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The ROHbot Report: February TV Taping Results, Several Wrestlers Meet Their Blind Destiny, Goodbye Hero, And More
By James Bullock
Feb 11, 2012 - 10:57 AM

Ladies, gentlemen, and ROHbots alike, welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report. Last weekend, ROH returned to Baltimore for another set of TV tapings, and I have all the results for you, as well as a look at what ROH has set itself up for with the announcement of the iPPV main events. So, why hold you up here? Read on and see what I mean.

February 4th TV Taping

* Main event for 1st taping originally said to be The Young Bucks vs. WGTT, but Shelton is suspended because he hasn’t paid his fine for the chair shot yet. Main event is now Mark Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas with Jay handcuffed to the ring-post.

* Kevin Steen defeats Andy Ridge. Steen attacks post match. Corino makes save. Jacobs comes out to brawl w/ Steen. Once apart, Jacobs challenges Steen.

* Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole set up as main event of “10th Anniversary Show”

* Edwards & Cole defeat Matt Taven & Mike Mondo. Cole pins Taven with the Straight Jacket Suplex. Mondo attacks Taven post match

* Main Event #1: Mark Briscoe defeats Charlie Haas via roll up.

*Young Bucks defeat Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

* Main Event #2: ROH World Title match Champ Davey Richards vs. TV Champ Jay Lethal turns into mess after Tommaso Ciampa, Kyle O’Reilly, Eddie Edwards, Adam Cole, and I think the HOT come out. Apparently it causes Richards to retain. Ciampa has stare down with both Lethal and Richards - who shake hands post-match

* Briscoes vs. WGTT officially announced for one of the WM 28 shows.

* Episode 3’s main event will be Strong vs. Edwards. Winner gets a shot at Davey’s world title during WM 28 weekend

* Mike Bennett defeats TJ Perkins after Maria gets involved

* Tommaso Ciampa defeats Guy Alexander via ref stoppage. No relation to Cedric.

*Eddie Edwards defeats Roderick Strong. Cole comes out once Truth interferes. That leads Elgin to come out. Roderick wins via sick kick, but Turner overrules and Eddie then wins via 2K1 bomb. Seems like a 3-way in Ft. Lauderdale possibly. This situation brings out Cary and Jim Cornette. Jim confirms that it will be a three-way on Night 1 of “Showdown in the Sun”. Strong vs. Edwards vs. Richards for ROH World Title

* Episode 4 main event is called the “blind destiny challenge” Winner of that match will get an ROH World Title shot on WM 28 Day 2

* ROH TV Title Proving Ground match: Jay Lethal defeats Kenny King w/Rhett Titus via roll-up. Roderick and Truth Martini were out to watch the match

* Blind destiny qualifier: Kevin Steen defeats Adam Cole

* Blind Destiny qualifier: Michael Elgin defeats Kyle O’Reilly. Roderick out mid-match. Roderick and Davey fight after the match.

* Main event for Showdown in the Sun Day 2 will be the World Champ vs. Kevin Steen vs. Elgin

* ROH tapes TV again in Baltimore on March 3rd


As always, I’ll have a better idea how good this taping came across when I see it, but a majority of the fans who have reported on action have said this was another great series of episodes only hampered by the multiple intermissions and pauses between segments since they are still using the live to tape method of recording. The biggest stories coming out of these tapings have to be the iPPV main events set up through a series of matches. First there’s the “10th Anniversary Show” main event. Out of everything, Team Ambition vs. Team Edwards is probably the most pleasing match from a storyline perspective, and deserves the spot it’s been given. Why?

Because it could have huge ramifications for the future as the possible former members of Future Shock have a chance to shine like never before. It’s amazing to think that in a matter of weeks they’ve gone from being in a forgettable tag team gauntlet at the biggest show of the year during “Final Battle” to headlining the diamond anniversary (traditionally the tin/aluminum anniversary; thanks Wikipedia!). There are so many different routes ROH can go about this match, and how it could play into the future. Will we have a clean winner where the individuals of the teams bury the hatchet afterwards, or will something explode between the losing team? There’s a chance that Kyle O’Reilly’s budding arrogance/wanting to be the Milhouse to a successful Bart Simpson could take him to another place we’ve never seen from the once no-nonsense striker. Maybe Eddie Edwards finally bests ROH World champion Davey Richards, or Adam Cole proves he was or wasn’t the weak link of Future Shock.

