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JG's 2/7/05 Raw Insanity: How a Smackdown Batista can be bigger than DX and the Horsemen

By James Guttman Feb 7, 2016 - 11:12 AM print

Originally Published February 7, 2005

It's time for the next generation of Smackdown Video Games for Playstation 2. You've played Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth. You loved Smackdown: Just Bring It. You went insane over Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain . Some people even bought Smackdown vs. Raw . Well, now it's time to find a pregnant woman and light her on fire. Why? Because it's time to play….

WWE Smackdown: I Like Your Shoes

Welcome a Smackdown game unlike any other, with all new storylines and interaction. Live the exciting lifestyle of a WWE superstar and participate in real life WWE storylines written by WWE's real life team of monkeys writers!

Play as your favorite WWE superstar and finally get a glimpse of the industry through the eyes of those that run it. Reach for the stars and climb the ladder of success. You can go as far in WWE story mode as you can in the real-life WWE! Defeat challenger after challenger and eventually rise to the top of the WWE ladder where you can lose to Triple H on a pay-per-view! The limitations are endless!

Perhaps playing as a Diva is your thing. You can journey through the career mode as one of World Wrestling Entertainment's 732 Divas! Can you avoid Kane's Big Red loving? Do you have what it takes to survive such amazing mini-games as "Avoid the Poopie-filled Duffle Bag" and "Find the Glass That's Really Filled with Milk."

Not only that, but Smackdown: I Like Your Shoes features all new legends; many previously unavailable in WWE games. Choose from stars like Big Bully Busick, the Goon, Craig DeGeorge, Sean Mooney, the Bodydonnas, Zeus, Jamison, the kid who did the Roddy Piper impression at King of the Ring '94, Matilda, and Jimmy Snuka. We might get Hulk Hollywood Hogan, but no promises. You get Snuka, though. You all like Snuka, right? Well he's in there. So be happy and shut up.

Speaking of Mini-Games, SD: ILYS brings the widest assortment of mini-games ever available in any video game. With specific games for specific superstars, you can take your choice from a number of them, including:

The Bob Holly "Capture the Rookie" Game

Don't you hate young people? Well you can finally make them pay for being so damn young. You take on the role of Hardcore Bob Holly and stalk WWE newbies throughout various environments. When you find them, you make them pay like only Sparky Plugg can. Vroom, vroom!



Leisure Suit Johnny

You're John Heidenreich. You have two goals in life: Poetry and Sex with Announcers. This mini-game gives you the chance to enjoy both. Find Michael Cole, read him a poem, and then get all up in that. Let Little Johnny out to play and score big points to be used for purchasing items in the Shopzone.



The Shopzone has been revamped to include many items previously unavailable. Unlock alternate boots for your superstars, additional eyebrows for Create-a-Sports-Entertainer mode, and additional Legends such as Vincent J. McMahon and Jess McMahon. Also available are all new weapons such as: a flagpole, a dead baby, a plastic bottle of Simon powder, and a Japanese strip club flyer.

So rush out today and pick up WWE's Smackdown: I Like Your Shoes. Because 10% of the population can't be wrong! Act now or else you'll be forbidden from purchasing another wrestling game until June 2010.

Sadly, I would probably buy that game. It's got to be better than Legends of Wrestling. Speaking of Legends, will tonight be the night that the legendary Ric Flair steps up in Japan and finally takes out the thorn in Evolution's side, Shawn Michaels? Can William Regal and Tajiri use their half-home field advantage to defeat the World Tag Team…er, uh, Champions La Resistance? Will the animosity between Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho be put to rest in their submission match or will it just add fuel to the fire? Does Edge have what it takes to capitalize on his World Title Match and end the lifelong title reign of Triple H? It all takes place tonight…well, it actually took place last week. It was on TV tonight, though. Tonight, the Land of the Rising Sun meets the Show of the Overpushed Son. This brand is just like Sushi. Why? Well, it's uncensored, uncut, uncooked, and smells like dead fish. Basically, It's Raw!

