title bout and it worked well. The crowd got behind James and started a chant for her. Things got pretty intense and it had tons more energy than you might expect. There were some crossface punches and hair pulling, but it was definitely more intense and important than any televised women's match for a while. Things got crazy on the outside, so to speak, when Nitro lunged at Super Crazy. Crazy tossed him like a sack of crazy potatoes and the match went on. Both announcers praised the physicality of the contest and they were right. The ending got a really big reaction when Melina tried to hold the ropes for a crooked pinfall, but was pulled through and pinned for her troubles. The title stays in tact and - for the first time in a while - I actually care. That's pretty cool.

After the decision, the paparazzi rushed the ring and tried to take photos of the losing diva. Mel screamed and her night in sparkly armor chased them away. Can't blame her for being paranoid of photographers. Remember what happened to Hulk Hogan at the first King of the Ring?

Backstage, the Rockers of Thuganomics cut the obligatory Uneasy Tag Champs promo. Shawn Michaels wants to chat, but John Cena wants to smile. It's all good in the hood there, DeGen. John's your boy. Tag champs, baby! What, what.

Still to come: The Nature Boy vs. The Nailpolish Boy

Commercial Break. The new anti-drug commercial with animated drawings has to be one of the drippiest commercials I've seen in a while. What were they on when they made that?

I tell ya, kid. In my day, we used to go out there - whoo - and do Hindu squats until we shit out of our eyes. We'd get on a figure four and snap your leg just to prove you were tough. We did it! By God! We did it because we loved it!

I like to sing songs about fake tattoos.

See you out there, kid.

5. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy pinned Ric Flair with a small package  

The deal here is that Ric Flair wants an Intercontinental Title shot at WrestleMania and has to earn it. It's so sad that I have to write that line. This one went hard right from the start. Jeff hit a few overhand slaps and Ric went to town on him. Just when you think things are going one way, they go another. Hardy seemed to "injure" his knee and The Nature Boy went to work on it. He's the dirtiest player in the game. That's what he do. That's what he do. He opened up on the emo kid with a barrage of chops and holds targeted at his injury. The I.C. Champion held on for a while and things slowed down for a bit. The audience seemed to rally behind Naitch, which is expected. Flair can wrestle until he's literally nothing more than a head on a plate and he'd still get cheers every time they bring the plate out. He's Slick Ric. He's over. The Hardy Boy mounted a comeback and hit the Whisper in the Wind. With the former Champion down, the current Champion of Intercontinental Island hit a Twist of Fate and went for the Swanton Bomb. He leapt. He missed. Ric let out a whoo and stomped away on the champ's knee. We were treated to a strut and windup, but the posturing should have waited. With all his dancing and prancing, Flair allowed Jeffery to recoup. When he went in for the Figure Four, Matt's brother hooked him in and got the small package pin.

After the bell, Jeff applauded his opponent and it appeared the two were about to resort to fisticuffs. Silly cynical me. They weren't gonna fight. They were gonna hug. Awww. The two men share a tend moment in a showing of sportsmanship.

Still to come: Fatal Three way. Also, Bobby Lashley eats Kenny Dykstra.

Commercial Break. The American Pie Trilogy  is airing on USA. Nothing like watching a completely censored version of a movie that's only funny because of the dirty parts.

Earlier tonight, Undertaker chokeslammed Batista. 'Member that?

Todd Grisham is standing by with Smackdown Champion Dave Batista. Hey Dave. How you doing after that arse-kicking? Tista says all's good. He'll defend his title at WrestleMania. As far as team with Undertaker at No Way Out against Shawn Michaels and John Cena...well, hee-hee, he's cool with that too. Uh oh.  Ominous stuff.

6. ECW Champion Bobby Lashley pinned Kenny Dykstra with a "Slobberknocker Slam"

All grievances aside, it's nice to see Lashley being treated like a champion for once. I mean, we can debate whether or not he should be champ until the cows came home. But the fact of the matter is that he is and should be presented as one. They gave this match in-ring intros old school style and really made it out to be historic. Things started off methodically with Bobby doing some amateur moves before knocking Kenny from the ring with one punch. You know, like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom. When the 20 year old prodigy returned to the ring, the beating continued. Lash slammed him with spears and punches while Kendall was sent reeling over and over again. K.D. Spirit gained control after a dropkick to the knee and went to town on the champion. He landed kicks and elbows, but couldn't score the pin. Bobert was too much for him to take. The mammoth Extreme Champion endured Dykey's offense, but overwhelmed him with some of his own. He hit a press slam and scored himself a pinfall. An extreme pinfall?

Edge and Randy Orton are face to face backstage, but that doesn't mean they're seeing eye to eye. The former tag team champions seem to come to terms on one thing, though. Shawn Michaels can't win the Triple Threat match tonight. If Rated RKO agree on one thing, it has to be the dismantling of the Boy Toy.

