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Worth Your Money? CHIKARA's First PPV "High Noon" Featuring Mike Quackenbush vs. Eddie Kingston To Crown The First Grand Champion, A Lucha De Apuesta Match, Green Ant vs. Tursas, And More

By James Bullock Dec 17, 2011 - 10:28 AM print

(ROHbot/Honor Nation Note: As you all know, the end of the year is coming; and that only means one thing. For the fourth year in a row, the coveted Honor Sprockets are up for grabs in The ROHbot Report Year End Awards. The categories include Breakout Star of the Year, Event of the Year, Match of the Year, Biggest Story of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, and Wrestler of the Year. You can get the jump on me by telling the WWI Multi-verse (we’re bigger than any universe) who and what you think deserves to win via the comment section below, Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), in The ROHbot Report thread in the ROH section on WWI’s message board, or through e-mail Bullock@WorldWrestlingInsanity.com.

Also, be on the lookout for the latest “Honor Nation” where I preview “Final Battle 2011. And now, your featured presentation)

CHIKARA is a light-hearted, fun-loving, season-oriented wrestling company based out of a city where those three phrases wouldn’t necessarily get over - Philadelphia. You know what? Mike Johns has pretty much already done a great write-up of what CHIKARA is all about. So check this out before you continue reading...

The reason “World Wrestling Insanity’s Resident ROHbot” has stepped from the ultra-serious into the realm of … well, wrestling insanity is because a month ago CHIKARA hosted it’s first iPPV ever that saw the crowning of the first singles champion in the company’s history. After surviving a rigorous tournament, CHIKARA mainstays Mike Quackenbush and Eddie Kingston earned their right to determine who will be CHIKARA’s first Grand Champion.

But there’s so much more CHIKARA wants to offer old fans and first-time viewers alike. From matches like a patriotic ant defending Old Glory against a mythological masked man to a handicapped hero standing up to, quite possibly, the most hated man in wrestling today, CHIKARA’s first iPPV offering has something for everyone. What will the CHIKARMY (CHIKARA fans) bare witness to when the lights shine bright in the old ECW arena? Will Green Ant make his country proud? Can Ultramantis Black finally avenge himself in his quest to recover the powerful Eye of Tyr? Who will become CHIKARA’s first Grand Champion? All this and more will be answered by the end of this review, including the biggest question of them all: Is CHIKARA’s Season Ten finale “High Noon” Worth Your Money?

High Noon


Philadelphia, PA



The Young Bucks w/Marty Jannetty vs. The Colony

No, don’t get yourself confused and think otherwise. Yes, “The Rocker” himself Marty Jannetty escorted Nick and Matt Jackson to the ring. Representing The Colony here is Fire Ant and Soldier Ant. Huge ovation for The Colony before the bell.

A nice cravat and some saluting by Soldier Ant frustrated Matt. Nick entered the ring, using a simple kick to seemingly halt Soldier’s momentum. With the help of Fire Ant, Nick was dropped in position for Soldier’s marching head-butt drop. Marching double team flapjack by The Colony almost ended the contest early. Big satellite head scissors by Soldier sent Nick to the floor. Matt followed up by knocking Soldier to the floor thanks to a rolling back elbow, only for Fire to head scissor him as well. Nick catapulted off the top rope, arm dragging Fire to the floor. Tope by Nick Jackson didn’t down Fire, but did stagger him. Soldier wanted to bounce off the ropes for something when Nick tripped him. Nick swung Soldier into a sick kick against the side of his head. Nick climbed onto the apron as Matt hoisted Soldier up by his legs, executing that double team Y-Factor with his brother before Nick moonsaulted off the apron to down Fire Ant.

The fans were going wild following the flurry of action. Matt slowed down the pace with his brother by cornering Soldier Ant. Fire Ant ran in to help his partner following a double team neck breaker across Nick’s knee. The handstand dropkick double team by The Bucks ended Ant’s hope to help, but also angered the fans. Soldier felt the energy of the crowd, using it to fight through Matt Jackson’s hold. Nick Jackson tagged in, working over every limb he could get a hold of while stopping Soldier’s trek toward Fire Ant. Matt ended up taking too much time mocking the Soldier’s salute to follow through his suplex set up. Soldier slipped free of Matt’s grip, rolling the eldest Jackson up. When Matt kicked out, he sent Soldier flying toward The Colony’s corner. With his hand extended, Soldier Ant tagged out to a fiery Fire Ant.

