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JG's 5/5/03 Raw Insanity: The Stone Cold Beer Bash From Halifax

By James Guttman
May 19, 2007, 14:27


<b>Ryan Seacrest:</b>  Hello America!  Welcome to the special results show of American Idol.  You made the choice this week as a record number of 80 bazillion million votes came in from across the country.  Tonight we send one of our finalists home.  But first we have a major announcement tonight.  In an effort to appeal to the young male demographic, we have merged with World Wrestling Entertainment.  Join us tonight for the first ever WWE Sponsored American Idol!


<i>Theme plays</i>


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Join me in welcoming my new co-host, finally taking Brian Dunkleman's place, John Coachman!


<b>Coach:</b> What up, Crest?  This is the Coach!  I'm large and in charge and tonight we crown a new American Cheese!


<b>Seacrest:</b>  American Idol.


<b>Coach:</b>  That's what I said.


<b>Seacrest: </b> No, you said American Cheese.


<b>Coach:</b>  American Cheese…mmmmmm.


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Uh, whatever.  Let's meet our judges, America!  There's been some additions.  First up, he's the Dawg that dogs the doggy dog dog dogs, Randy Jackson!


<b>Randy Jackson:</b>  Yeah!  Yeah!  Whoo!  Yeah!  What's up, baby?  Yeah!  Yeah!


<b>Seacrest:</b>  She's the sugary sweet waiflike woman who's poster hung on Full House, Paul Abdul.


<b>Paula Abdul:</b>  Can I move my seat?  This new guy is scary.


<b>Seacrest:</b>  That scary, new guy is none other than, our new judge, WWE's own Ric Flair!


<b>Ric Flair:</b>  Whooo!  Ya know, Ryan…whooo, by God, Seacrest, let the Nature Boy - whoo - tell ya this.  You can love it, or you can hate it.  But the dirtiest player in the Game knows one thing.  The best thing about this show is that we're sitting at the table, so Slick Ric, the greatest of all time - whooo - doesn't have to wear pants.


<b>Abdul:</b>  Do you see what I mean?


<b>Coachman:</b>  Shut up.  Let the Coach step in and introduce the top judge of them all.  Simon Cowell, folks.


<b>Simon Cowell:</b>  Coach, I'd love to nail your tongue to a burning building.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=""></a>


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Get in line, Simon.  Now you saw the performances last night of our final three contestants:  Diana DeGarmo, Fantasia Barrino, and Jasmine Trias.  However, with the new merger between our program and WWE, we have someone new to factor in.  Here with a stirring performance is American Idol's newest hopeful…Triple H!


<b>Triple H:</b>  <i>(Spits)</i>  She Bangs…uh!  She Bangs…uh!  Oh baby.  Yeah she moves…uh!  She moves…uh!  I go crazy.  Best in the business like YJStinger bees.  Like every…uh, something, in history.  She bangs!  She bangs!  Whatever.  I'm done.  Clap.


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Damn. Well, that was…


<b>Coachman:</b>  F**kin' awesome!  That was so good I have to change my pants!  Clap you bastards!  Clap!


<i>Audience nervously claps</i>


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Let's go to the judges.  Randy.


<b>Jackson:</b>  That was aight, ya know.  It wasn't the best stuff.  It didn't blow me away.  I wasn't like "Whoa."  It wasn't like Oh My God.  It wasn't the best stuff, but it was aight.  It wasn't as good as the stuff I did with Mabel and Oscar back in the day, but it was aight.


<b>Coachman:</b> Thank you, Randy.  Paul Anka.


<b>Paula:</b>  I'm Paula Abdul, not Paul Anka.  I thought it was pitchy at some points.  There were some glitches, but you made it your own.  Were you nervous up there?  You looked nervous up there.  I liked it.


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Thanks, Paula.  Ric.


<b>Ric Flair:</b>  Pitchy?!  Pitchy!?  I'll pitchy my boxer shorts around your head - whoo!  Hunter, I love you.  You…complete me.


<b>Coachman:</b>  That's sweet.  Finally, Simon.  It's your call.


<b>Simon:</b>  If I'm being honest…


<i>Vince McMahon runs out and whispers something in Simon's ear.</i>


<b>Simon:</b>  OK, I've been told to<i> not</i> be honest.  So, Hunter, you are amazing.  You have a bright future.


