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Candice Michelle, the IFL, and Travis Lutter - Mallory Looks at This Week's Ironies

By Mallory Mahling
Feb 7, 2007, 09:17


The Thrill of Victory…the Agony of Embarrassment

Travis Lutter seemed to be on top of the world a few months ago when he won a shot at the UFC Middleweight Title on the finale of The Ultimate Fighter. Of TUF, Lutter recently told the Las Vegas Review Journal that it hadn't been a lot of fun. The best thing about it, he’d said, was that it got him the chance at the title, something he’d wanted for a very long time. He’d had to put up with some pretty rowdy housemates to get this far.

So then came the weigh in for UFC 67.  Lutter, who had dreamed of this day, apparently hadn't thought to look at the scales before he headed to Vegas.  He was two pounds overweight for his match with Anderson Silva. Two pounds doesn’t sound like much to lose, but it’s obviously easier said than done. Even with one last session in the sauna and shaving his head to get every last ounce of weight off, he was still a pound and a half over the 185-pound limit.

So what had been a thrilling moment at the TUF finale, turned into a weekend of embarrassment. Joe Rogan called the situation "inexcusable." Even worse, Anderson Silva felt disrespected. Uh oh. The last time he felt disrespected in the ring was with Chris Leben, whom Silva polished off in about a minute. And to add insult to injury, he'd been fined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and half of the fine would go in Silva's pocket. Lutter's payday for his dream match was reduced from $20,000 to $18,000.

(Apropos of nothing, Mirko Cro Cop took home a whopping $350,000 flat fee for Saturday night's fight. Who says there's no money in MMA?)

Maybe there is still a way Lutter could benefit from this predicament. It would be a golden opportunity for NutriSystems for Men to sign Lutter up for its commercials. (Dan Marino shouldn't have all the fun.) Two pounds may be a drop in the bucket as far as diet products are concerned, but those two pounds became a high profile issue.

It would be a way for Lutter to turn his lemon into lemonade--sugar-free lemonade, that is.

Just a thought.

IFL and the Prissy Bitches

All IFL wanted was three ring girls. Seems simple, doesn't it? Unfortunately they arranged to hire the ring girls through "Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency" (seen weekly on the Oxygen Network). If you ask me, IFL would have been better off hiring ring girls from those who know and respect the sport of MMA. Nonetheless, Janice boarded her broomstick and headed to Portland for the IFL show with her models.

It was especially annoying that the shrill (and frequently hypocritical) Janice pointedly looked down her nose at the sport, and treated the fighters as little more than drooling knuckle-draggers.

"Her girls" were too good to walk around the ring holding a sign, one of them threw a bratty diva fit, and the uproar over the ring girl outfits was ridiculous. Janice called the outfits "trashy lingerie," although they covered far more skin than her models usually display.

In the end, Dickinson grudgingly sat down to watch the show and guess what? She turned into a BIG FAN of MMA. There's that hypocritical thing again.

If you dial by Oxygen sometime you might catch this weekly bitchfest, but I'm certainly not going to recommend it.

Candice Michelle and the OCC

The original girl, Candice Michelle, will be appearing on tomorrow night’s (February 8) episode of “American Chopper.” The guys from OCC have been building a motorcycle, and in the preview, Mikey is shown fantasizing about Candice having lunch in his kitchen. (If you watch the show regularly, you know lovable Mikey very well.)

“American Chopper” airs Thursday nights on TLC. Check local listings for time and channel. This is a show I will recommend.

* * *

Thanks for reading and see ya next week.

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