The crowd popped big as Fire Ant sailed off the rope with a cross body. Fire Ant showed some incredible innovation by head scissoring Matt while DDT’ing Nick during his descent off the head scissors. With both Bucks on the floor, Fire Ant used a slingshot somersault plancha to down Nick and Matt. Soldier Ant took it upon himself to become the legal man again, setting up Fire’s enzuguri and stereo dropkicks.

Double team Ant DDT on Nick couldn’t end this one thanks to Matt Jackson breaking up Fire’s pin. Ant went for a running kick to a seated Matt’s head. Matt ducked the kick, allowing his brother to almost spin kick Fire’s head off. Soldier ran in, hitting the Saluting Forearm on Matt, only to feel the sting of Nick’s European uppercut seconds later. Soldier Ant turned Nick’s super kick attempt into the German suplex. Before Soldier could capitalize, Matt unleashed that corkscrew ace crusher from the top rope to put Soldier on his back. As Matt made it to his feet, Fire dove off the top rope for the Heat of the Moment. Fire missed the stomp, but not the stunner when he landed on his feet. Running kick-Brain Buster combination by Fire Ant somehow didn’t end this one as Matt kicked out right before the three count.

Matt blocked the Beach Break, only to take a kick to his head for his trouble. The Colony were looking for Ants Go Marching on Matt when Nick slipped into the ring, super kicking Soldier Ant. Triple power bomb sequence by Matt set up Nick’s running knee in the corner on Fire Ant. Matt had Fire in position for the Bucks’ double spike tombstone piledriver on Fire … that gave them a near fall thanks to Soldier Ant stopping the sure three count!

Soldier Ant rolled his near unconscious partner onto the ring apron to make himself the legal man. Soldier ended up running into stereo super kicks, as did Fire. Hoisting both Ants onto his shoulders, Matt held The Colony up so Nick could double stomp Fire off his brother’s shoulders before going for More Bang For Your Buck on Soldier. Soldier Ant somehow got his knees up to halt Nick’s attack, and moved to avoid Matt’s moonsault. Soldier quickly rolled up the stunned and hurt Matt, picking up the win, and earning enough wins in a row (three) to challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas Tag Team title!

Sara Del Rey vs. Jakob Hammermeier

Sara Del Rey was one of the original members of the dominant Bruderschaft des Kreuzes faction (known as the “BDK”). During her involvement in the 12 Large: Summit this past summer, and a win over fellow stable mate Claudio Castagnoli, Del Rey decided to step away from the group and do her own thing. The BDK didn’t take kindly to this and began a war with Del Rey. Sara has held her own thus far, and hopes to continue the trend here. Before the introductions could even happen, Jakob stomped to the ring to give himself his own intro prior to running to the back so he could walked down that aisle like only the man with the greatest hair in the history of CHIKARA could. Happy birthday chants for Sara Del Rey rang out before the bell.

The chants turned from birthday wishes to demands that Jakob tap out in the various holds Sara locked him in. Jakob shoved Sara after Del Rey snap marred him off the cravat, angering the Queen of Wrestling. Sara threw some sternum crushing, knee trembling kicks until Jakob used a good old-fashioned hair pull to drop Del Rey. Sara fired back with chops prior to giving Jakob a taste of his own medicine by hair marring Jakob.

Hammermeier had to rake Sara’s eyes to stop Del Rey’s attempted Finlay roll. When Jakob turned to throw a left hand following some words with the fans, Sara caught Jakob’s incoming hand. Bending Jakob’s left index finger backwards to the point it was pointing at his feet, Sara had her former stable mate screaming in agony. Sara relinquished the hold just to unleash a capo kick. A few kicks set up the German suplex by Sara. Jakob was on his hands and knees when Sara threw her leg up. A sick axe kick by Sara didn’t get her the victory as Jakob turned her pinning combination into a backslide for a two count. Blocking the running European uppercut, Sara hoisted Jakob in the Royal Butterfly. As Gorilla Monsoon would say, the pin fall was elementary.