<b>Seacrest:</b>  There ya have it, America.  Now Triple, let me ask you, how does it feel joining the cast so late?  Do you feel that it might be tough to fit in?  This is your first show and tonight we crown a winner.


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=""></a>


<b>Hunter:</b>  It's an honor, Ryan.  I have the utmost respect for my supporting cast.  Performing alongside the white girl, the black girl, and the Hawaiian has been amazing for me.  I hope that I can work side by side and make some memories with the two jailbait youngins and the single-mom Tracy Chapman lookin' chick.


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Great.  Well, the votes are in, America.  We have a winner…wait a minute.  How do we have a winner?  Hunter just performed.  How did America vote already?  Something doesn't seem right.


<i>Vince McMahon runs out and whispers something in Seacrest's ear.</i>


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Thank you, Vince.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. McMahon just threatened to rip my spleen out if I didn't just read the winner.  Diana, you received 16% of the vote.  Jasmine, you got 24% of the vote.  Fantasia, you garnered 39% of the vote.  Finally, Triple H, you got…8,129% of the vote.  What?  I swear, folks, that's what's written on the card.  Uh, congrats Hunter.  If people flipped out over Jennifer Hudson, wait until this one hits the fan.


<b>Hunter:</b>  Thank you, Ryan.  Some people wait a lifetime for a…moment-uh like-uh this-uh.  Next year, my friend Shawn Michaels is going to win this show.


<b>Seacrest:</b>  You mean he's going to try out and hopefully win this show?


<b>Hunter:</b>  No, I mean he's going to <i>win </i>the show. 


<b>Seacrest:</b>  Gotcha.  That does it America.  Seacrest out!


<b>Coachman:</b>  Coachman in!


<b>Seacrest:</b>  What the hell does that mean?


<b>Coachman:</b>  I don't know.  Who cares?  I'm gonna wrangle me up some American Cheese!  Yum!




What are you doing?  You're watching American Idol?  Change the channel!  Raw's on!  There's a Battle Royal and Lita's got a question to answer.  Hurry up!  Put Spike TV on!  Oh…phew.  It's the end of Star Trek.  We still have time.  Buckle up, it's time for Monday Night Raw!


<b><i>May 17, 2004...San Diego, California</b></i>


Raw Theme Plays.  No matter how much this song annoys me, I'm thankful for one thing.  Chris Jericho isn't singing it.


<b>Just a Thought:</b> <i>I really hope that Kane's request to Lita was that she never do commentary again.  </i>


Lita runs around the ring while we rewatch Trish fooling her last week.  Jim Ross didn't find it funny.  I did.


<b>(1) Trish Stratus pinned Lita after a distraction from Kane</b>  There's so much about Stratus's character that has been built.  If anything, she's the only female performer on Raw with character development.  She stepped out to the familiar lighting and music, but instead of throwing a hat, just stood there.  During the match, she talked trash to both Lita and the crowd.  Altogether, Trish has shown a definite improvement as a heel.  Burying her at ringside for Christian is just a waste.  There's nothing wrong with being together with him and Tyson Tomko, but she can still wrestle while she is.  With the mish moshed diva division as it is, they need Stratus back badly.  I actually dug this match, even though the crowd didn't react as much.  It went on a bit long though and dragged towards the middle.  The end was logical with Kane showing up on the TitanTron just after an awkward Final Cut/Twist of Fate and calling "Leeee-tahhhh."  (JG Note:  It was like those old White Castle of Fear Movies when Vader would cry out "Sting-er!"  There.  Now <i>you</i> have it stuck in your head too.)  Distracted, Amy finds herself rolled up by the evil Canadian.  With her feet on the ropes, Strats gets the pinfall. 


After the stolen victory, Kane continues his speech.  He didn't mean to distract you.  All he wants is an answer.  Yes or no?  (JG Note:  <a href="" target="_blank">I can wait all night.  What's it gonna be, boy?  Yes or no?</a>)  The answer best come tonight, woman!  You best pray that it's the right one too!  On that note, Yul Brenner laughs and Jim Ross wonders what the question might be.  It's the same question we all wonder, J.R.  Why are we here?  What's our purpose?  It's puzzled great minds for centuries.  Let's all think about that while we watch this commercial.


Commercial Break.  <a href="" target="_blank">Chavo Guerrero Senior and Chong's Next Movie</a> is on Spike TV this week.


