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All Good With Aaron Wood: Looking At The WWE Fantasy League - Week Two

By Aaron Wood
Jan 29, 2007, 16:16


DISCLAIMER: The following is based on personal opinion and is based on no more prior knowledge than information made available by the WWE at time of publication. Any information or ideas utilised by WWE Fantasy players in the following article is done so at the player's own risk...


We are less than 24 hours after the Rumble but the WWE is fully up to date so before we get into this coming week, let's see how last week panned out.

Starting with our own league inside the game, we are now up to 35 players. It is of course free for anyone to join in.

The league name is: worldwrestlinginsanity

And the password you will require is: guttman

Since there are so many teams in the league, let's take a look at the countdown of the top 10 teams at the moment!

01: Millennium Men - 513 pts

02: Torch Wood - 461 pts

03: A Team They Call Swish - 458 pts

04: ReturnOfTheNewBlack - 453 pts

05: AJ Styles - 431 pts

06: ChristianCoalition - 431 pts

07: CMPunk4Life - 411 pts

08: Lionheart - 401 pts

09: SuperJiggy - 399 pts

10: Marty Jannettys YabaDabaDoo Kids - 397 pts

The even better news is that both the Millennium Men and (my own, I'm happy to say...) Torch Wood, appear in the list of overall top teams at joint second and 185th respectively!

And who are the men who propelled the top 10 teams to such high scores after ONE week? Let's find out...

This Week's MVP (that Isn't necessarily Montel Vontavious Porter...)

There is absolutely no contest on that front this week, and he is the man I predicted to score big this last week, The Great Khali! he scored the highest number of points out of everyone (scoring 76 points, to Edge's 70), and he was a snip at only 2.5 million. The next best would probably be MVP, as he was good value scoring 56 points for only 3 million of your budget.

Bust Of The Week

Out of those who appeared on WWE TV in the last week, the worst return for your outlay has to have come from the challengers to the WWE and World Titles, Umaga and Ken Kennedy, who, while costing 4 million each, scored 23 and 16 points respectively. While they, unlike some didn't have the chance to appear in the Rumble match where big points could be obtained, you would have to be disappointed in the return for you outlay. Especially in Umaga, since he was in a Speciality match.

Dark Horse Of The Week

The person who scored the most points that you would be surprised about would have to be MNM's Joey Mercury. At the beginning of the week, he was only slated to wrestle in the tag match at the PPV, unlike everyone else in that match, who also had rumble appearances to make later. But as it happened, he wrestled on RAW and Smackdown as well. He didn't score the most points out of anyone between the Hardys and MNM, but if you took a punt with a spare 2.5 million, then you were rewarded well with 49 points.


As is often the way with the WWE after a PPV, it is holding it's cards close to it's chest. Especially after a Wrestlemania-starting PPV such as the Rumble.

In terms of RAW, I would expect HBK to feature a lot this week, given his performance in last night's Rumble. And it also wouldn't surprise me if what HBK does tonight had a fair amount to do with Rated RKO too, especially since he eliminated both of them last night.

The RAW preview also hints at a possible challenger being decided for John Cena at Wrestlemania, although I find it unlikely. In terms of how they get there, I would also find it unlikely that they'd do a tournament, as that's what they did last year, but you never know. Given how every report these days seem to state any combination of Cena, HBK, Orton and/or Edge, I would suffice that for the next few weeks at least, it's a good idea to take a selection of them, if not all. Also, after their little bit last night, it wouldn't surprise me if Vince ordered Cena into action tonight.

Speaking of Vinny Mac, also pimped for tonight is "Mr. McMahon Fan Appreciation Day". While you can't buy Big Vince for your team, since Khali and THE COACH~! have been around during Vince's segments recently, then you could take a punt with you spare change on one or both of them. Indeed, I would expect them to feature Khali all the way until Wrestlemania, as he will get some sort of spot, and will need to look strong until then. However, without any other details on what Vince has planned, then I can't say much else there.

Smackdown, of course, had more of an "urgency" about it. Not only does it have the Rumble winner in Undertaker, but it also has a PPV coming up between now and April 1st, in No Way Out. I would say that Undertaker will feature quite highly until his title shot form this point, although he does have the tendency to disappear sometimes, and may not feature as heavily as he could with the extra PPV in the way. It's not like last year when someone could contest for the spot, because there's no-one to goad Taker into putting his spot up for grabs.

In terms of Ken Kennedy, I personally fancy him to manoeuvre himself into getting a rematch, after the visual pinfall in his match at the Rumble, which will fill time until No Way Out. I would say that this week, Kennedy would be a good man to pick, because he'll probably wrestle some form of match and cut a promo.

The only other immediate piece of news to come out of the Rumble last night was the elimination of King Booker and subsequent shenanigans with Kane. I fully expect this to be followed up, and more likely than not a No Way Out match. Without knowing exactly what will be said or done on Smackdown however, I would suggest that you pick up Kane, as he will likely have the same involvement in the show as Booker, if not actually more, while being 1 million cheaper than his royal adversary.

I would also expect some sort of challenge made to Chris Benoit with a view to No Way Out, although who that it is pretty much a crapshoot. It might be an idea to look at Benoit this week and take the challenger after that. Same with Kendrick and London, with the Ashley spread upcoming. Hearing more about her is more than likely to mean hearing more from the tag holders.

ECW is again a tough call, with it being only an hour long. With Test taking a powder in the ECW Title match, there is surely an angle behind it, which will be followed up this week. One rather interesting note is that the preview of this week's show pimps CM Punk's performance in the Rumble match. Indeed, he was in there for the third longest time. He is also in the midst of a feud with Matt Striker. Out of anyone, I would say that Punk could be this week's "impact player" in terms of the fantasy game.

Of course, Kelly Kelly returned last week for his "Extreme Expose", bringing the Diva Search winner, Layla, and a new girl called Brooke, to the "party". They'll probably do it again this week, just to annoy every right-minded fan. Put some money on one of them if you have it. Or all of them, if you're insane.

Now, that's all I've got for this week, but here is where I hope you will come in from now on. If you think you have any worthwhile tips on who you think could score big points in the upcoming week, then please feel free to send them along to me! Obviously, at this point, I'm asking for tips for week 3, and please, don't say people like Terry Funk, who isn't going to appear, but yet for some bizarre reason is still available, to deliberately throw people off. This game is for fun, you know. But other than that, all reasonable tips will get posted next week!

You can contact me by either e-mailing me at, or if you are a member of the fabulous forums of this site, log on there and send me a Personal Message.

However, with that in mind, that’s all I got for this week’s picking, but I’ll be back soon enough for Friday Night Smackdown. But for now, I believe I’ve fulfilled my contractual obligations, and for reading this, and continuing to support World Wrestling Insanity, you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow…

I’m out.

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