The Osirian Portal of Ophidian and Amasis were introduced so the CHIKARMY could find out what the future had in store for the team after rumors began running rampant of Amasis’ possible retirement. Amasis grabbed the microphone to thank the fans for the great reception they gave him in his final night as a wrestler. According to Amasis, his doctors informed him that he was just one bad move away from spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Amasis threw out some genuine career-making moments during their time as a tag team; proclaiming himself as one half of the best tag team in the world.

When Ophidian couldn’t put his emotions into words, Amasis suggested we see The Osirian Portal break it down like only they can. As The Portal did their tribute to Kid N’ Play, Ophidian misted Amasis! With Amasis on his knees and blind, Ophidian dropkicked Amasis’ back! A loud yelp echoed through the arena from Amasis as a slew of referees tried to send Ophidian to the back. Ophidian wasn’t done, choking his partner out with the Cobra Clutch. Rather than leave as ordered by the referees, Ophidian yanked Amasis’ mask off. Thankfully for the “Funky Pharaoh”, Amasis was lying face down on the mat so no one saw his face; but the insult had rattled everyone in the building.

As Ophidian left the ring while staring at Amasis’ mask, one girl in the front row sadly cried, “Why?”

Grabbing a microphone, Ophidian exclaimed, “Amasis … problem solved!”

The fans were buzzing in shock before a “Funky Pharaoh” chant rang out as Amasis was literally dragged out of the building.

Green Ant vs. Tursas

Before the match we got an amazing video package highlighting big moments of this rivalry where Green Ant became the Lex Luger to the BDK’s Tursas’ Yokozuna; even going as far as to get a tour bus. That’s right, the Flex Express! Was rolling through America. Unlike that poorly booked fiasco, we got a definitive winner in the first battle between the two that saw Tursas the Ant draped in red, white and blue. Tonight, Green Ant hopes to avenge all of his shortcomings in his defense of the USA against the BDK’s masked Finn monster.

When the bell rang, Green Ant rushed the big man, dropkicking Tursas. Green Ant powered himself up after taking a slam, using a hit and run approach until Tursas accidentally avalanche splashed the referee - BDK member Derek Sabato! When Tursas turned around, Ant used a high kick and neck breaker. Green Ant made the cover, but it took too long for another referee to make it into the ring to make the count. Tursas kicked out as the other Ants came out to drag the unconscious Sabato to the back to a huge ovation. In the ring, Tursas recovered, stopping the figure four headlock, hitting a big Finlay role that almost crushed Green. A huge elbow drop from the big man couldn’t put Green Ant away.

Green avoided the hip attack in the corner, going for a tornado DDT. Tursas blocked the DDT, tossing Green into the air. As Green descended, he kept a grip of Tursas’ head to DDT him on the way down. Running double stomp by Green Ant didn’t put Tursas away. Sadly for Green he walked into a big back body drop when Tursas stopped Ant’s patented Texas cloverleaf. Tursas decided to go for that always impressive cross body he’s known for. Green ducked at the last second, sending Tursas crashing into the mat. Before Tursas could get off his hands and knees, Green Ant kicked him in the abdomen as hard as possible. Taking too much time posing to the crowd saw Green Ant be dropkicked for his trouble when he turned around.

The “USA” chants infuriated Tursas, with him taking out his anger on Green by tossing him across the ring. Following a body slam, Tursas called for the moonsault. Green stopped him on the top rope, pulling Tursas off with the Olympic slam! Green tripped the charging Tursas when both men got up, dropkicking a rope draped Tursas on the side of his head. With Tursas on the floor, Green leapt from the top rope. Tursas caught him, hoping to gorilla press slam Ant on the floor. Green landed on the apron on his feet instead, kicking and knee striking Tursas. The big man was still on his feet, so Green Ant flexed up to use the Luger slam on the floor! Green Ant wasn’t done, big splashing Tursas from the top rope, on the unprotected floor!

Somehow, Tursas was the first man to reenter the ring, but Green wasn’t far behind. The fans were behind their countryman as both men traded punches and forearms. Green Ant and Tursas got into a head-butt battle until Green ran into the cross body block. Kreuz Bomb (a running Razor’s Edge) by Tursas … only gained Tursas a near fall!

