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All Good With Aaron Wood - Looking At The WWE Fantasy Game (Week 9)

By Aaron Wood
Mar 19, 2007, 11:32


DISCLAIMER:  The following is based on personal opinion and is based on no more prior knowledge than information made available by the WWE at time of publication.  Any information or ideas utilised by WWE Fantasy players in the following article is done so at the player's own risk...



We are heading into the penultimate week of the current Fantasy League season.  Let’s take a look at how things stand as things hit “make or break” time…



01: ReturnOfTheNewBlack - 2060 pts

02: AJ Styles - 2054 pts

03: Torch Wood - 2047 pts

04: A Team They Call Swish - 2045 pts

05: DJ MegaHertz - 2033 pts

06: SuperJiggy - 2010 pts

07: Millennium Men - 1978 pts

08: CMPunk4Life - 1894 pts

09: I've GOT 2 WORDS 4 U!!!!! - 1860 pts

10: Lionheart - 1835 pts


With the top 10 split from the rest of the pack, it’s a dog fight for places.  “ReturnOfTheNewBlack” have stormed up to the top of the league, while “DJ MegaHertz” have slipped from second to fifth.  Everyone else has more or less only moved one place either way if at all.


And with only 50 points separating the top 6 and only FIFTEEN points separating the top 4, it is very much anyone’s ball game.


That being said, once again, our biggest scorer of the week came from out-with the top 10, as our very own Mike Rickard, under the guise of “NidiaFan”, who scored 256 points, while the second highest scorer this week was “GoldbergFearsCars”, who scored 251 this week, despite them being fourth last in the WWI league overall!  Just shows you, anyone can score big at any time.


Unfortunately, we’ve all slipped out of the top 100 overall teams.  The closest we get is around 185th.


This Week's MVP (that Isn't necessarily Montel Vontavious Porter...)

The top 2 scoring wrestlers were close this week, but by virtue of costing a million less than his WWE-Title holding counterpart, I’m giving this week’s MVP award to Randy Orton.  His 4 million scored you 50 points, thanks to his match on RAW, where he “eliminated” both his opponents, scoring points accordingly, as well as his bonus match on ECW against Bobby Lashley.

John Cena did top the scoring however, scoring 52 points last week, thanks to his match on RAW last week, which while only counted as one match, saw three “eliminations”, with finisher points and title retention accordingly.


Bust Of The Week

As much as I personally have a deep dislike for the man, I’m actually loath to declare Steve Austin as a bust.  Because while his 5 million price tag only returned 3 points, It really was all that I could have expected from a non-wrestler.  Likewise, while I could say Chris Benoit was a bust, only appearing to briefly brawl with MVP on Smackdown.  However, he’s hardly appeared on TV recently, so while he’s gearing up for a US Title defence at Wrestlemania, it’s not as if he was guaranteed to be doing anything


However, I could have expected a whole lot more from Umaga, who did diddly squat last week except for standing around while Trump, McMahon & Austin did their thing, so I’m declaring Umaga to have been your biggest time waster last week.


Dark Horse Of The Week

I think that there are three people who deserve the props this week, and that would be the whole unit of MNM.  And boy, did I call it last week or what?  Sure, MNM didn’t win the titles and HBK didn’t turn on Cena, but picking MNM, a supposedly non-full time team, out of nowhere was pretty cool, I think.  And then there was Melina who had her match with Torrie.  And not only did they get that title shot on Monday, they all took part in that good 6 person match on Smackdown too, so those of you who picked at least 2 out of those 3, you got 2 matches from people who weren’t entirely set to have any.

As it happens, Melina scored 2 more points than her boys, so she, at 2.5 million, was the best value for the week, but if you took MNM in some form, you should be proud of yourselves.



I FINALLY GOT SOME READER MAIL!!!!!  The legendary “Legend Killer” from the all-newly revamped (in look) WWI forums asked me:

Would it be a good idea to pick Stone Cold for next week? I know he is $5 mil, but I can see a few people getting stunners and that will add up in the end.

I could agree with you there, LK, but I don’t think that this is the week.  I would fancy that while Austin may dole out a few stunners, they won’t come until the “go-home” show and Mania itself.  I can’t really envision a situation here Austin would “Stun” people this week.  So for this week, I would say no.  Next week however will likely be a different story.


