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ROH TV Episode 22 Featuring Charlie Haas vs. Mark Briscoe, Kevin Steen's SBG TV In Ring Debut, No Mercy From The American Wolf, And More

By James Bullock Feb 20, 2012 - 12:45 PM print

Last Week: Eddie Edwards and Kyle O’Reilly went to war to settle the score. And when it seemed everything was settled after Edwards won, Eddie took it one step further by recruiting Adam Cole - O’Reilly’s tag mate - as his new partner.

ROH TV Episode 22
Baltimore, MD

Announcers Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly were in the ring, recapping what happened last week, and how the main event for the “10th Anniversary Event” of Team Ambition vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole was now set; thus dubbing the event “New Wolves Rising”. Can’t be any worse than the WCW pay-per-view “New Blood Rising”. Also announced was the lack of a main event this week due to Shelton Benjamin refusing to pay his fine, and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Young Bucks not being able to happen because of Shelton’s lack of payment.
Charlie Haas came out to blame Mark Briscoe’s inability to avoid a chair shot is to blame for Shelton’s fine, not Benjamin using the chair in the first place. But being the man that he is, Haas called out both Briscoes for a fight. When The Briscoes came out, Jay used some old school challenge lines (“There’s only air and opportunity!”) to get Haas fired up. Before something could break loose, Jim Cornette came out to agree to a match between Haas and Mark. Charlie demanded Jay be handcuffed to the ring to make sure Jay doesn’t get involved. Cornette was fine with the new main event, and Jay didn’t mind being handcuffed because, “Mark is gonna whoop yo’ (Charlie) ass anyway!”

Kevin Steen vs. Andy Ridge
Steve Corino joined the announce table for Kevin Steen’s first match on ROH SBG TV. Steen made his entrance to a babyface reaction, adding more fuel to the fire of Matt Dawgs's belief that Steen will be turned by the fans a la The Briscoes. Steen adhered to the Code of Honor, using the handshake to yank Ridge into a forearm. A vicious onslaught from Steen saw Ridge be fall away slammed into the barricades! Ridge fought back by using a hit and run approach after taking a beating for several minutes, actually hitting a couple of kicks to set up running kick in the corner. Steen stopped the follow up slingshot ace crusher, pulling Ridge off the floor to power bomb Ridge across the ring’s hard edge! If that wasn’t enough, Steen threw Ridge back in the ring to hit the F5 to complete his destruction of “Right Leg”.
Actually the beating continued after the bell, with Steen going for the Package Piledriver. Thanks to the Steve Corino entering the ring, Steen’s focus turned. Before another physical altercation could begin between Steen and Corino, Jimmy Jacobs ran out, tackling Steen. Many boos for Jacobs’ actions. Several members of security shoved Steen out of the ring as the fans chanted, “Let them fight!”
Jimmy gabbed the microphone, telling Steen that no matter what Steen did or does, he’ll never stop fighting. Jacobs wanted, “the two most evil men in the history of this company to fight!”
Steen mocked Jimmy’s request as we headed to another commercial.

Veda Scott was in the back with Team Ambition. Davey considered this match the end of all of the crap that’s been going down between everyone. Kyle O’Reilly felt that in NYC, the world, and most importantly Adam Cole, will see what kind of man Eddie really is. Both men warned their opponents that there will be no mercy come the 4th of March.

Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole vs. Matt Taven & Mike Mondo
Cole displayed his underrated ability well by embarrassing Taven by being one step ahead of Matt. Frustrated by his partner, Mondo tagged himself in before thumbing Cole in the eyes and forearming an unsuspecting Eddie off the apron. Cole helped his partner get some revenge after clearing his eyes, catching a running Mondo before placing him in the tree of woe. Stereo running dropkicks by Team Edwards & Cole had the fans going wild. Both men tagged out, leading to Taven trying to go move for move with Eddie. Taven didn’t do well at all until Eddie went for a lionsault. Taven moved at the last second, causing Eddie to hit the mat instead of Taven.
Mondo tagged himself in once again, only to take a lung blower minutes later. Mondo tagged himself out, but Taven couldn’t keep Eddie away from Cole. Cole was on fire, punching his opponents to set up a cross body that nearly got him the win. Taven was bouncing off the ropes when Mondo slipped into the ring. Cole ducked an incoming Taven, causing Matt and Mondo to collide. With Taven stunned by the collision, Cole was able to pin Taven with a straightjacket German suplex.
After the match, Mondo attacked Taven, leaving him lying with the double arm DDT, topped off by a snot rocket.