The spirit of America was running through Green Ant as he stopped Tursas’ ascent of the ropes for a superplex attempt. Tursas fought Green away, but Ant refused to be stopped. Huge superplex by Green Ant dropped Tursas in the ring’s middle … for a two count!

By kicking Tursas in the back, stomach, head, Green was able to lock in that Cloverleaf. When his patented submission didn’t work, Green Ant turned his submission into a new version of the CHIKARA Special - CHIKARA Special: Green. With Tursas unable to move, and the pain running through his body, the big man had no choice but to give up. Green Ant has won the war for America!

We get a promo for the arriving Mr. Touchdown - who has to be a member of the Throwbacks.

Colt Cabana vs. Archibald Peck w/Veronica & Colt Cabunny

Before the match, we got a video package of Peck commenting on his defeating of Cabana at King of Trios, and his win streak in CHIKARA. According to Peck, when Eddie Kingston used the Backfist to the Future months ago, he actually knocked Peck into the future. Peck admitted that Veronica knew how crazy it sounded, covering her ears at the request of Peck. Peck’s diabolical plan of using his psychic powers to his advantage didn’t stop with just defeating Cabana and knowing who is going to win in future CHIKARA events. Peck hypnotized Colt Cabunny. Cabana was furious over the fact Peck abducted Colt Cabunny, and promised to fight for the rights of all cabunnies and animals because PETA just isn’t cutting it.

Peck tried to rush Cabana during Colt’s entering the ring, only for Colt to sidestep and toss Peck to the floor. Peck’s follow up charged ended the same way; as did Archibald’s cross body block when Cabana went to pick up his dropped towel as Peck sailed off the top. A soured Peck dropped to the mat, refusing to wrestle. When Peck regrouped himself mentally and charged, Cabana screamed, “Stop!” Peck followed the order, only to get side headlocked. Colt ended up in a head scissors, faking unconsciousness to be released. Peck was so excited by taking Colt down he started marching around the ring. Sadly for Peck, Colt tripped him. When Peck tried to do the same thing to Colt, Cabana caught the leg, shoving Peck’s knee into Archibald’s face. Peck was getting worked over by Colt’s antics to the point he couldn’t even stand up.

Peck used the Flair turnbuckle bump to execute a backbreaker on the incoming Colt using the top rope. Colt was stuck on the mat, having his face gouged. Peck stopped the fighting Cabana with a flipping neck breaker that almost ended Colt’s night. Some of the CHIKARMY were actually behind Peck as Colt reeled from Peck’s assault. Dropping Colt across the middle rope, Peck called for Cabunny to hit a prone Colt. Cabunny refused, but Peck didn’t lose his momentum thanks to a leg lariat. Once again, Colt collapsed following Peck’s hold - this time a sleeper. Peck didn’t know what to think as Cabana rocked in the ring as if he was half-conscious. Peck called for his finisher - the Diving Head-Butt.

At the last second, Cabana woke up, sitting up as Peck descended. Peck was out on his feet after taking missing his finisher, getting caught in the Dusty special after taking a lionsault. Peck fired back with some flip, flop, and fly action of his own. Peck took too much time winding up, allowing Cabana to get the Bionic Elbow ready. Peck was in position for the Flying Apple. Like Cabana, Peck avoided the attack at the last second. Archibald really wanted to use his version of the Flying Apple when Colt exploded out of the corner with his flying Colt Cabooty. Peck caught Cabana scaling the ropes, slamming him in position for the Diving Head-Butt … for a two count!

Peck ordered Cabunny to enter the ring and hit Cabana. Cabunny refused, allowing Cabana to shove Peck into Cabunny. Peck recovered, hitting a big boot before grabbing Veronica’s baton. Veronica argued with the referee as Peck reared back with the baton. Colt popped Peck in the mouth, knocking the baton out of Peck’s hands. Colt Cabunny looked down to find the baton beside him. Cabunny grabbed the baton, trying to figure out whom he should hit. Colt Cabunny listened to the crowd, clubbing Peck so Cabana could get the three count.

Gregory Iron vs. Icarus

For those who don’t know, Iron is the same man CM Punk and Colt Cabana helped make headlines this past summer for putting him over as one of the best wrestlers they’ve seen in quite a while. One of the main reasons for this endorsement by two of wrestling’s biggest stars on the large and small scale is the fact Iron wrestles with cerebral palsy, and doesn’t have much movement on the right side of his body. Icarus has gone out of his way to claim Iron is lying about his disability due to Iron defeating Icarus several times this year.