Raw Theme Plays. They should show the lyrics on the bottom of the screen and have Ric Flair's head bounce on each one as it's sung.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are in Japan everyone! It's the first time that Raw has ever emanated from this area and that means they don't have to use all those black cloths to cover the empty seats. Domo arigato, Japan.

Eric Bischoff is here and he's got a message for everyone. After each message, a translator translates. It's a competition of strange hair between the two of them, with Eric sporting the gray fuzz head and the translator apparently uses the Ron Popeill Spray-Hair on his chin. After some pleasantries, Bischoff-san starts announcing the matches. We have the Battle of Legends between Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels! (JG Note: I love hearing the sanitized Stamford Eric Bischoff call Ric Flair a "Legend." It's like hearing the high priest from the Satanic Church refer to God as "the loving and caring Creator." I keep expecting Bisch to puke when he says it.) Then we have Edge against Triple H for the Triple H Championship. After that it's Chris Benoit meeting Chris Jericho in a submission match! Actually, not "after that." That match is happening…right friggin' now!

Introducing first formerly of Edmonton, Alberta Canada, then from Atlanta, Georgia, but now residing in Japan…Chris Benoit!

His opponent was born in Manhasset, New York….lives in Manitoba, Canada…but has friends who live in the great country of Japan…Chris Jericho!

(1) Chris Benoit beat Chris Jericho in a Submission Match Once again, they start off with the nose pushing face-to-face thing. I still hate that. You should never almost kiss a guy that you're going to fight. That's just weird. This was a strange match to put on first, but given the rest of the card, made sense in this slot. Benoit and Jericho have great chemistry together and always put on solid performances. This match was no exception. There was a pretty good spot about halfway through. Both men were fighting on the ring post. Chris B was perched on one side of the corner. Chris J was on the other. They traded punches and the Wolverine followed with a head butt. They both fell to the floor. After going to a break, we came back to witness Crips and Fozzy center-ring. We started with various Crabs by Y2J+5. Benny Wa refused to tap. The tables turn and then the Rabid One gets a chance to do some damage. The audience applauds. JR explains that the Japanese crowd watches quietly and shows respect throughout the match. (JG Note: As opposed to fans in America that chant "What" throughout the match; fans in Canada that chant things about the Hart family throughout the match; and fans in Puerto Rico that try to kill each other throughout the match.) It gets pretty intense as both men started exchanging punches instead of counters. It didn't do Jericho any good. He was locked in the Crippler Crossface, reached the ropes, and then found himself in it again. The Toothless Wolverine turned up the pressure and the King of Bling Bling became the King of Tap Tap. After the bell, both men shook hands, but you can tell from the looks in their eyes. They're dead inside.

Still to come: Victoria, Maria, and Christy Hemme fight for the World Title. Then Triple H meets Edge in an All American Diva Fashion Show….or something like that. I wasn't really listening, I had to go get a soda.

Commercial Break. Castrol GTX Startup - "Ahhhh." That's their slogan? Ahhh? Am I supposed to drink it? Is that what they're implying. Hey, now there's a nuisance lawsuit waiting to happen. I'll be back. I'm gonna go drink me some Castrol.

Recap of the Japanese fans awaiting Raw. A Japanese fan holds up a sign calling for Vince McMahon to be named Prime Minister. Upon closer inspection, the sign holder appeared to be Shane McMahon squinting.

Triple H and Ric Flair are getting ready in the locker room. Slick Ric is red in the face and loco in la cabeza. Naitch talks about how Evolution runs the wrestling world. They rule America. They rule Japan! Now tonight, Shawn Michaels is going to pay homage to the butler of the greatest wrestler alive. Then you're going to destroy Edge and his World Title hopes. Yeah, Ric. That's all good, I reckon. Something's bothering Hunter's flat ironed mind. He thinks that maybe Batista shouldn't go to Smackdown after all. Dave against Triple H would be epic. It's something that Gameboy wants to do. Are you tripping, Trips? The Game is told by the Dirtiest Player in Him that his reasoning is whack. Think about, Champ. Think about it….

