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Goldberg, Chyna, Peeps, Randy Couture and the Spirit Squad…Mallory's Look at a Week of Unlikely News

By Mallory Mahling
Mar 7, 2007, 23:29


You might be a wrestling fan if. . .

While wheeling my buggy around Walmart last weekend, I wandered down the Easter candy aisle and realized that I probably watch too much wrestling. My first thought on seeing a display of Peeps was of Christian Cage's fans rather than those nasty yellow marshmallow chicks.

* * *

Fame was the Name of The Game…

Chyna got booted off "Surreal Life: Fame Games" this week. She was robbed, actually, because this week's challenge was to get famous people to call you back.  She got her fair share folks to call her back, but the so-called judge was some nitwit from MTV who arbitrarily assigned "fame" points to the "names" who called the celebs back. For example, Jesse Jackson didn't make the list of big names, but Adrienne Curry did. Who?  Go figure. 

Chyna's visit to the "Surreal Life" clown house was much different this time.  The last time Sean Waltman dropped by and caused a well-remembered scene.  Not a pretty sight. 

Chyna's exit this time was a gracious one. No tears, no drama. Just heartfelt goodbyes to those still in the game and stepping all over each other to be the last (relatively) famous person standing at the end of the season.

* * *

He's not getting older--he's getting better. . .

If you're of a certain age, you may remember that commercial tag line.  (In the commercial it was "she" not "he," but that's neither here nor there.)  It definitely applied to Randy Couture after he captured the UFC Heavyweight Championship last weekend.

After those disastrous comeback tries by Ken Shamrock, it seemed that most people had written Randy Couture off as being ready for a rocking chair, too. But they had another think coming. Besides, 43 is not that old.

Couture told ESPN News that he's thinking about defending the Heavyweight Title against Chuck Liddell, so he's already making plans for the next fight.  How about a 44-year-old champ? 

* * *

Goldberg's NASCAR connection...

Bill Goldberg will be an honorary member of Greg Biffle's pit crew at this Sunday's NASCAR Nextel Cup race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  It's not that he's gone looking for another line of work.  He's going to be there to plug his new Spike TV show, "Bullrun," which will debut March 13.  It looks like a good show--cross country racing in the particiants' own vehicles.  However, if the show isn't up to par, it just begs for a one-word critique--Bullsh*t.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

The Spirit Squad lives on…

David Gilliland's NASCAR Busch Series sponsor is running a commercial that puts me in mind of the Spirit Squad--loud, annoying cheerleaders doing inappropriate cheers. (I know, it's a bit of a stretch to tie that into wrestling, but I'm a race fan, so deal with it.)

* * *

Thanks for reading and see ya next week.

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