Icarus tried to use Iron removing his shirt to his advantage by charging Iron. Iron avoided the blindsided attack, knocking Icarus off his feet. Big hip toss and a monkey flip by Iron set up the codebreaker, and almost allowed Iron to pick up the victory. “Worst in the World!” chants rang out in Icarus’ direction, causing the hated individual to take a powder. Iron stopped Icarus’ leave, but left himself wide up for a neck breaker on the ropes when Iron rolled Icarus back in first. A suplex by Icarus set up a dropkick on Iron after an Irish whip. The fans were booing tremendously as Icarus punched Iron in the neck when Greg broke free of a chin lock. Iron was stuck on the ropes, being beaten and choked.

Icarus was looking for a suplex combination when Iron fired back with knees to set up a running bulldog. Icarus kicked out right before the three count, European uppercutting Iron when he got up. Icarus hoisted Iron off the mat for a fall away slam, only for Iron to swing himself and Icarus into a DDT. The CHIKARMY were behind Iron as he rallied to his feet. Iron avoided all of Icarus’ strikes, throwing strikes of his own before exploding with a back elbow off the middle rope. Getting the crowd behind him, Iron rushed the rising Icarus. Icarus ducked at the last second, dropping Iron to the floor. Iron somehow recovered, throwing chops. Reversing an Irish whip, Icarus sent Iron back first into the ring steps. Icarus grabbed a steel chair in hopes of bashing Iron. As the referee took the chair, Icarus grabbed his fanny pack. The pack is usually loaded with a ten to fifteen pound weight. Icarus caught Iron right between the eyes, laying him out.

As Icarus demanded the referee to count him out, Iron struggled to his feet. At the nineteen-second mark, Iron reentered the ring. Iron stumbled right into the Wings of Icarus … for a near fall!

Blocking the Blu-ray DVD, Iron unleashed some forearms and rolling elbows that cornered Icarus. Double sledge by Iron only got him a two count. Iron used the failed pin attempt to put Icarus in the crossface. Icarus rolled out of the hold to save himself. When both men got up, Icarus went for a clothesline. Iron ducked the attack, pushing Icarus into the ropes so he could roll him up. As they fell backwards, Icarus grabbed the referee to keep his balance. With Gregory struggling to pull Icarus down, and the referee out of position, Icarus was able to mule kick Iron in the testicles. Icarus hoisted a hurting Iron from his knees, hitting the Blu-ray against the turnbuckles. Icarus quickly made the cover, pinning the “Handicapped Hero”.

Icarus wanted to injury to insult to injury by whipping Iron with the referee’s belt. Suddenly, some hooded man entered the ring. It was Icarus’ former Team F.I.S.T. partner and the man Icarus turned on, Akuma. Akuma wound back with a kick, only for Icarus to duck at the last second. Akuma couldn’t stop himself in time from kicking Iron in the back of his head as Icarus ran out of the arena.

Mask vs. Eye of Tyr & Hair No Disqualification match: BDK (Ares & Tim Donst) vs. (Spectral Envoy) Ultramantis Black & Hallowicked

Another incredible video package was shown to highlight how Black, one of the biggest rudos (heels) in CHIKARA history, turned tecnico, aligning himself with former stable mates Hallowicked and Frightmare to face the BDK, and retrieve the magical Scandinavian artifact the Eye of Try - which has magical mind control powers (don’t roll your eyes at the screen). With the help of Tim Donst, and his infiltration of Black’s old Order of the Neo-Solar Temple group, the BDK stole the Eye of Tyr; which helped lead to their domination of CHIKARA in 2010. Now, alongside his old partner, Ultramantis Black hopes to right the wrongs of his past. But the only way to accomplish that is by attaining the Eye of Tyr. To goad the BDK into a match, Hallowicked and Black offered to put their masks up if they lose. But Donst must sacrifice his hair, and/or the BDK has to give up the artifact if their team isn’t victorious here.

