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Bald is Beautiful…Or Is It? - Mallory Looks at The Donald, The Vince and, The Britney

By Mallory Mahling
Feb 28, 2007, 10:47


When Mister McMahon and Donald Trump (and/or NBC) concocted plans to feature the Billionaire Boys Club in a match at WrestleMania, they couldn't have known how perfectly real life would play into their storyline.

It started with The Donald's public spat with Big Rosey, which made headlines while it lasted. It was a dream come true as far as generating publicity, mostly because Rosey didn't know when to stop talking and leave well enough alone.  And it spelled F-E-U-D--the staple of a good rasslin' storyline.  You could almost see the light bulb going off over Mister McMahon's head.

Then along came the K-Fed angle on Raw. It served it's purpose--whatever that purpose may have been--and he disappeared back into netherworld of ex-CelibriSpouses. Little did Mister McMahon know that a K-Fed connection would pop up a little farther down the road.

In fact, the ex-Mrs. K-Fed must have been watching Raw when Mister McMahon's what-if pics of a bald Trump aired. Next thing ya know, Miss Brit's at the beauty shop getting un-beautified with a Chihuahua cut. Ever since, you can't turn on the TV without seeing a shorn Britney Spears.

No doubt Mister McMahon is thanking his lucky stars for eccentric pop tarts. Not only is baldness a hot topic these days, even Jack Nicholson was sporting a bald head at the Oscars.  (It's for a movie, but bald is bald.)  I can just picture The Vince and The Donald fighting over which one will get the honor of having his "mane" shaved off at 'Mania and, consequently, being the one to get the lion's share of the publicity. (Pun intended.)

A few weeks ago (pre-Britney), I'd have bet money that the representative of losing billionaire would be the one to get his shaved head. But since Bobby Lindsey…err…Lashley is already bald and Umaga's braids are key to his ring persona, Trump and McMahon will likely be fighting over the scissors.

So which will it be?

While a toupee-less Mister McMahon would be a hit with fans of sports entertainment, it wouldn't hit the headlines the way a chrome-domed Donald Trump would.  That would be huge news.

Of course, all of this remains speculation until WrestleMania rolls around on April 1.

Do you think there's any significance to the match being on April Fools' Day?

Just asking. 

* * *

Thanks for reading, and see ya next week.

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