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Mallory looks at UFC Fight Night and more…

By Mallory Mahling
Jan 24, 2007, 11:22


Tomorrow night (January 25) will be UFC Night on Spike TV.  The evening will start out with another of the exceedingly popular UFC Fight Nights and will end with the debut of the new season of “Pros and Joes,” which will feature Randy Couture as one of the Pros.  He has promised to tie the Joes up in knots…and don’t think he won’t.


UFC Fight Night will air live from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, beginning at 8:00 p.m. (ET).  On paper, the card looks exciting.    As the saying goes, “Styles make fights,” and there are plenty of styles represented.


The main event will be a former winner of The Ultimate Fighter, Rashad Evans, vs. Sean Salmon.  Evans took a lot of grief from Matt Hughes, one of the coaches during his TUF season.  However, he has since proven that he’s the real deal, and I wonder if Hughes might like to eat some of those harsh words now.  Nah . . . probably not.


Jake O'Brien vs. Heath Herring is also on the card.  Herring was part of one of the most truly bizarre matches in MMA history.  On New Year’s Eve of 2005, he was set to fight Yoshihiro Nakao in an F-1 match.  The two got as far as the staredown, when Nakao leaned in and gave Herring a smooch on the lips.  Right on the lips!  What was Nakao thinking????  A repulsed Herring responded by punching Nakao in the face and knocking him out cold, then wiping the cooties off his lips.  If you’d like to see Herring put Nakao’s lights out, go to for a look at the video clip.

Also on the card:


- Lightweights Hermes Franca vs. Spencer Fisher


- Dean Lister vs. Nate Marquardt


Matches that may not air on live TV are:


- Welterweights Chad Reiner vs. Josh Burkman


- Ed Herman vs. Chris Price


- Lightweights Clay Guida vs. Din Thomas


- Ross Pointon vs. Rich Clementi



* * *


Coming up a week from Saturday (February 3) will be “UFC 67: All or Nothing.”  Of particular interest will be the Middleweight Title fight between Anderson Silva and Travis Lutter, who earned his title shot on the most recent season of TUF.  Those who’ve watched Silva in action may be tempted to think he’ll walk right through Lutter, but don’t count Travis out just yet.  The exciting thing about MMA is the spontaneity.  Nothing is a given.   


The card was also supposed to feature TUF winner Matt Serra challenging Georges St. Pierre for the Welterweight Title.  Unfortunately, St. Pierre suffered a knee injury in training and had to withdraw from the February 3 pay-per-view.  The Serra vs. St. Pierre match will take place at a later date.


The card will also feature the highly-anticipated UFC debuts of Mirko “Cro Cop” and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.  Cro Cop will take on Eddie Sanchez, and Jackson will do battle with Marvin “The Beast” Eastman.


Also on the card is Scott Smith vs. Patrick Cote.  If you saw the finale of TUF 4, you’ll remember Smith winning his match with a knockout that had to be seen to be believed—and even then it made your jaw drop.


So if the card for the “Royal Rumble” isn’t as appealing as in past years, hang onto those pay-per-view dollars for one more week.  Ordering “UFC 67: All or Nothing” would be money well spent.



* * *




*  * *


Thanks for reading and see ya next week.

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