"We rule Raw. We rule Smackdown. Are you kiddin'? It's the greatest idea of all time. Batista will beat Bradshaw just like that. It's a no brainer. It's the greatest idea you ever had. Don't second guess that. It's genius."
- Ric Flair, 9:26pm

Trip says he sees Ric's point. He'll relay the message to Batista later tonight. Flair is so over come with…uh…emotion that he gives the Game a really creepy hug.

Elsewhere in the arena, Captain Charisma, Christian, and Captain Insane-Ass Goatee, Tyson Tomko, are walking with a Japanese reporter. Christian tells him that he's here for his Japanese Peeps a.k.a. "Jeeps." I laughed out loud at that. However, my laughter wasn't shared with the reporter. He was too enamored with the vision he saw before him. He ignored the Charismatic Captain so he could oggle Stacy Kiebler. No harm done, eh? The CLB forgives the journalist and his wandering eye. He must want to talk to Stacy. That's cool. Hey, Miss Hancock. Turn around and answer some of this man's questions about Christian. Sadly, it doesn't go the Canadian's way. Instead of a Christian question, it's a Randy Orton question. This angers Edge's little brother and he asks why the reporter asked about Orton rather than him. The interviewer replies that it was because he's "annoying." Kiebs laughs and Sister Christian sees red. Randall has never defeated the CLB. That means he's no Legend Killer. Couple that with his fragile mental state lately and you have a pretty played-out hero. (JG Note: Christian's next T-Shirt should be "Christian: Randy Orton's Demotion.") Stacy says that Ort could kick Mr. Christian's butt. He replies that it will be Cowboy Bob's kid getting a butt-kicking tonight in the ring. She leaves and Tyson asks if this means that Chris will be fighting Mr. RKO. No way, Tomko. You are. It's part of some master plan the former Brood member has to get on the front page of the newspapers. Hmmm. Maybe he'll shoot him. I'm sure he'll get plenty of press if he guns down Randy on television. Is Christian packing heat? We'll find out soon enough, but first….a word from our sponsors.

Commercial Break. Triple H plays the role of Braveheart in the new WrestleMania 21 commercial. In the ad, he tells what appears to be a huge audience that he's the best ever. The camera then reveals that there's no one there except for Ric Flair. It's sort of like a Raw house show.

We return from our break to see Maven delivering a pre-match promo. He's upset that he wasn't in the Royal Rumble. It's because everyone knows that he would have won. He would have taken the big gorilla Batista and tossed him over the top rope. (JG Note: Who gets offended by being called a gorilla? That's like calling someone a drip or dipstick.) Some observations about Maven: When you're delivering promos about pay-per-views that happened two weeks ago, that's a bad sign. Also, when you deliver pre-match promos that are longer than the following match that you lose, that's not good either.

(2) Batista pinned Maven after a Powerbomb WWE cracks me up sometimes. For so long, Maven was getting pummeled by the company's top heels. Critics and fans screamed from the hilltops "Turn Maven heel! It'll save his career!" So WWE said, "You want us to turn him heel? OK. He's a heel….now f**k you!" If you had told me a few months ago that Mave would actually be lower on the totem pole after embracing the forces of evil, I'd have laughed at you. At least he's being used to put over Batista as a monster. I suppose it could be worse. He could be used to put over the Coach as a monster. Good reaction to the Deacon. His victory got a big pop and if people react to him like this now, it'll be interesting to see how he gets cheered after he turns. Power bomb - bam. Maven stinks. Batista rules. Then suddenly, the Masked Mystery Video Tape Player Person strikes again.

After the bell, a video of Big Show being interviewed by Josh Matthews played on the Titan Tron. Show said that Batista is "a big fish in a small Raw pond." He also said that Tista would see what a seven foot, 470 pound great white shark looks like. (JG Note: Wasn't that John Tenta? Batista can just watch an old WCW tape to see that. Oh wait, I forgot. He doesn't watch video tapes. The only time he watches videos is when they're played on the Titantron.) DB runs from the ring and we pay some bills.

Commercial Break. The Burger King commercial for the Big Fish Sandwich follows the Big Show's I'm a Shark promo. That's just funny. "It's Big. It's Fish. It's Gooood." We-llllll, well it's the Big Show.