Randy Orton hits the ring and he's got a little confession to make.  He digs talking about himself.  He talks about how he beat up Mick Foley at WrestleMania and Backlash.  He talks about beating Edge last week.  He's also the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in the last seven years!  Tonight's the night for Evolution.  You see, first Randy is going to step into the ring with Deacon Dave Batista by his side and win the tag titles.  After all that jazz, he's going to the Battle Royal for one reason…to protect Triple H.  (JG Note:  Or as it's more commonly called: "Pulling a Stephanie.")  Young Randall is on such a roll that it can only be stopped by generic rap music.


<i>Hey Charlie!  How you been?  Things are great on Raw.  I beat Triple H.  I'm feuding with Randy Orton.  I beat Ric Flair.  Yes, sir.  This is Shelton Benjamin's world.  How's by you?


Great.  Uh, great.  Last week, uh, Rico grabbed my ass.</i>


Shelton Benjamin is here to stop the Legend Killer from recruiting more cult members for the Game.  Listen up, Ace Cowboy, Benji didn't hear you right.  Tonight's about Evolution?   You said tonight's about Trips winning the Battle Royal?  Did you say that Hunter was the best wrestler alive?  Here's some history, Shelly beat Mr. Helmsley, not once but twice.  Now choke on that.  Tonight's all about Benjamin winning the Battle Royal and going to Bad Blood.  Randy makes nice and tells him to calm down.  That was luck, buddy.  You're no match for the Evolvers.  Just for clarification, SB asks if Orton thinks he's better than him.  Randy doesn't miss a beat.


<i>"I know I'm better than you!"</i>

<b> - Randy Orton, 9:20pm</b>


Oh, is that so?  After spouting out a forced saying about opportunity meeting preparation or something, Benjamin gives an idea.  How about the Intercontinental goes on the line and you step into the ring with Shelton, Randy?  Nut up.  It's go time.  Randy rejects said offer.  He calls Benjamin "uppity" and says that this is the precise problem with "you people."  According to Orton, you give them an inch and they take a mile.  (JG Note:  I'm surprised it took them this long to mention his race.  It's not that racial comments are so much offensive to viewers, it's that it's sort of lazy writing.  It's cheap heat and pigeonholes a performer that has so much more to offer than just his skin color.)  The answer is no!  Mr. B. tells Orton that instead of putting up, he should try getting up.  Get up from what?  Why, a punch in the face, of course!  Benji swings away and the Cowboy's kid goes down.  He's saved from a further beating by Judge Smails Ric Flair.    This was a pretty good spot.  Just seeing Randy Orton in the ring lately shows how over they've gotten him.  At this point, it's just a matter of time for him.  Speaking of time, it's time for the commercials.


Retro-Commercial Break. <i> At work and at play-ay, when you get that hungry feeling anytime of the day….Combos really cheeses that hunger away.</i>


Evolution is backstage and they're all gassing each other up.  They wish each other good luck and laugh about how the future of the group will begin tonight with Hunter's Battle Royal win.  They're all so happy.  Say what you want about Triple H, but he's a pretty supportive friend.  We can learn a lot from them.   Aw.  They're like the Care Bears with muscles and tattoos.


William Regal is bugging out with his protégé' Eugene.  You did good last week, Gene, but don't get your hopes up.  Willie tries to calm down his eager charge, but is interrupted.  Eric Bischoff is here and you can tell he's mad because he's wearing his Drew Carey glasses.  He takes them off and pulls William aside.  Look, Bill, Eugene may have won, but things are going to change this week.  We're going to humiliate Dinsmore.  You let him go to the ring for an interview…alone.  When it's all over, Eugene Dinsmore won't want to show his face on television again!  (JG Note:  If anyone knows about being in a position where you should never show your face on television again - it's Eric.)


J.R. is pissed off about all this!  He's hoppin' mad!  Hoppin'!  Tonight Gene's not even making the Battle Royal.  How's that?  Not just that, but because of Uncle Eric's suspension last week, Shawn Michaels won't be here either.  Here - watch this tape.


<b>Video: </b><i>HBK Gets Suspended - World in Shock</i>


Commercial Break.  Honey, I'm back from Blockbuster.  They were all out of the <a href="" target="_blank">Special Edition of Angel Heart</a>, so I rented "Devil's Kidney" instead.