Next was the convoluted ending to Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong (who had a busy night as shown through the live report) from the third episode taping that set up the first Wrestlemania weekend main event that I originally thought would be the “10th Anniversary Show” main event. I talked about this match in the latest “Honor Nation” (, and how I understand people being a little tired of seeing these three in the ring again in some form, but you know this was about to happen sooner than later. It’s really the final step in this entangled rivalry over the ROH World title between the three. Unless something happens and ROH officials decide that it’s time to take the belt off of Davey so maybe he can chase Steen (more on that later), then it’s pretty obvious Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong are walking away looking with another loss to Davey Richards. This isn’t a bad thing because that match should be off the charts if they keep it under forty minutes, and avoid the multiple near falls that wear the fans out as seen during the past two encounters involving Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, and Roderick Strong at the last two PPVs.

And then there’s the big one. Yep, the next one is bigger than Richards-Strong-Edwards possibly finishing up their title rivalry. For some reason I don’t understand just yet, ROH is putting Kevin Steen’s first ROH World title shot since coming back is in a Triple Threat match rather than Steen vs. Davey one on one. The obvious assumption is ROH is hoping to ride Richards vs. Steen for the World title all the way to “Final Battle 2012”, but there’s always the chance that idea could fall through, and all the planning in the world might mean the end of one of the hottest storylines going in ROH right now over a title. But that could be a long way down the line, and I might be completely wrong. Like I wrote earlier, maybe Davey will lose the title the night before and Steen and Richards never meet in Florida that weekend during a sanctioned match. There’s a chance Richards’ first title match that weekend could prove to be his downfall during the second night when it either weakens him, or Steen attacks after the match and puts him out of action.

And that’s not even getting into Michael Elgin’s predicament. For some reason, Elgin had to earn his spot in the title match even though he has a World title shot sitting in his back pocket thanks to his “Survival of the Fittest 2011” win. Does this equate to Elgin cashing in his shot, or does he still have a future World title shot waiting for him when he sees fit? Forgetting about Elgin’s title opportunities, many thought whenever Elgin did wrestle for the ROH World title, it would be in a one on one situation with Davey in Elgin’s main event coming out party. It’s understandable that ROH doesn’t want to hitch the wagon to Elgin yet, but seeing Elgin take on Richards in a one on one environment would have been a unique sight to see, and the ushering of something different in the main event scene even if Elgin isn’t supposed to headline iPPVs from now on. While this might come across as me being negative, and thinking ROH has dropped the ball, the fact is ROH has made the title scene very interesting thanks to these three main events. Who’s to say Roderick or Eddie might not become two time ROH World champions during Wrestlemania weekend? Maybe O’Reilly might become a complete jerk, or a friend scorned if he truly turns into the Puke to Davey’s Road Warrior Animal? Will “Showdown in the Sun” end with Kevin Steen as the ROH World champion, or can Elgin steal his thunder? That’s what TV is used for - to add intrigue to the upcoming pay-per-views to entice you to buy the event.

And what if these matches don’t get you excited for the iPPVs? Maybe the fact that Jay Lethal is taking on Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, or Davey Richards to fulfill his “blind destiny” on 3/31 is what gets you excited. What if you want to see what’s going to happen between The Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team? Once again, thanks to the great invention of television, we now know the real rematch (not that four minute schmohz seen on the recent TV show) will happen in Florida. What about the TV title situation? Seems like Jay Lethal will have a new challenger either in NYC or Ft. Lauderdale in Tommaso Ciampa. The action will speak for itself when it airs, but the stories are already being told, and should have you interested in seeing ROH either go above and beyond, or faltering in capturing something truly magical.

ROH drew around 750 fans for their latest TV tapings in Baltimore, MD over the weekend. That's about 50 down from last time.