In a promo cut earlier today, Ares, while rubbing the Eye of Tyr, promised not to lose tonight. Donst was also determined to not lose for the simple fact the two most important things in his life are the Young Lions Cup trophy and his hair (“Sorry mom.” - Donst) Ares settled a fired up Donst in his focus of defeating Hallowicked due to their rivalry over the Young Lions Cup by reminding Donst Ares is the leader of this faction; somewhat angering the man with his hair on the line.

Before the match, the ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker made sure to emphasize that the person who takes the fall is the one who loses everything. If one of the masked men is pinned, that person has to be unmasked. If Ares is pinned, he must relinquish possession of the Eye of Try. And if Donst loses, he will be shaved bald right here. In an interesting moment during the entrances, Donst didn’t do the ceremonial BDK pose alongside Ares, posing on the ropes instead.

Before the announcements could finish, the action started in the aisle. Donst and Hallowicked paired off while Black slammed Ares face first against the timekeeper’s table. Tossing Ares in the ring, the Envoy double hip tossed the leader of the BDK for a double team elbow drop. Running knee strike by Hallowicked set up Black’s butterfly suplex. Decapitation leg drop by the Envoy almost turned Ares inside out. Hallowicked followed up by using a tope on Donst, but the masked man took a worse fall than his target by hitting the guardrails head first. Donst reentered the ring, getting some help from his partner in catching a running Black with the STO.

With Ares shouting orders, Black found himself tied in the ropes, being abused by both opponents. A series of gut-wrench suplexes by Donst and running kicks from Ares didn’t put Black down while the BDK kept Hallowicked at bay on the floor. Donst made a crucial mistake going for a baseball slide, only for Hallowicked to avoid the attack prior to hitting Go 2 Sleepy Hollow on the floor!

Hallowicked clotheslined Ares to the outside with Donst so he could hit a tope on both BDK members. This time, Hallowicked was still in the fight after his dive, whipping Ares into the barricades. Black followed suit, cracking Donst’s back thanks to the guardrails. The BDK brawled their way back to an advantage, with both Envoy members being tossed into the crowd so the BDK could do some damage by suplexing both masked men through some chairs. The action finally returned to ringside when Donst went for the Donstitution on the floor. Hallowicked saved himself by elbowing Tim in the face. On the other side of the ring was Ares using the ring steps to set Black up for the Tiger Driver off the steps through several chairs he set up. Before Hallowicked could save his partner, Donst waylaid him with a chair to the back. Black blocked the Tiger Driver at the last second, back dropping Ares over him, through the chairs on the concrete floor!

Ares was out after the sickening fall that saw the back of his head bounce off the floor. In the ring, Hallowicked used the iconoclasm to drive Donst through an open chair … for a two count!

Before Hallowicked could follow up, Jakob Hammermeier entered the ring, choking the masked man. Suddenly, the big man of the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple Crossbones entered the ring, beating Jakob to the back. During this brawl, Donst cracked Hallowicked in the face with the ring bell … to gain a two count!

Placing the bell on Hallowicked’s groin, Donst rang Hallowicked bells. Donst set up a chair between the top and middle ropes in the corner. Sadly for Donst, Hallowicked reversed Tim’s Irish whip attempt, sending Donst head first into the chair. Out on his feet, Donst was wide open for Ultramantis’ Praying Mantis Driver … that got Black a near fall thanks to Ares breaking up the pin!

Low blow by Ares put Black in position for the Tiger Driver … and another two count! The fans were chanting for Ultramantis as Ares grabbed a chair. Setting up the chair in the ring’s middle, Ares actually gave Hallowicked a platform to unleash a leaping big boot that knocked Ares backwards. When Donst went to help his partner, Hallowicked stopped him. Suddenly, Donst backed off, leaving Ares all alone! With the focus returning to the ring, Black used a Cosmic Destroyer to drive Ares through the chair! Ultramantis Black quickly made the cover, pinning the leader of the BDK to regain the Eye of Tyr.

