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Random Thoughts From Matt Dawgs: Cage Beats Joe, April Fools For Johnny Nitro, We Love Bobby, G.I. Joe, and More

By Matt Dawgs
Mar 15, 2007, 10:58


Hi there people and welcome back to another Random Thought’s column where I get some things off my chest and basically just discuss what is going on in that pretty sexy head of mine in regards to the world of professional wrestling. Enjoy, discuss, debate.

Isn’t that WWE 24/7’s slogan? My bad, that is Play, Rewind and Relive or something like that.

So RAW had Austin, Rock and Foley on. Finally someone in management is smartening up and realizing that the glory years of wrestling during the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars had REAL star power compared to today.

Sigh. TNA dropped the ball. Christian Cage defeated Samoa Joe at Destination X. There are two sides to this coin:

A) Christian has been on fire as a main event level heel. The fact that he has never been pinned or never tapped out in TNA makes it all the more better because when he eventually does, it is going to be a big deal; especially since he will be losing the title when he does.

B) the problem, is where Joe falls into all this. I’ve been reading the message board and other sites that are saying that Joe isn’t affected by losing to Christian. I beg to differ. Samoa Joe was at one time the hottest act in all of wrestling. When he debuted in TNA, he was still ROH champion and was on a two year title reign. He won the X-Division title and kept on moving through talent in TNA like water. Eventually he lost the ROH title but he was undefeated in TNA. They pushed him as such. Suddenly, in the past few months, he has been booked horribly. After defeated TNA champion Jeff Jarrett in a non title match as a pay per view main event, the very next PPV he gets back burnered into a match with Abyss. He never mentions beating the champion or wanting a title shot. Kurt Angle comes along and he is rushed through a 3 match series with Angle where he loses twice. He loses to Tomko on TV. He is punked out by Christian and company. All of a sudden, he wins a gauntlet to get a title shot. All of a sudden, he seems to care about the TNA title. He talks about his destiny. He speaks on the subject as it he mentioned since his debut that it was always his goal. Um….no Joe. You never mentioned it at all. Mind you, it should be your goal. It should be every wrestler’s goal. But you never said so. So you get your shot and you lose. It hurts Joe. It hurts his legacy since he hasn’t been the “Unstoppable Samoan Submission Machine” anymore. He is just a regular Joe on a losing streak. People have been saying that it wasn’t built up properly. You’re exactly right. It wasn’t. It should have been built as more and they had time to do it. They should have had Mike Tenay do a sit down interview with Joe talking about how he last held a World Title in Ring of Honor and how he is excited to be a World Champion once again. How he has been ducked by past champions like Jeff Jarrett and how he knows that he can beat Christian. They should have had him talk about being a fighting champion, how he has only lost to one man, Kurt Angle (cause he should have NEVER lost to Tomko, EVER.) Instead, they ruined it. Joe’s first title shot should have been so much more and TNA dropped the ball. The money is in the chase most of the time, but they should have had Joe’s chase be longer instead of rushing him into a title match.

We Love Bobby Lashley.

Well not me. He is ok. I just think that Donald Trump’s new catchphrase is catchy. Repeat it to yourself. We Love Bobby Lashley. Rolls off the tongue don’t it?

So on Monday nights, I watch 24 on Fox and then follow it with RAW which is being DVR’ed. (Greatest invention ever by the way). According to my TV guide, RAW ends at 11:05 pm ET. Now everyone knows it doesn’t end at that time but rather, ends at 11:08 pm ET. No worries because I adjusted it to go to 11:08 pm ET. So imagine my surprise when I am at the final segment of RAW for the evening, the contract signing between Vince and Donald when Austin is giving his speech. He is talking to Vince when WHAM. End of recording. Low and behold, I understand that RAW went off the air at 11:18 pm ET. TEN F*CKING MINUTES PAST THEIR NORMAL END TIME. Who’s bright idea was that? I was always under the impression that Vince had someone on staff to make sure these things don’t happen. If someone goes over the allocated time, he cuts time from somewhere else. How do you incorrectly time a Live show by 10 minutes? I can understand 2 minutes, maybe 3 but 10? WTF?

Good to see that the WWE Wellness policy is in effect. Chris Masters has never looked “healthier” in his life.

A Calgary Sun columnist is reporting that Teddy Hart is going to sign a WWE deal once his Wrestle Society X deal expires. I just hope they sign his army of cats too. That would be GOLDEN!!!!

For those of you who don’t subscribe to Club WWI, you are missing out. I’ve listened to both the Club audios and the Radio Free Insanity ones and the while you still get some bang in the RFI, the Club Audio’s are definitely worth the money.

Hey, does anyone remember when we were compared to another site and called competitors? It was when JG decided to start this site? I wonder what those guys are up to?

LAX owns Team 3D. I will do cartwheels if they win their match against Team 3D at Lockdown. I don’t want to spoiler you so I won’t name the match but it sounds like a doozy.

JBL wrestling against HBK next week? I say Bait and Switch. No way is JBL going to randomly appear on RAW and wrestle a match with no build up and no prep time. Sure, even with a bad back, Shawn can carry him since I am sure JBL isn’t that immobile, at least not Hogan-level immobile but my point is, JBL is a businessman. If he can make money off a comeback by saving it for pay per view, I don’t see why he would do it on free television. Makes no sense to me.

