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Random Thoughts from Matt Dawgs: Mania Thoughts, Yokozuna sings, Battle Royal screw ups, Vic Mackey, MNM is BACK and MORE.

By Matt Dawgs
Apr 4, 2007, 12:39


Random Thoughts, Opinions, Questions and Observations.




Hi there people and welcome back to another Random Thought’s column where I get some things off my chest and basically just discuss what is going on in that pretty sexy head of mine in regards to the world of professional wrestling. Enjoy, discuss, debate.


Well another week down and another week of weird happenings, some good wrestling and big stories outside the ring.


                Wrestlemania has come and gone and I must say, I enjoyed the show. The one thing I miss though is the old school Wrestlemania song. Remember it? “Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, It’s Wrestlemania!!!!!”


                Good to see WWE bring back Yokozuna to sing America the Beautiful.


                Oh, my bad. I didn’t realize he passed away. So who was that fat dude who sang the song?


                Kudos to Dave Batista for putting on the best performance of his career. If he can stay motivated and work like that without being tentative because of fear of being injured, he’d be good.


                Money in the Bank was underwhelming. I was a bit disappointed. Not sure why Edge thought it was a good idea to try and commit suicide. Only thing I could think of was that he was planning on working an injury angle for a few more months.


                Anyone care to explain why Jeff Hardy was more concerned with killing Edge than winning a title shot?


                Is there anyone in the history of professional wrestling who can outperform Shawn Michaels in a “Big Match Setting”? I don’t think so.


                The New York Yankees have now won their 10th consecutive home opener.


                Donald Trump: “What the Hell is going on?”


                Donald Trump to Bobby Lashley: “Come on Bobby, Shake it off Bobby!!!”


                We Love Bobby don’t we? Right fans? We Love Bobby.


                I think I figured out why RAW used to be labeled on TV guides as two separate shows (RAW is War and the Warzone). Reason is, this weeks RAW WAS TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS. I loved the opening angle with the tag team battle royals. Raw opening with 40 minutes of wrestling action was fantastic and the gimmick itself was good. After that, the second hour was the complete opposite of the first with crap after crap. It’s like they had two sets of writers write the show and then try to make them as completely opposite as possible.


                “I’m here to see the Nature Boy cause I’m Ricky Bobby!!!!” That has to be the best line I have ever heard on a wrestling show in the history of EVER!!! What the f*ck was Timberland on? He was so far gone that Snoop Dogg would have had him arrested.


                PS – Someone should let Todd Grisham know that her name is Nelly Furtado, not Natalie Furtado.


                Hey, did anyone catch the Johnny Nitro cameo on RAW? If you blinked, you may have missed it but he was there. Big things for that kid someday.


                Good to see MNM back. That is Melina, Nitro and MIZ. What the f*ck? LOL. It felt like WWE brought back WCW’s Battle Bowl for that one.


                A message to Jim Ross, warm tea with lemon helps.


                If anyone ever asks the rhetorical question, “What would happen in a battle royal if someone accidentally gets eliminated?” Please see Monday’s Stage 2 battle royal and watch carefully to Brian Kendrick get eliminated by Chavo Guerrero. That wasn’t supposed to happen.


                Are they or aren’t they is the question of the day. If you don’t know what I am referring to, please pay close attention to Shawn Michaels over the past few weeks. Go back and watch RAW’s leading up to Mania and especially watch Raw last night. There is a reason why someone like Shawn Michaels, even though he is old, is in a top position. He is far and away one of the smartest men in the business. If you pay close attention, Shawn has been showing very subtle hints of turning full fledged heel ala 1996 HBK. Watch it again. You’ll see the signs. The only question is, will they go through with it or will they forget it once his feud with Cena is over.


                Speaking of forgetting it, why in the world was Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan teaming together? Didn’t they break up? It is almost as bad as TNA having a strict policy on Team Canada never being allowed to team again only to have Eric Young and Bobby Roode become tag partners.


                Anyone else notice when JR was talking about the teams in the first battle royal, he named Shane Helms and Chavo Guerrero as a team when in fact they didn’t team until the SECOND Battle Royal?


                Speaking of JR mistakes, it wasn’t his night. He said Steven Regal more than once. HAHA.


                Vince McMahon is certifiably bat sh*t insane. Seriously. His character is so over the top, it’s GREAT. I was just asking my cousin the other day, does anyone else think that he regrets not having the opportunity to play the Mr. McMahon character YEARS and YEARS ago? I mean even before the attitude/Austin era? He looks like he has so much fun out there and enjoys performing. I bet not a single day goes by where he doesn’t regret it.


                Dave Meltzer is reporting that we are getting a Summerslam main event of Vince McMahon vs. Rey Mysterio.


                I know I’ve read people complain about her looks but I personally think Melina is HOT. Not just her body either. I think she has a cute face. Maybe it’s just me.


                I see I started something. The MVP bandwagon is filling up fast people. You better climb on board because I am making a list of people who are claming that he won’t amount to anything and will never be a main eventer with his “Stupid” costume and “Piss Poor” gimmick. Once you are on the list, you can’t jump on the bandwagon. I won’t let you.




                Right Bobby? Get up Bobby. Come on Bobby. We Love You Bobby. Suck it up Bobby.  


                The Shield is officially back and if you missed the first episode of the new season than may god have mercy on your soul. Ok, that is a little drastic. I take it back. But seriously, you missed a good one. Vic Mackey is one BMF. If he doesn’t end up dead or in jail then I will be pissed. I love his character but he is such a scumbag that he has to get his in the end. As for Forest Whitaker, he is AMAZING. He actually has me feeling bad for his character Lt. Kavanaugh even though he is an assh*le. That is what I call good acting.