<b>Three weeks ago…</b>


<i>Hey Lita, I have a question for you.  Did you like Bewitched better after they replaced Dick York?  Yes or no?  Let me know on Raw in a few weeks…</i>


Last week Kane beat up Val Venis and Subway is bringing me Bad Blood. 


<b>(2) Kane pinned Val Venis after a Chokeslam</b>  I guess Val's recently updated his look.  He had bright purple tights with "Livin' Large" written on his ass and his left arm was taped up in black, looking like Jake Roberts's old cobra handling glove.  So much for the gimmick  update.  It didn't do him any good.  Kane wins!  Kane wins!  Kane wins!


After the three count, Matt Hardy rushes the ring and begins unloading on the Big Red Machine with lefts and rights.  Enraged, Matt retrieves a chair and returns to the ring.  Smart move.  Kane-o kicks him down, ties him to the Tree of Woe, and chokes him with the video cord.  Gasping for air, Matt Hardy Version Owwww  is pulled out of the corner.  Big Red wraps the chair around his throat and steps on the leg, choking him out.  After what seems like forever, Lita runs out and begs her big bald stalker to release her on-again-off-again love interest.  You want an answer?  It's yes!  OK?  Let him go! 


Kane does indeed let go.  He hugs Lita from behind and then makes his exit.  What did Lita just agree to?  Something tells me that Paul Bearer's little boy is gonna get him some.


Up next:  The U.S. Canadians versus the Living Legend and the creature from a lake in Ohio.


Commercial Break.  WWE's Smackdown Your Vote Campaign hopes to get one million new voters.  I don't know about you, but I see a lot of people during the week and  I don't want some of these people to vote.  Let's just get another million voters.  Educated voters?  No.  Interested voters?  No.  Just voters.  Is this some sort of numbers contest?  It sort of negates the whole idea when you're going for quantity and not quality.


Edge and Chris Benoit are the first two out.  They await the Evolutionary challengers.


<i>Hey Hunter, have you seen Batista?


Ha ha ha.  I told him that I'd give him another $100,000 if he injured Goldberg again.  Ha ha.  He's on his way to his house with a bat right now!


Ha ha.  That's funny.  Should we call Bill and warn him?


No!  Ah hahahahaha!</i>


<b>(3) World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit &amp; Edge defeated Randy Orton &amp; Batista when Benoit forced Orton to submit</b>  This was a really good match.  I was sort of surprised that they would put on such a solid match halfway through the show as it was definitely a potential night stealer.  All four worked well with one another and offered a chance to see Randy Orton and Chris Benoit work together at a time when both are on top of their games.  Edge and Batista also carried their ends too and added to an altogether terrific match.  The only thing that bothers me is that the tag titles being worn by Benoit and Edge is illogical.  If both men had nothing going on, it would be a stroke of genius.  Unfortunately, they do.  Chris Benoit can defend his World Title.  Edge can pursue his singles work.  This match just added to it.  Even if they <i>lost</i>, it would still be the Intercontinental Champion tied up with the tag belts.  Right back to the same problem again.  It looked like that might happen in an awesome near fall.  The Wolverine climbed the buckles and attempted a Swan Dive Headbutt on Randy.  Unbeknownst to the Atlanta Canadian, Orton clutched his title in his arms and positioned it to nail him in the head on the way down.  Randy covered him, but only got a two count.  It was a really good spot.  R.O. got up and ran to Ric Flair, who was on the apron, but Edge speared the two of them.  (JG Note:  I wonder if Ric Flair will explain why he doesn't like fans using insider terms in <a href="" target="_blank">his upcoming book.</a>)  Reeling, Orton finds his arm grabbed by the Crippler and a Crossface slapped on.  The Living Legend taps out.


Backstage, William Regal is trying to give Eugene a pep talk.  At one point, he almost tells him about Eric Bischoff's evil plans, but doesn't.  (JG Note:  William Regal is experiencing what you hu-mans call com-pas-sion.)  Good luck, Geney-boy.  Good luck.


Commercial Break.  WWE says that Smackdown is coming to my backyard, Nassau Coliseum on June 8th.  Phew!  Thanks for the warning. 


Pettingle-of-the-Month, Todd Grisham is standing in the ring and introduces Eugene.  Once in the ring, Gene hugs him.  He's just so happy to be here.  Quick quiz: What ruins Raw happiness the easiest?