Dave Batista is trotting along backstage and he runs into ATM Eric Bischoff. Hey, Bisch! Who the hell is playing that Smackdown footage? (JG Note: Triple H) Every week, someone (JG Note: Triple H) plays that footage. Now you better find out who (JG Note: Triple H) it is! Relax, Dave. Uncle Eric wants to find out who's been playing the footage (JG Note: Triple H) too. He gives you his word, he'll get to the bottom of this (JG Note: Triple H). Now, switching gears, EB heard about your offer from Teddy Long. Screw that Playa Hata, Davey. Raw is the number one show. The Raw title is the number one title. You have it all in the palm of your hands! You face the World Champion at WrestleMania. Either you'll meet boring old Edge or….Triple H! Come on, Deacon. Don't jump to Smackdown. Stick around. Batty stops Bischoff and says that he has made his point.

Why thank you, Sunshine, I'd love another bag of peanuts and some headphones for the in-flight movie. This plane ride all the way to Japan has been rather long and you've done a marvelous job of keeping us all quite content. Bollocks. Now, I know that you're not allowed to accept tips, so how about if I show my appreciation by....hmmm, I don't know... peeing on you?

(3) Tajiri & William Regal defeated World Tag Team Champions La Resistance to capture the titles when Tajiri pinned Sylvan Grenier Tajiri and Regal together can do a lot for the tag division. For starters, the Japanese Buzzsaw has been put on auto-pilot after his team with Rhyno was inexplicably tossed into the trash. Meanwhile, William has nothing on the table until Eugene returns. By pairing them, WWE not only fixes the problem of two midcards with no direction, they play into the history that they have with one another. Rather than appearing to be a randomly paired duo, Will and Yoshi feel like an established tag team considering that they have teamed together before. Also, Willie works well with a comedic partner and had some of his best moments alongside Tajiri. As for La Resistance, something needs to be done to give them a spark. I don't want to suggest splitting them because I saw what happened when Renee Dupree left the team and went to Smackdown. With high hopes, WWE sent him on his way to singles stardom. He fought John Cena then rejoined another tag team. It all seemed pointless. Hopefully now that the Resisters have a team they can feud with, they'll come off more like a credible heel group. I say hopefully because the tag division constantly looks like it's about to ramp up and then doesn't. It's like the Women's Division. I'm just waiting for them to institute a 24/7 rule at this point and totally kill it. All that being true, the tag division was alive for one night, at least. Tonight's finale got a great reaction. It was the Hometown Buzzsaw spitting some of his green phlegm onto Sylvan Grenier and then landing a crushing kick to his head. As Gorilla Monsoon would say, "You can count to a hundred." Also, "Will you be serious?" and "You lie and he swears to it."

After the match, Tajiri said something over the microphone in Japanese. I'm guessing it's Japanese. I only know that I didn't understand it and the audience seemed to. Willie Reegs and his Japanese Eugene run into the stands to hug the crowd and each other. Nothing like having a sweaty guy with green slime around his mouth running towards your ringside seat looking for a hug, huh?

Commercial Break. I don't care if Taco Bells new Grilled Stuffed Wrap Burrito-chirito-chellada Whatevers are greasy or not. If I had an expensive collection of rookie baseball cards and someone put a bag of food on them, I'd probably kill him.

This year's Hall of Fame Inductees are: Paul Orndorff, the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Vollkoff, Bob Orton, Jimmy Hart, and Jim Powers. Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

(4) Shawn Michaels pinned Ric Flair after the Sweet Chin Music This was another match that was more about the status than the contest. Michaels versus Flair is going to be big no matter what. It's two of wrestling's biggest names squaring off. Shawn might no longer be 25 and Ric might no longer be 85, but the mere fact that they're fighting makes the show memorable. It really rounded out a pretty well planned show. With the opening submission match, the Batista showcase, tag title switch, and then the Legends match, WWE demonstrated the best way to lay out a card. Both men did their trademark moves and sent the crowd away happy. In the end, it was HBK and his Sweet Chin Muzak that put Slick Ric out for the evening.