CHIKARA Grand Championship: Mike Quackenbush w/Jigsaw vs. Eddie Kingston w/Tommy Dreamer

For the first time in the nine-year history of CHIKARA, the crowning of the first singles champion was about to happen. To determine the individuals who would gain the dubious honor, the 12 Large: Summit league tourney (dedicated to the late Larry Sweeney) gave two of twelve hopefuls a chance to earn their way into CHIKARA’s first iPPV main event, and hopefully become the company’s first singles champion. By racking up four wins and only one loss, “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush won Block A of the league by last defeating Sara Del Rey (who would’ve been in the main event if she won). In Block B, Eddie Kingston toppled Jigsaw to determine Mike’s opponent. Following Kingston’s victory, Vin Gerard attacked Kingston in anger of the fact he was the only person to defeat Kingston in Block B, yet didn’t get a title shot. The attack saw Kingston’s knee get heavily damaged, and Gerard fired from CHIKARA. The question of Kingston’s ability to wrestle here was brought into question, but the first class member of the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory refused to let this opportunity pass him by.

Of course there was another wonderful video package that highlighted Kingston’s returning to his roots to train for the biggest night of his career, and Quackenbush’s multiple accomplishments that included taking on some of his heroes. Then there was Eddie Kingston’s promo. The same promo Mike Johns’ used in his “Something Completely Different” column that everyone who talks about “money” promos needs to see. Check it (http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/mikejohns/MJpromos.shtml) out before you continue reading this review.

Big fight atmosphere to say the least. An intense lock up ended in a stalemate when both men rolled into the corner. Kingston was noticeably limping when they broke clean. Rather than go hold for hold with the always-quick Quackenbush, Kingston used a simple shove, a forearm, or a knife-edge chop to free himself before Mike could drag him to the mat. Big spine buster by Kingston stopped Mike in his tracks, but his knee took away his chance to make the cover immediately after. Quackenbush saw this, tripping Eddie before slamming Eddie’s knee on the ring’s edge. Kingston fired himself up, clotheslining Mike onto the apron. When Eddie went for a suplex from the apron into the ring, Quackenbush blocked the attack, yanking Kingston’s leg prior to slamming it across the ring apron again. Eddie was almost put down for the three count early after a leg sweep-double knee stomp. The same thing happened just seconds later when Mike buzzsaw kicked Eddie’s head not once, but twice. Rather than got for the pin, Mike started wrenching Eddie’s hurt leg. Too confident in his positioning left Quackenbush open for a rear naked choke attempt by his opponent. Eddie didn’t get a good grip, allowing Quackenbush to free himself and work over Eddie’s leg again. Eddie had to claw his way to the rope so save himself.

The systematic dissection of Eddie’s right leg was almost sickening as Mike twisted and cranked Kingston’s hurt leg in ways it shouldn’t be moved. Eddie used his left leg to kick his way off the mat, back elbowing the incoming Mike in the face. Quackenbush’s sunset flip set up Kingston for a knee bar, but Kingston was close enough to the ropes to save himself. The fans were split down the middle until Mike uncharacteristically poked Eddie in the eyes to stop this match from turning into a brawl. As Quackenbush contorted Eddie’s body, several of the CHIKARA wrestlers came to ringside. Inverted atomic drop and a big boot from Eddie stopped the running “Lightning”, but actually put Quackenbush in position to kick the inside of Kingston’s right leg, dropping Kingston again. The look on Kingston’s face was almost scary as he slapped his way out of a unique leg lock Quackenbush had him in. A huge belly to back suplex-Lariat combination from Kingston turned Quackenbush upside down. Somehow, Mike blocked the follow up Backfist to the Future, hitting his Black Tornado Slam … for a near fall!

Scaling the ropes, Quackenbush connected with the Swanton, but didn’t get the three count. Both men couldn’t believe what just happened, as did the crowd. So many people were now at ringside, including Indy legend Reckless Youth! Kingston found himself in the Lightning Lock as the fans begged for Kingston not to tap out. Eddie did just that, making it to the ropes. Quackenbush sat on his knees, wondering what he had to do next. Eddie stopped another Black Tornado Slam, but not the Quackendriver III. To the shock of everyone, Eddie kicked out at the referee’s one count!

Quackenbush didn’t lose focus, double stomping the prone Kingston’s right knee. In hopes of injuring Kingston further, Quackenbush wanted to double knee stomp Eddie’s leg from the top rope. At the last second, Kingston moved out of the way, causing Mike to injure himself. Kingston started kicking Quackenbush’s legs from underneath him as the fans got behind Eddie. Mike found himself on the top rope, fighting to block the superplex. When Mike gained his balance on the top rope after knocking Eddie to the mat, Kingston unleashed the Backfist to the Future on Quackenbush’s left leg. Mike collapsed to the mat, prone for the Kondo clutch. “Tap, tap, tap!” ran through The Arena as “Lightning” crawled to the ropes.