Rumor has it that Melina is on thin ice and that it was insinuated by management that if she doesn’t deliver at Mania against Ashley, she may have to start looking for new employment. If this rumor is true, she needs Terry Taylor’s number in TNA or she needs to spend the next 4 weeks in a ring with Shawn Michaels for at least seven hours a day. She ain’t carrying Ashley to a 2 star match.

If Johnny Nitro is left off the Mania card, I am going to be pissed. The only thing I can think of is for him and Mercury to face off with London and Kendrick for the tag straps on Smackdown. Other than that, there is nothing for him to do and he deserves better.

Did Vince drop the whole idea to just call Bobby Lashley by his last name Lashley? If not, Donald Trump is making it real hard for him to do so in the future since he doesn’t bother using his last name at all.

Is it that hard to remember the name Umaga? Donald Trump keeps referring to him when speaking to Vince as “your guy”

Armando Alejandro Estrada is the man. He is carrying the IC belt around as if it was the Holy Grail. Watch him the next time he comes out.

Speaking of watching, Umaga is amazing when it comes to subtle tweaks to his character. If you DVRed (or those of you stuck in the 80’s, taped) RAW, watch the Vince contract signing segment again. As Vince is speaking, he points with his finger. If you pay close attention to Umaga, he follows Vince’s finger as if he were a puppy dog playing with his master. Everywhere Vince moved his hand to, Umaga’s eyes followed. That is good playing of his character.

Britney Spears apparently fooled around with some dancers in a strip club. I don’t know if you heard the story but a few days before shaving her head bald, she was in a strip club and decided to change out of her skanky dress and get into some of the bikini’s and bra’s and panties the strippers had. Anyway, rumors are circulating that while backstage changing; she was naked and “fooled around” with two strippers. She didn’t change in the dressing room but instead changed in the coat check room. Turns out there are cameras in that room and it is all on video. It’s being shopped around for $150,000. We will see if it ends up on the net.

RIP Ernie Ladd.

Ryu Nakata, the main spokesperson for Pro Wrestling NOAH, said Takeshi Morishima would end up working 30 U.S. dates this year. This probably includes dates with other companies. He also said Mitsuharu Misawa would wrestle in ROH toward the end of the year on a show in New York. Now if you have never been to a Ring of Honor show and have never seen a tape of Misawa, do yourself a favor and try to kill two birds with one stone. Please go out of your way to get some friends together and take a little road trip one weekend to a Ring of Honor show that Misawa is going to wrestle on. He is a bit past his prime from when he debuted however he has changed his style enough to know how to cover for some of the stuff he can no longer do. Plus, watching his wrestle in the United States is a part of history. It will be well worth it. I promise.

For those who saw ECW, was Rob Van Dam supposed to be eliminated when he was? If so, why the f*ck did it look so horrible and botched?

I miss Monty Brown.

Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald visited the WWE when they toured Guatemala. Not for nothing, but I don’t think there is a better person on this planet than her. Seriously. She gave up on a multimillion dollar industry in order to go to charity work in a third world nation. She could easily be living off her past earnings or come back to wrestling since she is like 30 or something and in the prime of her wrestling career. God Bless her.

Randy Orton wrestled against Bobby on ECW. We Love Bobby. Anyway, is there any specific reason why they did the same moves and sequences twice in the same match? Jesus H; it seems like they just ran out of things to do so started over and did it again. LOL. Unbelievable.

The State University of New York at Albany, my alma mater, is in the NCAA tournament. WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!~!~!~!

300 Spartans defeated an army of several million Persians. Don’t forget it.

G.I. Joe the Movie. It is currently in pre-production and guess what? In order to ensure that this movie is going to be worse than the Transformers movie that is due out this summer, the genius behind this movie has decided to not include any ninjas (Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Jinx, etc) and also decided that the main villains in the movie will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be Cobra. What the f*ck is that all about?

Watching The Hulk Hogan Anthology on WWE 24/7 and I was checking out the Nick Bockwinkel vs Hogan match where Hogan “won” the AWA Title. I must say that there is no way Hogan would have become the machine he became if he would have stayed in the AWA. Mind you, he was Super Over with the crowd but his wrestling style was completely different that WWF Hogan. And Nick Bockwinkel, whoa. His style was an acquired taste. I didn’t mind it but I can’t see today’s generation of fans enjoying his work. They literally stalled for the first 8 minutes or so of the match before getting down to business. Fans ate it up too. Weird.

Anyway, that’s it for now people. See you all next week.

Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like in the “Anger Management” section of the message board or whichever section you see fit.

~Matt Dawgs 

World Wrestling Insanity writer Matt Dawgs is the bread and butter of the World Wrestling Insanity family. His future is bright and once James Guttman comes into a large sum of money, you can expect Matt will be getting tons of it thrown at him, at least half of it. Matt also moonlights as a professional wrestler/manager in the NY/NJ Indy scene. He is legit afraid of getting on Homicide’s bad side but thinks he is a cool dude in general. He also is a funny guy. If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at If the feedback is negative, you can e-mail Matt at

P.S. – In case you didn’t know, there is a WRESTLING BOOKthat is out titled “World Wrestling Insanity”. It is a damn fun read so I suggest you run out and get it today. If you already have your copy, read it. If you already read your copy, read it again. It is funny. Like me.

Also, don’t forget to check out our new section, It can be found by clicking the banner at the top of this page. Check out all the new audio updates and features found there. Some good stuff including all of James Guttman’s past Radio Free Insanity broadcasts as well as all new, uncut interviews with some of wrestling past and present names. Good stuff people.

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