Commercial Break. See Saw on February 15th. Sounds fun. Then we can play hopscotch.

Jerry Lawler is standing center-ring and it's time for one of his sexy parties . The King of Memphis tells the Jeeps that they will be treated to a piece of "Western Culture." It's the All-American Diva Fashion Show! We have the interviewer Maria, who does fashion shows instead of interviews. We have Victoria, who does fashion shows instead of wrestling. And we have Christy Hemme, who does fashion shows for $250,000. We're about to have ourselves a good ol' US showing of female degradation. Yeehaw! I hope no one shows up and ruins it.

Rejected Names for Simon Dean:

1. Remus Bob
2. Martin Lunde
3. Mike the Gimmick Boy
4. Fruity Pebbles

Simon Dean is in the House and he's got the patented Simon System in his hand. Do you honestly think that WWE's number one pitchman would miss the chance to preach to an international audience? He cuts down the Japanese fans and says that the women are far from slim. (JG Note: Right. People in the crowd who don't speak English hear none of this. To them, he's saying "Booo blahhh boo boo blah cha cha blah blah.") Dino compares them to Sumo wrestlers and raises the ire of a Sumo Champ at ringside. He then calls the the Raw Divas, hired because they're not fat, "fat." That makes sense. Maria's fat? He might as well call her a midget too. It'll have the same effect. The best part was that he called Christy "Crusty." After cutting down the women, Dean turns back to the audience, but is confronted by Lawler. Jerry tells him that he has no right to talk to these women as he does. That's cool, Kingfish. You're just mad. Why? Well, according to SD Nova, it's because you're packing a spare tire yourself. He gives us a 1993 flashback by calling Jerald the "Burger King." Before he can sell the expanding monarch a System, Simon is nailed by a Christy Hemme low blow. He falls and the women run around Lawler like he's Benny Hill. Oooo this calls for a sexy party.

Commercial Break. 55 More Shopping Days Until WrestleMania 21. This year, I'm asking Vince for a toy train.

In the locker room, Ric Flair and Triple H attempt to convince Batista that a jump to Smackdown would be in his best interests. This could be your chance to make history for Evolution, Deacon. Why not? Imagine if you were WWE Champ and Hunter was the World Champ. Imagine it. It would be huge! Just to reinforce the enormity, Ric tells him that it would be bigger than DX and the Horsemen. This is the biggest thing in history, man. You got to do it! To their surprise, Dave doesn't agree. He simply says that he'll think about it. H replies that they have tonight to think about. He asks the Monster if he knows what to do tonight in his title defense. Dave replies that he does. Helmsley shows his happiness by patting Batista's belly. Then they all walk away.

Edge is pissed, yo. He's being questioned by the Coach. How about that title match, man? Well, Adam Copeland is on Edge. Why? Well, once again he's being overshadowed. Everyone's talking about Batista and his ish. They're talking about Triple H and his title. Hell, even that Braveheart ad assumes that the Game is going to WrestleMania with the title. Well, screw that! This is the E-Man's chance. He's not going to blow it. Overlook him, if you will. HBK did that at the Rumble and he got punked. Tonight he's going to do the same. Hunter may overlook him, but Edgy will take advantage of that and fly home with the World Title.

Commercial Break. Napster says to "Do the Math." We did. That's how the P2P things started. $20 for a ten cent CD.

More Japanese wrestling fans show their love of WWE. A bunch of them gather around Randy Orton and chant "R-K-O!" Someone must have told them that R-K-O spells "Go Back to America, Twirlie Boy."

(5) Randy Orton beat Tyson Tomko with a roll-up Tomko has been on a steady Raw rise recently. Benefiting from his partnership with Christian, Ty has been raised up the card thanks to tag matches and other avenues that helped hide his shortcomings while he got some experience. The position he was in tonight, helping to further Randy's gimmick, was his first singles chance to carry a situation and he did a pretty good job. You can't help but view the new Orton direction as a step backwards, but that's how it goes sometimes. Randy's still young and if this concussion gimmick takes off, he could return to the main event fold with a more solid character. Shut up! It could happen! Whatever. Halfway home, Christian shows up with Stacy Kiebler in his clutches. This distracts RO and sets him up for a vicious Tomko clothesline. Groggy, Orton recovers and continues his attack with increasing violence. He stumbles about and eventually gets the win with a roll-up.

