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Surreal Chyna, Officer Trish, Brooke Hogan - Mallory Looks At This Week in Pop Culture

By Mallory Mahling
Jan 31, 2007, 10:47


“Armed & Famous” finds some love


What was CBS thinking? 


“Armed & Famous,” the reality show that took celebrities and turned them into reality cops in Muncie, Indiana, failed to make it in the ratings, so the network has unceremoniously dropped it from the schedule, saying it may return in the summer.  (That's sort of like WWE wishing the folks it fires "best of luck in their future endeavors.")


If you ask me, the failure was not the fault of the talent (which included wrestling’s own Trish Stratus) as much as it was the fault of CBS and whoever scheduled it opposite “American Idol.”


It’s pretty much a given that anything airing opposite “American Idol” won’t be watched.  It really is a shame, since all of the realty cops—Trish, Erik Estrada, Wee Man, and even the unlikely duo of LaToya Jackson and Jack Osbourne—took their jobs seriously and showed a different, more responsible side of themselves.  I could have done without LaToya freaking out over housecats, but I guess there needed to be some kind of Jackson Family eccentricity.


Good news for A&F fans, however.  It was announced this week that VH-1, television's pop culture headquarters, has picked up "Armed & Famous."  Given the number of times VH-1 repeats its shows, you'll be able to catch up on the episodes you missed and see how the series plays out. 


It looks like CBS actually did A&F a favor by cancelling it. 


Chyna’s Surreal Life


When “Surreal Life – Fame Games” debuted on VH-1 a few weeks ago, Chyna moved into the house looking almost demure.  Unfortunately, she was among the first of the celebrity houseguests relegated to the “B List” (this season has been brutal on fragile celebrity egos), and has since become more like the Chyna we all remember.  And not in a good way. 


Too bad she was already on the “B List,” since one of the challenges for the “A Listers” was something that was she’d already done in her SurReal Life.  The challenge was to make a scandalous home video.  You do remember her very own home video with Sean Waltman, don’t you?  It might not have done her any good, however, since the housemate with the most experience acting in naughty movies, adult film star Ron Jeremy, didn’t win that challenge either.


Oddly enough, “Surreal Life” can be a growing experience for the celebs.  Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) spent his previous season on “Surreal Life” being touchy about any number of topics.  Eric Estrada had helped Ice-Ice-Baby put things into perspective.  This season, Van Winkle assumed the role of mentor, counseling Verne Troyer on dealing with hurt feelings (caused by Chyna, incidentally), and sharing Estrada’s words of wisdom:  Take the harsh words and wipe your ass with them.  Crudely put, but good advice.


Brooke-tini in a bikini


Moving right along to “Hogan Knows Best” ...


After being the ultimate stage parent in his efforts to launch daughter Brooke’s singing career, Hulk Hogan was shocked to find that her layout in a men’s magazine was…well…just a bit racy.  In last week’s episode, Hulk and Nick were on a mission to buy every copy of the magazine in the greater Miami area to make sure none of the neighbors saw it.  (Chances are the neighbors won’t be watching this episode of the show, right?)


Did HulkaDaddy not realize that in trying to turn his daughter into the next Pop Tart that some sleaze and doctored interviews would come along with it?


To her credit, Brooke seems to have a good head on her shoulders, so I doubt we’ll be seeing her cavorting wildly with Paris or Brittany, but HulkaDaddy is being pretty naive when it comes to things like skimpy outfits and questionable photo layouts.  He, more than anyone, should know how to play the fame game. 


But if there was no controversy—either work or shoot—I guess it wouldn’t make for good TV, would it?


* * *


Thanks for reading and see ya next week.

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