As it is, in terms of the Battle Of The Billionaires (Why is no-one using “Battle Of The Billion-hairs”?), I fancy that Vince will be making life hard for Bobby Lashley again, after getting shoved on his backside by Donald Trump last week.  I don’t necessarily think that we’ll be seeing another 100 point week out of Trump’s boy, but I do think he’ll be involved heavily this week.


And indeed, that involvement does start on RAW, as Lashley is slated to take part in a Masterlock Challenge tonight.  I would fully fancy Umaga to run in and attack Lashley while in the hold, the door being wide open to lay a beating on the ECW Champ.  I would then imagine a match for Lashley on ECW tomorrow, and then maybe even some sort of involvement with Smackdown, although don’t quote me on that.


Hair issues aside, it’s “Wrestlemania Reversal” night on RAW this week, as John Cena and HBK take on opponents from their opponents past.  John Cena will be taking on HBK’s healthy Wrestlemania 20 opponent, Chris Benoit, in what should be a good match.  However, Shawn Michaels is slated to take on the man Cena beat for the WWE Title.  The current Smackdown Color Announcer, JBL.  On Smackdown, Bradshaw promised a surprise for HBK.  Does JBL have some backup under his sleeve, or is Bradshaw out to shock the world with how good he still is despite the months sat beside Michael Cole?


Meanwhile, on Smackdown, Kane took on The Great Khali’s former running buddy, Daivari.  After obliterating the Arabian, Kane pulled out his trusty meat hook, dragged Daivari backstage, and told him to deliver a message to Khali, before dragging him behind closed doors.  What will that message be?  Will there even be a message, or will Kane decide that if a job needed doing, it was better to do it himself?


Also, Randy Orton & Edge are having their problems as after qualifying for the Money in The Bank match last week, Edge tried to torpedo Orton’s position by talking Vince McMahon into making Orton face Bobby Lashley on ECW lest Orton lose his shot.  Will the Rated-R Guy with the sore jaw continue to surreptitiously betray his supposed friend?


On last week’s ECW show, The Originals and The New Breed had a big ol’ Battle Royal, which Tommy Dreamer won for his team, The momentum is swinging the Originals way ahead of their 8 man showdown at Wrestlemania 23.  Heartened by Mick Foley’s rousing speech last week, will the Originals continues to stay ahead of their New Breed opponents, or will the New Breed, who have offered CM Punk a spot in their camp, regain the ground they’ve lost in the last couple of weeks?


Also, the Kane-like Snitsky finally made his in-ring debut last week, destroying a pair of guys we’ll likely never hear of again.  Just before that, he put a stop to the Slutty Nitro Girls dance routine for the week.  Will he finish the job this week, and make the hearts of every thinking fan sing by killing the women this week?


After having Finlay lawn-darted into him last week, Batista finally seemed to lose his cool with Undertaker.  Will their rivalry continue to heat up ahead of their monumental showdown on April 1st?  Will Batista allow undertaker to stay “one up” on him.


After beating a big cup of coffee from Honduras, MVP got his wish of a US Title shot at Wrestlemania.  However, he didn’t bank on Chris Benoit actually coming out and brawling with him.  With Benoit seeing action on RAW this week, what does Porter have in store of the “Canadian Coward”?  Will he be making his own trip to the red & black show tonight?  Or will his “Central American tour” continue?


After applying her fist firmly onto Paul London’s nut-sack on Smackdown, Melina help her boys defeat the boys of her Wrestlemania foe, and Playboy cover girl Ashley Massaro.  How will the challenger to the Women’s Title at Wrestlemania respond?  Will Melina continue to take on former Playboy models, like she did with Torrie last week?

With that in mind, that’s all I got for this week’s picking and choosing, but I’ll be back with the week’s dose of ECW.  Well, I say that I’ll be around for ECW.  You see, I’m in court this week.  You see, this woman has got it into her head that I’ve been stalking her.  Now, between you and me, I have, but that’s neither here nor there.  And the thing is, it was such a complete waste of my time.  I mean, you would think that once in a while she might have done something that I wanted to do, selfish cow.  I mean, at the cinema, it’s always the films they want to see.  I DON’T LIKE ROMANTIC COMEDIES!  And why did she have to like museums so much?  I mean, it’s one thing to visit them occasionally, but she was there almost every day from around 9 until 5.  You’d think she’d have a job of her own to go to…


Let me just give you a piece of advice, if you ever want to stalk someone.  If you have someone in mind, follow them around for a few months first.  See if you are compatible…







Seriously though, don’t stalk people.  That’s just wrong.  See you for ECDub.

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