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All Good With Aaron Wood - Looking At The WWE Fantasy Game (Week 4)

By Aaron Wood
Feb 12, 2007, 14:57


DISCLAIMER:  The following is based on personal opinion and is based on no more prior knowledge than information made available by the WWE at time of publication.  Any information or ideas utilised by WWE Fantasy players in the following article is done so at the player's own risk...



I’m gonna have to keep this week’s preview short and sweet, but before looking at this coming week, let’s see what happened in Week 3!



01: Millennium Men - 858 pts

02: A Team They Call Swish - 843 pts

03: Torch Wood - 843 pts

04: ChristianCoalition - 792 pts

05: DJ MegaHertz - 786 pts

06: AJ Styles - 771 pts

07: ReturnOfTheNewBlack - 768 pts

08: CMPunk4Life - 765 pts

09: Charisma's Peeps - 758 pts

10: I've GOT 2 WORDS 4 U!!!!! - 735 pts


Overall, The Millennium men sit in Joint-40th, while A Team They Call Swish and Torch Wood sit in Joint-76th, while the week’s biggest scorer in the league last week was A Team they Call Swish, which scored 211 points!


This Week's MVP (that Isn't necessarily Montel Vontavious Porter...)

Thanks to his numerous accredited finishers, Batista scored a hefty 50 points this week, with HBK trailing in second with 45.


Bust Of The Week

He came close last week, but King Booker was definitely a big bust this week, scoring only three points as Teddy Long made his match against Kane at No Way Out.


Dark Horse Of The Week

Thanks to their partnership during RAW this week, both Mickie James and Super Crazy did really well for their price.  However, while Mickie scored 26 points to Crazy’s 23, Crazy costs a million less, and so, given the points per million ratio, I’m giving it to the apparent “Bumblebee Man” this week…




Well, RAW, this week, is all about the apparent appearance of Donald Trump.  I’m willing to believe this will be the real Donald, and not the reported midgets we heard about.  However, you can’t buy Vince or Donald.  That said though, if you are stuck with a spare couple of million, THE COACH~! will likely score some points at McMahon’s side.


Elsewhere, HBK is now John Cena’s Wrestlemania opponent as well as his Tag Title-holding partner.  They should be heavily involved in RAW in some form.  Also, with them teaming up against Batista and Undertaker this Sunday on PPV, both of them would be a good bet this week.


I would also expect things from Ric Flair, given his great promo on Carlito last week.  I would expect Carlito to be involved with Flair, since he was on the business end of the chewing out last week, but I would be tempted to hold off this week, to see if Flair is going to chew out the young guys in general, or stick with Carlito.


Over at ECW, the “New Breed vs. Originals” angle that should have happened back in June has now kicked in.  It wouldn’t surprise me if those Original who didn’t see action last week are involved this week, which would mean Sandman and Sabu step in the ring.  However, you could probably pick any of the 9 men currently involved and garner a similar return, so if you do, I would be tempted to stick to the lower end of the cost scale.


Also, the human lightbulb-cum-schlong, Snitsky made a hairless debut last week, but I wouldn’t be convinced about him being number 1 contender or anything.  I have a feeling that, right now, he’s gonna be Bob Holly’s running buddy.  That said, he should see action to build him up.


And Smackdown this week has 2 shows, with No Way Out on Sunday, so once again, some decent pointage is available.  The biggest news so far is that the Armageddon Ladder rematch has been dropped for a 2 on2 match with London & Kendrick taking on Deuce & Domino.  I have a sneaking suspicion that they are gonna win the belts from the faces, precipitating their split even more.  And don’t forget, Ashley has her unveiling bit for her Playboy this week, so I’d expect her boys to be flying around there somewhere.


Otherwise, I’d expect build for the other PPV matches.  I wouldn’t look for Batista or Undertaker to wrestle on TV this week though.


Be warned however.  The WWE is saying that the All-WWE Diva talent contest at No Way Out will NOT be scored as a match, although they will get appearance points.  I know some people, on these occasions, who have loaded up their rosters with the women, but on this occasion, don’t.


That’s all I’ve got for now, but just let me repeat, if you think you have any worthwhile tips on who you think could score big points in the upcoming week, then please feel free to send them along to me!  Obviously, at this point, I'm asking for tips for week 3, and please, don't say people like Terry Funk, who isn't going to appear, but yet for some bizarre reason is still available, to deliberately throw people off.  This game is for fun, you know.  But other than that, all reasonable tips will get posted next week!


You can contact me by either e-mailing me at, or if you are a member of the fabulous forums of this site, log on there and send me a Personal Message.


However, with that in mind, that’s all I got for this week’s picking, but I’ll be back soon enough for to recap ECW, assuming that my download of it doesn’t take it’s sweet time like last week!


Now, to make up for fluffing up last week’s joke, here’s another good one!  There are 2 eggs and a sausage in a frying pan.  One egg says to the other, “Oh look, there’s a talking sausage…”





See ya later…

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