After the bell, Blank Eyed Randy is ambushed by Christian. Tyson holds him up for his Canadian boss to punch and Unpretty. After the beating, Orton lays dazed, Kiebler stares worried, and Team Christian takes off.

Up next: Val Venis's brother-in-law challenges Shane McMahon's brother-in-law.

Commercial Break. Can Snickers make their commercials any less about candy?

During the break, Japanese women were concerned about Randy Orton.

Konichiwa. Welcome to Super Great Awesome Japanese Family Hour Show. My name Kuni Shinjo. Here is WWE Champion Triple-san.

Konichiwa, everyone. It's a pleasure to be in your country, Kuni. One correction though, my name is Triple H. I am the Game.

Oh! So sorry. You Nipple H! You the Gay!

No, no, no. The Game.

Ah yes. The Gay! You the Gay! It all about the Gay! You that damn gay! Gay over. You damn right you gay over! Now is when you spit the fluid on people, Nipple Gay! Go!

Oh man. No more of these foreign interviews.

You the Gay! You suck it!

(6) World Heavyweight Champion Triple H pinned Edge after a Pedigree It's really weird. At times, you forget that Raw is in Japan. It's not like when they were in England and it looked like they were using video tape from the 1920s. It looked pretty much like a normal Raw, only with Japanese flag graphics and more fans. Then the matches would start and the audience would react in that way that they do. Silence for portions of the match and then applause for what works. It's actually pretty cool. I remember the first time I saw a Japanese wrestling tape. I thought it was great. It made you realize that wrestling really is an art form. It's open to so many different interpretations. (JG Note: In other parts of the world, a silent crowd during a match would inspire at least 500 different people to scream out as loud as possible. Seriously, if the audience went quiet for that long in North America, there'd be a guy who would think to himself "If I scream as loud as I can right now, I'll definitely be heard on TV when I watch the tape later. I'll scream! I won't scream anything in particular. I'll just scream." The problem is that there's a whole arena of other people thinking the same thing. So you have everyone screaming incoherent gibberish. It's what happens during the really bad Heat matches.) These two did the back and forth to audience ooo's and ahh's. However, it wasn't the type of thing that you felt really warranted cheers. They seemed to be on first gear for a while and seemed to be wrestling an overly methodical match to appease the audience. It played out alright, but seemed slow at many points. For WWE to have two heels, wrestling a mat-based attack, face one another in a Japanese main event was strange. There weren't too many Holy Sh*t moments and even when something that could change the tide of the match occurred, it was hard for people to know who should be cheered. The obligatory ref bump went down when Edge accidentally Speared Mike Chioda. He covered Hunter for a prolonged count, but no one was there to count. It was a good moment to give fuel to the E-Man's protests in coming weeks. Ric Flair ran in and tasted a Spear as well. Edge then turned to a steel chair and swung at the champ. Hunt ducked and countered. They both fell to the mat and crawled to retrieve the chair. Before either man could get it, Batista appears and snatches it himself. Edgehead leaves the ring and stands on the apron. Staring down at the chair burglar, Adam gives some harsh talk. The Cerebral Assassin comes up behind the angry Canadian and pushes him…right into Dave. Tista falls and Helmsley tosses his challenger back into the ring. He tries to hit a Pedigree but is countered with a DDT. Copeland gets up first and gets in position for a Spear. However, Batista rushes in and nails a Spinebuster before his stablemate can be splattered. Everyone's groggy. The ref comes to life and so does the Game. He hits the Edgeman with a Pedigree and we get a three count.

What a team. What a friendship. Evolution embrace in the ring like real girlfriends. Batista even raises Hunter's arm in the air. Rather than bask in the glory with Trips, Batista trails off. He doesn't look at the audience, but instead years for the title. He eyes the strap while H celebrates. Suddenly, Helmsley turns his head and catches him. It's a staredown with the belt in the background as we fade to black.