Not too shocking with this show occurring during Superbowl weekend in an area close to the battling team’s hometowns. Live reports have said the arena looked good from a crowd perspective even though it was noticeably lighter than the first taping, so we’ll see if it comes across well on TV.

On Friday night February 17th, when ROH hits Cincinnati for the first time ever; it will be “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole!

It’s one of those unnoticed stories happening on ROH’s undercard, but Michael Elgin has a problem with Future Shock. In all of Elgin’s tournament situations, he’s had to take on either Kyle O’Reilly or Adam Cole. Most recently, Elgin ran through Cole and O’Reilly en route to becoming the “Survival of the Fittest 2011” champion. But things have changed since that night in November for Adam Cole. With Eddie Edwards helping Cole out recently, and defending him when the numbers were against him, Cole might have a little more confidence in himself and the situation that could allow him to pull off the upset. It’ll be truly interesting what will happen between these two since they’re involved in upcoming iPPV main events, and how ROH will keep them strong if either loses.

The tag team landscape in ROH continues to be one of the things sets us apart in the wrestling world, and these two teams are prime examples of just why Ring of Honor is the only home for tag team wrestling today. Jay & Mark Briscoe collide with The Young Bucks on March 4th at ROH’s “10th Anniversary Event”.

For those who don’t know, there’s been a mini-rivalry between The Briscoes and The Young Bucks for years. During The Bucks rise in ROH before leaving for TNA, the Jacksons tested the Briscoes several times - even besting the at the time former ROH World Tag Team champions at “Glory By Honor VIII”. But The Briscoes two years ago are completely different from the angry (maybe angrier?) rednecks they are now. That was proven at last year’s “GBH” when The Briscoes continued their hot streak toward another record-breaking ROH Tag Team title victory. That’s not taking away anything from The Bucks - who have found their sadistic side in the past couple of months by going out of their way to injure Rhett Titus. This little extra bit of hostility could prove the difference between winning and losing for The Bucks. But know that this match will only be for the title if The Briscoes can get through Team Ambition in Cincinnati next Friday night. If Team Ambition best The Briscoes, then The Bucks will have to wait for another opportunity down the line. No matter if the gold is or isn’t up for grabs, expect these two exhilarating teams to give us something to remember live on iPPV.

Ring of Honor will return to the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Ontario on May 12. Tickets are on sale now.

Great news for the even greater fans of Toronto. ROH always tries to give them the best wrestling possible to thank them for being such a loyal market. And probably no bigger gift would be for Kevin Steen to walk into Toronto as the ROH World champion. With the main event set for the Wrestlemania weekend events, there’s a great chance that might happen.

Nigel McGuinness is working on a documentary chronicling the end of his wrestling career. He is also acting as commissioner for a West Virginia independent promotion.

This will be a must-see for sure. A lot of questions surround Nigel’s upcoming retirement, and one has to wonder if McGuinness will drop the curtain and let everyone into what has made him decide to call it a career. And for those who don’t know, haven’t interacted with him, or even heard the stories, Nigel is one of the wittiest wrestlers around; so there should be a ton of laughs in this one.

Former Ring of Honor star Chris Hero has finally been signed by WWE. Word is that Hero’s signing was delayed because he has a naturally elevated testosterone/epitestosterone level and WWE won’t sign talents who can’t pass the steroid test. It took months and many rounds of testing to prove that the high level was natural.

Once again, congrats to “That Young Knockout Kid”. If given the chance, Hero could easily rise to the top of the card. In the immortal words of Bret Hart, Hero has at least two of the three items every successful wrestler needs by being a beast on the microphone and in the ring. Look is always important, but as seen in the past year, looks aren’t everything in WWE right now; so this could/should be Hero’s perfect moment to arrive in the ‘E and shine. Oh, and if WWE ever wants a real tag team running the division, and decides to put Hero with a large Swiss man wrestling in FCW right now, I hear that kings usually reign supreme.

Tommaso Ciampa predicting the future of the TV title.


Tommaso Ciampa is that wonderful mixture of old school attitude and new school wrestling. Very similar to Michael Elgin, Ciampa is slowly but surely building his reputation in ROH as a possible future big time player.

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