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All Good With Aaron Wood: Looking At The New Season of WWE's New Fantasy League

By Aaron Wood
Jan 22, 2007, 13:39


And so, here we are again, as the WWE heads from the Royal Rumble to the Granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania, the fans of the Interweb get to play pick 'em with the WWE Fantasy Game. And once again, World Wrestling Insanity has it's own league within the game, and it's our biggest yet, with 28 teams taking part.

And once again, our very own Mike Rickard, via will be supplying a small prize. However, we shouldn't forget about the WWE's own prize, which a couple of our league came very close to winning last time.

I will be here every week, giving my own personal thoughts on who could be big points scorers and such like. Feel free to ignore everything that's written here, but you never, you may find a spark of inspiration...

This season starts with a four show week, and it just so happens that the fourth show is gonna feature damn near everyone on the roster, so you can't go far wrong in terms of points, depending on exactly who you pick.

In terms of the Rumble, each person in it will score 3 points for a Specialty Match, the winner will score 5 points and every elimination will score 2 points. Chances are that the bigger men will see a number of eliminations each, especially Great Khali, since this is his first Rumble match, and assuming he's facing Hogan at Wrestlemania, there would be money in putting him over big here so they can back up their claims of dominance later on.

Aside from the Rumble match, we have all three main titles on the line. John Cena and Umaga will be facing each other in a Last man Standing match, which will score Title match points, Specialty Match points, and more likely than not, weapons usage points too. And as I see it, with HHH out, and given my opinion that the Rumble match is Undertaker's to lose, then I wouldn't discount them taking the belt off of Cena to have him chase until Mania. However, I personally, am still going with Orton as Cena's foe.

The World and ECW Title matches are normal title matches, and in Smackdown's case, it's highly unlikely, in my view, that they will change the title. ECW isn't cut and dried either, as they may use this chance to switch the title and try and get Lashley over by having him chase the belt. Personally, however, I wouldn't be hugely tempted to take anyone in these matches (although Test is a relatively paltry 3 million), favouring potential scoring opportunities in the Rumble match.

Also announced for the PPV is a tag team match between MNM and the Hardy Boyz. With the Hardys and Nitro entered into the Rumble, there is potential for these men to appear, if not wrestle, on RAW, Smackdown and then twice at the PPV.

Elsewhere, HBK fended off Rated RKO last week on RAW. Will I would expect the Rumble to dominate proceedings, I wouldn't ignore this in terms of possibilities. They are all in the Rumble too, remember.

In terms of Smackdown's TV this week, we already had the 6 Man-Rumble announced for this week, and even has names available. All of them will also be in the Rumble match on Sunday, so there are really big points scoring opportunities to come there.

It's hard to see where points from ECW guys come from this week, as with the sole possible exception of CM Punk, and even then, he's in the doghouse, they likely won't make much of an impact on the Rumble match. However, if you have a couple of spare millions lying around, then the former Monty Brown, Marquis Cor Von, will likely get a match on TV (and possibly a spot in the Rumble match, with three currently going spare), or if you only have a spare 1.5 million, Kelly Kelly will be almost exposing herself once more this week.

All in all, it's a very tough week to go wrong. It's really just a matter of how right you can get it...

Well, that’s all I got for this week’s picking, but I’ll be back soon enough for Friday Night Smackdown, but for now, I believe I’ve fulfilled my contractual obligations. For reading this, and continuing to support World Wrestling Insanity, you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow…

I’m out.

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