All in all… Tonight's Raw served a purpose. It was a memorable location with a strong pre-WrestleMania backdrop. Regardless of what we saw tonight, we'll hear the term "Raw from Japan" in future historic Raw flashbacks for years to come. It was much more of an important night for Raw as a whole than for one episode alone.

The La Resistance tag title switch was done right. The crowd was hot and would obviously react big for a title change. The fact that the tag division has been lagging was all but forgotten after hearing the Japanese fans cheer for the team of Tajiri and William Regal. Now maybe they can return to the States and start new. Maybe? Perhaps? Hopefully?

The Simon Dean segment was one of the best filler Diva segments that WWE has had in a while. Simon maybe a one-dimensional gimmick, but Nova is squeezing everything possible out of it. You have to respect the job that he's done. It takes a lot to play a role that involves calling clearly thin women "fat." Well, Lawler's not a clearly thin woman, but you get my point.

They seemed to correct a lot of what I was whining about last week regarding Triple H and Batista. Finally, Hunter laid the cards on the table and told Dave to challenge JBL so that he can retain his honor. It's the most logical route to take with these two and adds more to a feud that many people are already pretty sold on.

The main event was a bit of a let down, but featured the big WrestleMania graphic moment that they have every year. It's Andre with Hogan in a bear hug or Austin staring the Rock down center ring. This year it's going to be the finale of tonight's show. Dave Batista looking at Triple H's World Title while holding up the Game's arm was great. It capped off a historic Raw with a historic moment.

I'll catch you all next week as we return to the U.S. of A for more Raw. Strangely enough, I missed Gene Snitsky this week.

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JG's 4/23/07 Raw Insanity: Shawn Michaels and John Cena Tear The Bloody House Down
Apr 23, 2018
JG's 4/19/04 Raw Insanity: Canadians Love Bret Hart
Apr 19, 2018
JG's 4/14/08 Raw Insanity: JBL Plays The Game
Apr 14, 2018
JG's 4/12/04 Raw Insanity: You'll Buy Backlash and Like It!
Apr 12, 2018
JG's 4/10/06 Raw Insanity: The McManson Family Goes To Church
Apr 10, 2018
JG's 4/9/07 Raw Insanity: A Little Kid Outbooks Jonathan Coachman
Apr 9, 2018
JG's 4/6/09 Raw Insanity: Starring Orton as Gene Snitsky, Vicki as Eric Bischoff, and Batista as Vince McMahon
Apr 6, 2018
JG's 4/5/04 Raw Insanity: Hunter-Benjamin 2 - This Time It's Meaningless
Apr 5, 2018
JG's 3/26/07 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Stops The Lashley Train
Mar 26, 2018
JG's 3/24/03 Raw Insanity: Stone Cold Ruins The Rock Concert
Mar 24, 2018
JG's 3/23/09 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Gets Him Some of That Stephanie McMahon
Mar 23, 2018
JG's 3/22/04 Raw Insanity: Triple H Becomes Thursday's Problem
Mar 22, 2018
JG's 3/21/05 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Kisses Stacy Kiebler...Then He Kills Her
Mar 21, 2018
JG's 3/20/06 Raw Insanity: The McManson Family Hates John Cena
Mar 20, 2018
JG's 3/19/07 Raw Insanity: Scalping Eugene
Mar 19, 2018
JG's 3/17/05 Smackdown Insanity: John Cena Wants To Touch JBL...But Teddy Long Won't Let Him
Mar 17, 2018
JG's 3/16/12 Smackdown Insanity: The Ginger Brogue Man Hurts His Face
Mar 16, 2018
JG's 3/13/06 Raw Insanity: Shawn Michaels Throws Pee-Pee at His Boss
Mar 13, 2018
JG's 10/22/07 Raw Insanity: Santino Wants To Rub "Ass Whip" On Stone Cold's Head
Oct 22, 2017
JG's 10/5/09 Raw Insanity: Orton Wishes Cena Into The Cornfield, Miz America, and Look Kids - Big Ben. Parliament.
Oct 5, 2017

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