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All Good With Aaron Wood - Looking At The WWE Fantasy Game - The Winner Is Revealed!

By Aaron Wood
Apr 2, 2007, 11:57


Be sure to check out Aaron Wood's debut audio report on

Hey everyone with their eyeballs on this, thanks for coming in.  I hope everyone had a good Wrestlemania.  I may or may not have a column/audio/slash whatever talking about Mania.  I’m not sure yet what form if any it will take, but the one thing we can do with finish up the Fantasy season by looking at the final week and then revealing the winner!




This Week's MVP (that Isn't necessarily Montel Vontavious Porter...)

The Money In The Bank guys DOMINATED the rankings this week, thanks to their numerous ladder shots and matches all over the week.  However, thanks to winning the match, Ken Kennedy scored 91 points.  I mean, he only scored 2 sets of weapons points!  But almost everyone in that match eclipsed everyone else.


Bust Of The Week

It’s tough to name someone here.  You can’t really say that Nitro & Carlito & Flair were busts even though the former 2 scored 3 points this week and Flair 4 points.  But then you wouldn’t expect them to score big in a week of a PPV where they weren’t involved.  So, looking at those who appeared on Wrestlemania (that was previously advertised), someone stands out.  Or, as I should say, some people stand out.  As in Kevin Thorn, Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker.  While the three of them were cheap to buy, that didn’t stop them scoring only 16 points each.  Put it this way.  Austin, as a referee, scored more points this week then either of them, with 18.  MICHELLE McCOOL scored 16 and she wasn’t even supposed to be at Wrestlemania before the beginning of the week!  So as cheap as they were, those three get to be the final busts.  Elijah Burke scored 21 points, so isn’t included here, although, he was obviously close.


Dark Horse Of The Week

As I said, Money In the Bank dominated this week.  And so for 3 million, you could have had Matt Hardy, who scored the fourth highest total this week, with a 77 point haul, one more than the new World Champion, Undertaker.




Far and away, there was one man who with picking every week, except maybe one, brought you a really good return.  And one of those weeks, it was a record breaking return.  And yet, as much as he loves him, Donald Trump can’t get his name right.  That’s right, Bobby Lashley.  He may have cost 5 million, but he returned with a massive 540 points over the last 10 weeks.  He scored almost 100 points more than the guy who came second, John Cena.



Quantifying a bust for the season is a rather subjective thing.  Out of the guys who cost 5 million, that appeared for the whole season, King Booker did the worst, scoring just 220 points.  Sure, Austin only scored 27 in total, but he was only around for the last month or so, and he didn’t appear in one of those weeks.


If we go by the  number of times I’ve declared someone to be a bust in these columns, then it’s Umaga, who “busted out” three times for 4 million dollars.  However, Kane scored less point overall, and was only a complete bust once.


I think in the end, I have to go with the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga.  For someone who was first in a World Title feud and then in one of the three main matches at Wrestlemania, and is currently Intercontinental Champion, Umaga never really imposed himself on the scoring charts, only making into the top 10 weekly points scorers 3 of the 10 weeks, topping the list only once.  While he wasn’t the worst return for your money, a guy in his position should have done better.



This one is so cut and dried, it’s not even funny.  For someone who has so much apparent heat on her, to have scored so highly, it’s not even funny.  I am, of course, talking about Melina.  For your 2 and a half million dollars, she spotted you 349 points, the fourth highest total of anyone.  More than Mr. Money In the Bank…Bank.  More than the New World Champion, Undertaker.  She scored my Dark Horse award 4 times during the season.


And so without further ado…



10 - Marty Jannettys YabaDabaDoo Kids have snuck into the top 10 in the final week, displacing CMPunk4Life, thanks to a varied array of mid-priced talent, scoring a season total of 2534 points.


09 - Lionheart consolidated their place in the top 10 with a small, but consistently good scoring roster, ending up with 2546 points.


08 - A little gap then develops before we reach I've GOT 2 WORDS 4 U!!!!!, who ended their climb up the rankings over the last few weeks, scoring 2599 points, and were the final week’s highest scorers in the WWI league with 506 points.


07 - Remaining in a solid seventh spot is SuperJiggy, who finished with 2611 points overall, with help form his four 5 million dollar picks.


06 - Another gap of some 73 points is present between SuperJiggy and Torch Wood, otherwise known as yours truly.  I scored 2684 points overall, and while I’m happy with finishing higher than I have done in any of the previous WWI leagues and while I was 419th overall compared to last seasons 3115th, I felt that I had a disappointing week overall, largely thanks to this week’s busts of the New Breed.  For the 2 that I picked, I could have taken Kennedy, nearly tripled my return and had a half million to spare.  I finished 21st this week in terms of points scored in the league, which kinda says it all.


05 - But enough about me, as there were 5 teams who beat me this season who deserve their props, and the first of those was last season’s WWI Champions, the Millennium Men!  They scored a total of 2704 points, this week finishing with an OK, but ultimately mid-ranked team.


04 - Finishing not that far ahead of Millennium Men, with a total of 2713 points was ReturnOfTheNewBlack, with them ending the season with the whole New Breed on their side.  How unfortunate…


03 - In third place was DJ MegaHertz, who score 2720 points, ending their year with a solid team.  However, they will be kicking themselves because…


02 - DJ MegaHertz were pipped to second by ONE SOLITARY POINT!  And they were pipped by….


Wait for it…


Since this means the winner is revealed too…


Or it is if you have been watching the league…


But if you haven’t it may still be a mystery…


Drum roll please…


AJ STYLES!!!  Indeed, they scored 2721 points overall.  AJ Styles were a team who were there or thereabouts for much of the season.  However, this was another team who ultimately fell victim to being New Breed heavy.


However, our winning team, who ultimately pulled away toward the end of the week, didn’t have a single New Breed guy in there.


And they were…


01 - A TEAM THEY CALL SWISH!!!  Congratulations to them.  They winners finished with 2743 points in total, and were ultimately successful thanks to being one of the few teams to have Ken Kennedy.


And don’t forget, our very own Mike Rickard, hot off his trip to Detroit this weekend, has a special prize waiting courtesy of WRESTLEINFO.COM


And that, as they say was that.  I hope you have had some fun participating in the WWE fantasy League, whether it was as a part of the WWI’s league or your own league.  I just wish to thank everyone for the kind words that have been sent my way since I was bored one day and decided to fill some time doing this.  I’m sure that there will be another along in a month or so ahead of Summerslam, so until then, stay good, and I’ll see you about, whether it is doing ECW, Smackdown or whatever form my new audio takes over on the Club.


Just for old times sake…



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