Coachman's here and just in time.  (JG Note:  <a href="" target="_blank">For Round Five - Click here.</a>)  He talks down to the new guy and makes him leave.  Hazed by the Coach - that sucks.  Johnny C asks the questions tonight.  Eugene, don't you know what's going on?  The Coach tells Gene that he's a joke, not a wrestler.  These people don't like you!  They laugh at you!  You don't belong here, son.   (JG Note:  Coachman could do this speech in the mirror.)  No one likes you.  You have no friends.  You never had a girlfriend.  Ha ha.  You have no friends.  Now you should just get the hell out of here.  Go on!  Go away!  Nobody likes you!  With that, the sad Dinsmore leaves the ring and gets up the aisle.  I'm prepared for a flat and stupid ending when suddenly…


<i>Hey, I told you to cue the Rock.  What the hell is that?


That's my pet Rock.  I must have misunderstood you.


You're fired.</i>


Holy Crap, America.  It's the Rock!  It's the Rock!  Jim Ross might keel over with excitement cause it's the Rock!  This is just perfect.  It was unadvertised and the Rock's appearance reinforces the old money-making mentality that "if you don’t tune in, you don't know what you'll miss."  It was masterfully done and saved for the right moment.


We get a "finally the Rock has come back" thing and an assurance that Eugene isn't "going nowhere." Dinsmore has no friends?  Nah-ah.  Coachman speaks for the people?  Nah-ah.  Only one man knows the people (JG Note:  George Washington?)  That man's the Rock.  (JG Note:  Oh.)  It's definitely not Coachman, who's a walking "Popcorn Fart."  Rocky then pledges his friendship to Eugene.  Just like the big song from Saved By The Bell, you'll be Friends Forever!  These people like you too, Nicky D.  Here - Rock will tell them to chant your name and they will.  With that, the crowd chants his name.  (JG Note:  That's pretty crazy.  Few guys can say they'll make the crowd chant something and just know that they will.)  He then has them chant "Screw the Coach."  Future <a href="" target="_blank">Hall of Famer</a> Rocko tells Dinsmore that it would be an honor to be his friend.  He then says that the fans around the world need to chant "Popcorn Fart" at Coachman each week.  Is swear to God, if this man can get people to chant "Popcorn fart," I will give him huge respect.  It's the stupidest thing he's come up with yet.  I wonder if he bet someone that he could make the fans chant something ridiculous.  Coachman stops him.


<i>"That's real funny, Rock.  Real funny.  I guess you need to do this kind of stuff to make you feel better about yourself.  You see, the last time we saw each other, you were getting your ass kicked all over Madison Square Garden at WrestleMania 20.  So you have no right to be making fun of the Coach!"</i>

<b> - Coachman, 10:26pm</b>


The Rock concedes the point and asks if that's what Coach really thinks.  John answers and Eugene tells him that it doesn't matter what he thinks, prompting another chant.  Rocky tells him that besides Mick Foley, he's the only one who could use his catchphrases.  He asks Gene who his boy is.  He says the Rock.  Who is the People's Champ?  He says the Rock.  And who is your favorite wrestler of all time?  He says Triple H.  What, what, what?  No one can believe it.  Maivia asks him what's up with liking Triple H?  Eugene says that they both like to play Games.  Maivia tells him that Hunter's Games are hide the strudel…Lillian Garcia knows about hiding the strudel - whoo hoo!  Let's play a Game tonight.  We'll base it on audience response.  Cheer for your favorite!  Checkers and Dodgeball don't get a good reaction.  The "Eugene beating Coachman's Ass" game does.


It also prompts Garrison Cade to come out and attack the Rock.  He gets in kicks while Eugene gets tossed over the rope.  Rocko regains his composure and joins his new best friend in pummeling the Coachmancades.  The Brahma Bull Rockbottoms J.C. and leaves him in People's Elbow position.  His soul mate, Eugene, is granted the honor of landing the most electrifying move in sports entertainment. They celebrate and the crowd's ecstatic.  This was one of WWE's best booked segments, and thus far best booked TV shows, this year.


Commercial Break.  If you win Stacker 2's contest, you could have a chance to win a million dollars at a live WWE event.  If you let the Rockers break you in half, you could win 26 million.


Last night, John Layfield guaranteed that he would be victorious.  He never said he would win the World Title.  Guess what?  He won, but by disqualification, so he didn't win the World Title.  Not only is Bradshaw a financial mastermind, he's a psychic. 


