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All Good With Aaron Wood - Looking At The WWE Fantasy Game (Week 8)

By Aaron Wood
Mar 12, 2007, 12:41


DISCLAIMER:  The following is based on personal opinion and is based on no more prior knowledge than information made available by the WWE at time of publication.  Any information or ideas utilised by WWE Fantasy players in the following article is done so at the player's own risk...



Not only are we heading fast towards Wrestlemania 23, but we are also facing the end of the current season of the WWE fantasy game!  Let’s take a look at the past week…



01: AJ Styles - 1859 pts

02: DJ MegaHertz - 1840 pts

03: Torch Wood - 1822 pts

04: ReturnOfTheNewBlack - 1818 pts

05: A Team They Call Swish - 1806 pts

06: Millennium Men - 1802 pts

07: SuperJiggy - 1786 pts

08: CMPunk4Life - 1719 pts

09: Lionheart - 1626 pts

10: I've GOT 2 WORDS 4 U!!!!! - 1614 pts


While no one has managed to get into the top 10 this week, the top 6 is all change!  The top 2 teams from last week are now 5th and 6th, while the new top 3 were 3rd, 4th, and 5th last week.  Overall, only AJ Styles appear in top 100 teams in Joint-91st place.  But who knows how things will look next week???  I mean, “Marty Jannettys YabaDabaDoo Kids” whooped all our asses by scoring 204 last week, the most of all of us involved in the WWI league, so well done to them.


This Week's MVP (that isn't necessarily Montel Vontavious Porter...)

It was a close call this week, but all in all, Melina, by virtue of her Falls Count Anywhere match (and what a late-90’s flash back that was!) as well as turning up on Smackdown, scored 43 points this week.  While there wasn’t any “weapons” points given, her multiple appearances helped her out.


Bust Of The Week

Last week, there was a man who scored 111 points.  That man was already the leading points scorer in the game.  That man appeared on all 3 shows, wrestling speciality matches on 2 of them.  That man is involved in one of the Main Events of Wrestlemania.


That man is Bobby Lashley.


This week, for your 5 million, and I bet that an overwhelming majority of players spent 5 million on him this week, you got ONE appearance on ECW, crushing Vince McMahon’s hand.  THREE points.  That had to be a swift kick to the balls of any player who banked on him being highly involved again this week…


Dark Horse Of The Week

Despite the fact that I’m EXTREMELY tempted to name Batista & Undertaker as Dark Horses, given how in the midst of their very poor scoring record, they managed to score 30 points a piece last week, I’ve got to give this to the guy who scored the second highest number of points this week, The Great Khali.  He may have only appeared once on RAW, once on Smackdown and hit 1 finisher, but he racked up an amazing ELEVEN sets of “foreign object” points, which at 3 points a piece, made up 33 of his 40 scored..  And all that for 2.5 million…



First and foremost on RAW this week, in terms of the Fantasy Game away is the culmination of something of a swerve, as Ric Flair and Carlito will have a rematch for the final Money In The Bank Ladder Match spot at Wrestlemania.  Except this time, Randy Orton is also in the match.  Without spoiling anything, as I try not to do here, it was a swerve because some, including myself, had expected the last qualifier to take place on another show, given RAW’s fairly loaded card last week, and thus potential double appearance points for someone.  However, it all ends this week, and so take your pick from those three.


Other than that match, in a complete reverse from last week, it’s pretty much a crapshoot in terms of matches, with RAW being more concerned about the contract signing between McMahon & Trump.  However, that should mean Bobby Lashley’s in the house, so you could pick him up again this week, since he should be on ECW too, but then looked what happened last week…


I normally make a bold prediction every week, and this is this week’s.  If they are going to have HBK turn on Cena, it will happen at the end of this week’s show.  That leaves a couple of weeks for Cena to react and then to build more heat.  And the most logical way to do it is to have them lose the Tag Titles.  And given how MNM were magically placed by Edge’s side (I mean, it wasn’t just Nitro & Melina.  It was all three of them, despite only Nitro being in the match), it wouldn’t surprise me if WWE announced later today that Cena & HBK would be taking on MNM…


Speaking of MNM, Ashley made the official challenge to Melina on Smackdown last week, and that match has been made, so I’d expect more on that tonight.  I wouldn’t look for Melina to wrestle though, unless it’s a squash.


Meanwhile, ECW welcomes Mick Foley back to plug his latest autobiography.  While you can buy Foley, I would imagine he’ll only be good for 3 points, so I wouldn’t buy him and expect much.


Other than that, I’d look for an official acceptance to the Originals challenge for Wrestlemania by the New Breed, and a random match.  RVD seems to be carrying the Originals load in the ring, but if I were to pick a match, I’d fancy it were Dreamer vs. Marcus Cor Von.


It also wouldn’t surprise m if CM Punk got another random win, since he lost clean to Kennedy on Smackdown.


Smackdown itself is a nearly total crapshoot, with the preview only dealing with 2 things, The WM Main Event of Batista & Undertaker (saying nothing more than both men would be looking to “assert” themselves ahead of the big show.


It also hints at a possible Melina appearance, but apart from that…nothing.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see MVP and/or Chris Benoit wrestle this week to formalise the US Title match.  It would also not surprise me in the slightest to see a Cruiserweight Title Contenders match, but that would be with anyone, although I’d bet Jimmy Wang Yang & Gregory Helms would feature heavily).  But it really is a game of “Pick ‘em” this week.


However, with that in mind, that’s all I got for this week’s picking and choosing, but I’ll be back with the week’s dose of ECW  Now, as you may know, at this point, I like to write a joke to leave you laughing at the end of the column.  However, apparently, research done recently showed this gem was the favourite joke of Canadians…


When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat the problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion to develop a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any surface including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to 300 Celsius. The Russians used a pencil.


I know Canadian comics.  They’d be embarrassed by that…  I don’t even want Johnny & Verne to play you out this week…

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