Carlito is leaving the arena with Torrie Wilson for a date when he's suddenly accosted by Ric Flair. Jerry Lynn Ric chastises The X Division Carlito for not sticking around to watch the main event. From there, he goes off on a huge-ass tirade. Check this out:

"You ever stop to think there's a reason guys like you, and I'm talking about guys like you are not the main event? That's right. Why you're not the main event and maybe it's because you're a lazy, underachieving son-of-a-bitch. Lucky to be walking the halls of this building. Lucky to be on the Raw roster. Lucky to be here at all. You really pissed me off right now...I'll tell you what my problem is. Guys like you that have no passion. No guts. You want all the money. You want all the glory. You want to fly first class. You want to walk around with someone like her. You don't deserve it. You haven't worked for it. You haven't bled, sweat and paid the price to be here. That's what's driving me crazy. I'm walking this hall trying to figure out why guys like you are taking my spot. Yeah. Guys like you are taking my spot. I've been here forever. And I'm gonna work my ass off to stay here. McMahon told me today that if I want to stay, I have to prove it to him. You want to stay, you have to prove it to yourself. It's not cool. It's pathetic. Pathetic! I'm walking around trying to find out what my name is an you're leaving before the main event! Yeah! Me! Sometimes I walk around trying to figure out who I am and the whole goddamn world knows who I am, except me sometimes. And you're leaving." - Ric Flair, having a nervous breakdown

Wow. Wait a second. He can't remember his name? Someone get this guy a checkup.

Up next: Rated vs. RKO vs. D

Commercial Break. USA says "Characters are #1." Well, not all characters. What about the guy in the Born Loser comic strip? He's not #1. It would defeat the whole premise of the comic.

7. Shawn Michaels defeated Edge and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match to earn a title match against John Cena at WrestleMania

This was a solid way to close out a solid edition of Raw. Orton and Edge worked over The Heartbreak Kid and seemed to have things going their way. Their animosity was too much to keep under the surface, though. Eventually Randy and Copeland turned their attention to each other and exchanged punches. This let The Boy Toy regain his composure and do the shtick he does best. The crowd got behind him big time and cheered for his come-from-behind rally. Half dead and stumbling about, Shawn outsmarted the heels with a sidestep. Rated R's spear, meant for him, hit Orton. Randall fell and Michaels covered the stunned Edgeman for the pinfall. I guess it's going to be Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena at WrestleMania.

After the bell, John Cena showed up. Belt on shoulder, he stared down his challenger. Then, out of nowhere, Batista arrived. Following him was the Undertaker and, oh, it was awwwwn.

With Cena and Michaels standing side by side in the ring, their No Way Out opponents, Batista and Undertaker, stood up the ramp. The No Way Out partners and WrestleMania challengers all exchanged glances while we faded to black.

All in all...This has been one of the best Raws in a while. It's had a good flow and even the small things seem to matter for a change. It just illustrates how this company would be so much more exciting if everyone was on every show, isntead of just one out of three. Lashley shined in his appearance as champion because that's how they presented it. It's so simple, but it worked so well. The new ECW title seemed to mean something for the first time since...well, ever? I'm still going with Umaga as the best choice to take on Bobby at Mania.

They advanced all three brands in one big segment . Undertaker chose Batista, Bobby was praised by the boss, and Raw's title came out looking great. It was a solid way to begin the show and gave you the feeling that the company is hitting on all cylinders in anticipation of Donald Trump's big arrival next week.

Say what you will about Trump, but next week is going to be insane. Trump on Raw should be an instant Youtube classic.

Even the women's title seemed important. Nutty, right? By having it piggy-back the Nitro vs. Crazy match, the James-Melina contest had more going for it. It seemed important because it was for a title, while the match it just followed wasn't. It all clicked and by the end, the people were into far more than you'd have imagined.

The one guy who was still doing the "I Don't Care" thing was Carlito and Ric Flair verbally bitchslapped him for that. It was a perfect promo that seemed to fit in with the Nature Boy's evening. His gimmick has become that of a frustrated legend trying to do it the way he used to. It's like Rocky Balboa...if Rocky Balboa turned red and stripped naked a lot.

As for the new outlook for Raw's WrestleMania, it works. I would have rather seen the Fatal Four Way, but understand the desire for a one-on-one match. Shawn Michaels and John Cena have both been on fire lately and their Mania match seems natural.

We have been debuting the our FOUR NEW AUDIO SHOWS hosted by former WWE names on Last week. Former Raw Co-Host Kevin Kelly hosted the first edition of the Big Picture and talked about everything from WCW to TNA to Samoa Joe to CM Punk and tons more.

Well, gear up this week because the second host is on the way. This person is a former titleholder in WWE and should provide a unique perspective on the industry today. You won't want to miss it.

Look that for that sometime in the evening. Then, on Wednesday, we'll have the announcement of this week's guest on Radio Free Insanity and the full uncut interview on the Club.

See you guys then. Thanks for reading. Be Well!

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