<b> Kane won a Number One Contender Battle Royal</b>  This was one of the best put together Battle Royals I've seen.  Usually the main objective of one of these is to get all but five guys out of the ring and then just play around with the big names.  This wasn't like that.  Everyone had a chance to work with someone else and they played their parts well.  While I guess I can see the point that making Hunter the centerpiece of the Battle Royal looks like another case of him stealing the spotlight, I don't necessarily agree.  Triple H has been used well in the last few months.  The only criticism left is how he's still being booked above the World Title.  That notwithstanding, this card and match weren't overshadowed by anyone.  It was  a group effort by all the undercard segments and the guys in the main event.  The guy they call S.H.I.T. was out early.  <a href="" target="_blank">Poor Rosey.</a>  Chris Jericho's elimination was a bit awkward.  Deacon Dave tossed him into the corner and Y2J+4 went over.  He looked as though he planned to hold on and climb the buckles, but fell.  His knee hit the post and then the stairs.  He fell to the ground clutching his knee and it looked pretty brutal.  The finish didn't make much sense, but has been accepted before.  It was Shawn Michaels playing the role of Giant Gonzales in 1993 by entering the match without being involved and making a key elimination.  After working his alliance like Boston Rob, Hunter had his buddies by his side until close to the end.  They were each eliminated, though.  Eventually it came down to Hunter, Edge, and Kane and then finally just Trips and Big Red one-on-one.  The Boy Toy showed up and beat down his arch enemy.  To end the contest, the Midnight Rocker clotheslines the H-Man to the floor.


<u><b><i>Elimination Order</i></b></u>

<b>1.  Johnny Nitro by Kane

2.  Steven Richards by Batista

3.  Rosey by Kane

4.  Rob Conway by Maven

5 &amp; 6.  Maven &amp; Val Venis by Triple H

7.  Sylvan Grenier by Chris Jericho

8.  Garrison Cade by Chris Jericho

9.  Rhyno by Batista

10. Hurricane by Batista &amp; Triple H.

11. Ric Flair by Chris Jericho

12. Chris Jericho by Batista

13. Batista by Edge

14. Edge by Randy Orton

15. Randy Orton by Shelton Benjamin

16. Shelton Benjamin by Triple H

17. Triple H by Shawn Michaels</b>


Kane wins and the crowd cheers, but isn't sure why.  Shawn escapes through the crowd and the Game is flipping out.  The suspended Shawn Michaels has showed up and shaken the Game to his core.  Jim Ross is screaming his head off, as is Triple H.  Everyone yells and we fade to black.


<b>All in all…</b> This was a really well booked show with a great balance between wrestling, surprises, and overall flow.  Little, if anything, was filler.  Altogether, this was one of WWE's most solid Raw efforts this year.


Trish Stratus proved why she's been one of the best "divas" WWE has every paid for.  She has wrestling ability that shines through with each performance and her heel showing tonight was amazing.  She's settled well into her new role and has been pretty impressive in the last year or so, standing apart from the rest. 


I don't like the Eugene gimmick.  I've said it before.  Tonight it didn't really matter.  WWE did the best they could possibly do to take Dinsmore to the next level, and they did it well.  The whole angle between Coachman and Eugene could have been another letdown with Gene getting off TV for a few weeks while Regal tries to coax him back, but it wasn't.  It was great usage of the Rock.  Having a big name show up sporadically and give a new star a ringing endorsement works long-term.  Long-term, they laid some nice groundwork for Eugene.  If this segment doesn't get him over big, nothing ever will.  It was a big boost to his character.


The Edge/Benoit-Evolution tag was great.  The only complaint I have is the afterthought of a title the Tag straps are.  In many ways, they're weighing Edge and Chris down.  The two can't concentrate on singles goals every show.  With a World Title to defend and an Intercontinental Title to win, you'd think they'd want to stay out of the tag scene.  All that aside, the match itself was solid wrestling.


The Battle Royal was really good too, which surprised me.  I'm usually not into Battle Royals, but this week was an exception.  They not only forwarded feuds, but also gave some anticipated match ups.  Ultimately, it showed that Raw has a pretty good group of talents to work with.  They definitely delivered a strong main event.


The few matches WWE gave tonight were good.  The rest of the show was good too.  Impressive Raw and strong effort.


Thanks for reading.  See you next Monday.  Be Well!

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