This week on Inside ROH, Kevin looked out what happened last week when The Briscoes vs. The House of Truth for $10,000 ended with Jay beating his opponents with a baseball bat after Martini threw powder in Jay’s eyes. Seemingly, Martini stopped payment on The HOT’s check to make sure the stolen checks couldn’t be used.

But the focus of The Briscoes isn’t on checks, but on The Young Bucks - their “10th Anniversary Event” opponents.
Matt Jackson of The Buck spoke for his team, promising to by Mark some new teeth so he could kick them down his throat. Next week, Davey Richards defends his ROH World title against the ROH TV champion, Jay Lethal.
Lethal felt that next week was history in the making when he becomes the first duel World and TV champion in ROH. Lethal informed us that if he wins next week, his upcoming iPPV opponent, Tommaso Ciampa, will battle for the World title. Lethal promised that no matter what, Ciampa is losing it all - his championship opportunity and his undefeated streak.
Ciampa had a different opinion, declaring that he would break Lethal and bring championship goal to The Embassy LTD.
During Kevin Kelly’s promotion of the upcoming “Showdown in the Sun” iPPVs, he announced that on March 30th, Mike Bennett will have an opponent for the evening. That man is none other than Lance Storm.

ROH World Tag Team champion Mark Briscoe w/Jay Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas
After Jay was handcuffed, we headed to our final commercial break. Coming back from the break, Mark was taking the fight to Charlie with his boxing skills. Those crisp punches turned into a highflying assault after Mark knocked Charlie to the floor for a plancha. Mark made a mistake by going for another crazy attack from the top, only to get shoved to the floor. Mark recovered but got German suplexed for his trouble as Kelly announced that at the “10th Anniversary Event”, it’ll be Steen vs. Jacobs!
Back to live action - Mark found himself being suplexed and bear hugged with the hope of Haas keeping him grounded. Mark wouldn’t allow Haas to complete that goal until he went for a sunset flip. Charlie sidestepped the descended Mark, causing the youngest Briscoe to land back first across Haas’ knee. Crazy Mark not only survived the belly to back suplex across the top of the barricade, he also started fighting back with Hillbilly Kung Fu Theater. Running dropkick a la Low Ki almost gained Mark the three count as his brother rallied the fans behind his baby brother. Mark hit the Froggy Bow, but the lackadaisical cover allowed Haas to kick out. Mark tried to man up with a running start, but rushed into the overhead belly to belly suplex. Somehow, Mark avoided the Olympic slam, cradling Haas for the three count.
A shocked Haas grabbed the handcuff key from the ref before knocking him down. Haas Olympic slammed Mark not once, but twice. As Jay entered the ring, still handcuffed to the turnbuckle, Haas grabbed a chair. Jay watched in anger as Haas crowned Mark with that chair. Haas suddenly went to the announce table, grabbing an envelope. Ripping the envelope open revealed $10,000. Haas threw the money on the table, saying that this was WGTT’s fine payment. Haas explained that he was planning to do this all night, but wanted to get a free chair shot in before. Throwing the key into the crowd, Haas left with a single message, “Briscoes, you’re dead!”

Overall: Another solid effort from ROH this week. While there wasn’t anything must see about the show from an in-ring perspective, all the points that needed to be completed from several storyline perspectives were achieved. Of course there’s the main event storyline involving the Tag Team championship that’s actually gone beyond titles at this point. It’s crazy to see think a year ago these two teams had just competed in a “dream” match that didn’t garner the accolades or response as you’d expect; and the rematches didn’t help change that. But with the changing of roles in this rivalry, everything seems fresh, and the fans absolutely love everything that happens between The Briscoes and WGTT. And kudos to Charlie Haas. For those who don’t believe in his mic work, check out this show. The man carried himself like the biggest jerk in the world perfectly (with a hint of cartoonish super villainy to boot).
Another person who can do no wrong in the ROHbots’ eyes is Kevin Steen. No one, and I mean no one, has gotten a response from the crowd like Steen has since ROH SBG TV debuted. The reactions to him nearly killing Ridge were tremendous, and the fact that long time favorite and sympathetic figure amongst die hard ROH fans Jimmy Jacobs got booed out of the building for attacking Steen should tell you something.
As I wrote earlier, a solid outing from ROH that didn’t blow you away with the action, but delivered a fast fifty minutes of great storytelling with a few easy to watch matches featuring main event, midcard, and low tier talent trying to impress in a short period of time. Definitely check this episode out if you feel like being entertained by logical wrestling TV and Kevin Steen’s sheer awesomeness.

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