Both men found themselves trading right hands from their knees. Quackenbush bounced off the ropes after unleashing a slew of strikes, only to run into a Lariat. Backdrop Driver by Kingston dropped Mike on his head! A dragon suplex from Kingston did the same. Eddie screamed out as Quackenbush staggered, hitting a Backfist to the Future. Mike Quackenbush was still on his feet! Wounding up, Eddie dropped “Lightning” with another Backfist to the Future. Falling on top of the unconscious Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston gained the three count to become the first Grand Champion in CHIKARA history!

Following the incredible match, Larry Sweeney’s brother Oliver and dear friend Amy, alongside CHIKARA’s Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur, presented Kingston with the Grand Championship belt. Following a long, emotional moment between Kingston and Sweeney’s friends and family, Eddie dedicated the title to his fallen brother. Kingston grabbed the microphone to declare CHIKARA the greatest promotion in the world; especially compared to New York and “that piece of crap down in Florida.” Kingston challenged anyone from anywhere to come after the first Grand Champion of CHIKARA. As the “CHIKARA” chants rang out, Kingston called it a night so he could celebrate the biggest victory of his career.

Following the credits, a confrontation between Ultramantis Black and Sinn Bodhi (Kizarny) occurred in the back. To prove he is now a man of his word after their deal from a year ago of Bodhi helping train the Batiri for the Temple fell through due to the BDK taking the Eye of Tyr, Black handed over the Eye of Tyr to Bodhi. Sinn walked off with the Eye of Tyr, saying he was done with CHIKARA. As Bodhi walked away, Black revealed another Eye of Tyr in his possession.

Is It Worth Your Money: I’ll go out there and say right now that I enjoyed this show a lot. While CHIKARA might ask you to suspend your belief more so than any wrestling promotion in the U.S. right now, it doesn’t skimp on the quality action/entertainment. It didn’t take long for my previous statement to come into play with the first match almost stealing the show. The action was fast and innovative as it was crisp - never entering the dreaded “indy-riffic” territory.

Sara Del Rey’s squash of Jakob was as entertaining as you can get, and didn’t overstay its welcome. Then the show turned a corner from good to great. Green Ant vs. Tursas was the definitive David vs. Goliath match. The big difference from the biblical story to this wrestling match was the crowd having full confidence in David Ant as he took on this monster before Green Ant did the seemingly impossible by making Tursas tap out. There were quite a few times during this show where the fans helped a make a simple story and a good match seem like something brand new and innovative.

That even goes for Cabana and Peck, too. Just a fun encounter to get the fans ready for more insane action. Icarus and Iron were very similar to Ant and Tursas in that they used a simple story to craft a wonderful match thanks to a magnificent crowd. The end not only left the story open for Iron and Icarus in Season Eleven, but Icarus and Team F.I.S.T facing the wrath of Akuma.

While the storyline for a first-time viewer might be a little confusing, the action in the semi-main event made you invest yourself into the struggle of the four men before you. As the announcers said during the contest, this was so unlike CHIKARA, but it was just as entertaining as anything on the card, that, like previous matches, left a lot of room for some interesting things in the new year.

It’s hard to put the emotion into words that anyone watching the main event experienced. Once again, it was all about the simple story perfectly told in front of a molten crowd that were supportive of the man struggling for retribution in his life, and his career. CHIKARA’s first iPPV main event represented all that’s great about pro-wrestling.

The only knock against this show is the same problem most Indy shows without weekly television suffer in their first attempt at iPPV in the lack of time to give the first-time viewer a full synopsis of what some of the biggest storylines meant to the wrestlers and the company. Thankfully, the crowd helped draw you into every match, the video packages were wonderful (something ROH hopefully implements in upcoming iPPVs), and the action helped CHIKARA Season Ten go out with a bang. Hands down, this was one of the best events of the year, and needs to be seen by every wrestling fan (and that’s not even including the DVD extra of El Generico vs. Jigsaw from the pre-show).

CHIKARA “High Noon” Is Worth Your Money.

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