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A Message From Jimmy Hart, Chris Benoit Talks Mania, Lawler's HOF Inductor Named, and Everyone Dies on the Sopranos

By James Guttman
Mar 22, 2007, 16:20


Hey Guys,

I spoke to Jimmy Hart the other day and he asked me to pass the following info on to you all. This Saturday, March 24th, Jimmy will be on the Shop at Home network from 12-1pm EST. He will be presenting a huge DVD set featuring a number of different promotions. They will include:

3 XWF DVDs featuring Hulk Hogan
3 DVDs of Jimmy's favorite matches from Mike Graham's promotion
3 DVDs of Jimmy's favorite matches from Carlos Colon's WWC
and Memphis Wrestling DVDs featuring Hogan vs. Lawler and Jimmy managing Jesse Ventura

Also, the Mouth of the South will be selling some of his classic CDs with songs like "Eat Your Heart Out Rick Springfield" and "Lance Russell's Nose." If you have Shop at Home on your cable network, you definitely want to tune in.

If you're a Jimmy Hart fan, don't forget that he's just one of over 60 interviews we have available on

Speaking of interviews, our buddy Phil Lowe over at wanted me to pass on word that he interviewed Chris Benoit yesterday about WrestleMania and much more. You can read it for yourself at: has just announced that Jerry Lawler will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by William Shatner. The King discussed his thoughts on who should induct him into the Hall two weeks ago on Radio Free Insanity and in his interview. A few names came up - none of them were William Shatner.

Just a reminder again…the big drug bust that has the world talking - the one with all the WWE names - was first discussed on Kevin Kelly's  audio show, The Big Picture, February 27th just hours after it first went down. Kevin told listeners to keep an eye on it because it could get big. Talk about seeing the future…

I leave you with crazy video time. This one isn't crazy - just cool. It's a musical montage of all the deaths from the seasons of Sopranos. Obviously, if you aren't all caught up on the show, you don't want to click on it.

Sopranos Death Montage

That does it for now.  Check back tonight for Saad Naseem's Impact Report.  Also, be sure to go to  for the latest uncut interview.  This week's it's Paul Bearer...for 50 minutes.

Ohhhhhh Yesssssss......


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