                Speaking of scumbags, Sopranos starts this Sunday. Tony Soprano is another one. He has to get some form of punishment in the end. Too much bad sh*t he has done. Karma will get you.


                R.I.P. to the Black Donnelley’s on NBC. I heard good things about the show but I didn’t bother to get into it. Glad I didn’t. They got cancelled after 8 episodes and chances are, we will never find out how it ends. Sucks.


                Fun fact for James Guttman who always likes my little facts. I personally thought that from the McMahon/Lashley segment on to the end of the show on Monday was a piss poor edition of RAW. It also happened on the night that the Florida Gators Men’s Basketball team won the National Championship. The last time an hour of Raw was this bad was when they aired the stupid Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell match on RAW. And what happened that night? The Florida Gators Football team won a National Championship. Interesting no?


                John Cena is 2 and 0 against DX at Wrestlemania.


                Undertaker is 4 and 0 against Evolution at Wrestlemania.


                John Cena is 4 and 0 at Wrestlemania


                Undertaker is 15 and 0 at Wrestlemania.


                See where I am going with that? No? Too bad then.


                RAW sign of the night can be found here.


                If you pay close attention to the above sign, you will see that she has all of the 2007 Hall of Fame members on it. If you didn’t see it, look at it again. Go on, I’ll wait here……………………Ok, did you catch it? No. I will point it out then. This woman took the time to make a half assed written sign naming the 2007 HOF class and on it she wrote the Islanders. Yes, Haku and Tama. Not the Wild Samoans of Afa and Sika, but the Islanders. How f*cking dumb is that?



                Promote Movie.

                Pick up Check.



                I legitimately thought that Fayed was the main bad guy for 24 this season but surprisingly Vladimir Griedinko (spelling?) stepped his game up. Having his arm cut off was nothing short of amazing. Too bad he probably bled to death. HAHA. Although the Wayne Palmer thing is interesting. And starting a nuclear war is always a good moving point for a show.


                During RAW, if you happened to check out, you would have found the following:

“ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga at WrestleMania, and was responsible for the egomaniacal Chairman Mr. McMahon leaving Ford Field a bald billionaire after the Battle of the Billionaires Match. One night later on Raw, Lashley once again defeated Umaga, this time in a Handicap Match also featuring Armando Estrada. What new challenges await the dominant ECW Champion?” Pretty funny considering the match between Lashley vs. Umaga and Armando HADN’T HAPPENED at the time posted it. Maybe they Love Bobby so much that they felt confident that he was going to win? Who knows?


                As I am typing this, I received an e-mail from the next Dave Meltzer of professional wrestling, the encyclopedia of knowledge, Dr. Keith Lipinski stating that there is a press release out from Scott Norton stating that he and Buff Bagwell are going to be reforming their tag team of Vicious and Delicious on the independent wrestling circuit!!!! Vicious and Delicious fans like me can now rejoice. They had the second best music in wrestling behind the original nWo theme.


                GREATEST SONG PARODY EVER!!!!!!!


                The following picture was taken by paparazzi (not Alex Shelly!!!) of Jay-Z and Beyonce on vacation. I will not explain further as I am sure you can draw your own conclusions. View the pic HERE.


                ON ECW, We get the ECW Originals vs. The New Breed. Great to see them putting on fresh matchups on TV for our benefit. I can’t wait till they book Lashley against Hardcore Holly for the ECW title too. That would be something different for a change.


                Seriously though, Solid ECW show this week. That main event was what ECW should be about from week to week. I understand Vince McMahon’s point about “Extreme Rules” matches not being the norm is good for business but when you have people like Sandman and Dreamer who are limited in what they can do, having them in Extreme Rules matches benefits everyone because it lets them stand out from everyone else. Damn good main event.


                So not only does CM Punk steal the “Go to Sleep” move from KENTA but WWE decides to just steal the name too and not even bother to try and hide it? Always crapping in the little man. Oh well, Sorry KENTA but you aren’t ever going to be mainstream here in America anyways.


                Elijah Burke is going to be somebody. Mark my words, he is going to be almost as big as MVP is going to be.


                Read the spoilers for TNA this week. Doesn’t sound at all:

                A) Surprising

                B) Good.

So I think I am going to DVR it and watch it this weekend sometime when there is nothing on TV. Instead I will clean up my DVR with American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. At least those shows are surprising.


                Bring back K-Fed Vince!!! He is free. His wife is back and getting her life in order. He got his payoff and the divorce will be finalized soon. He is ready to work fulltime.


                Congrats to the WWE for smartening up and signing “Classic” Colt Cabana to a deal over Wrestlemania weekend. He definitely deserves it. I’ve never met Colt personally but he has always been entertaining and from what I’ve heard about him, he is a hell of a nice guy who deserves a break. Dare I say, CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Ace Steele (Punk and Colt’s trainer who played Donald Trump in the infamous “Donald vs. Rosie” bout that is also signed to a deal) reunite the “Second City Saints” in ECW? I hope so.


Anyway, that’s it for now people. See you all next week.


Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like in the  Anger Management section of the message board or whichever section you see fit.


~Matt Dawgs 

World Wrestling Insanity writer Matt Dawgs is the bread and butter of the World Wrestling Insanity family. His future is bright and once James Guttman comes into a large sum of money, you can expect Matt will be getting tons of it thrown at him, at least half of it. Matt also moonlights as a professional wrestler/manager in the NY/NJ Indy scene. He is legit afraid of getting on Homicide’s bad side but thinks he is a cool dude in general. He also is a funny guy. If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at If the feedback is negative, you can e-mail Matt at


P.S. – In case you didn’t know, there is a new WRESTLING BOOK that is out titled “World Wrestling Insanity”. It is a damn fun read so I suggest you run out and get it today. If you already have your copy, read it. If you already read your copy, read it again. It is funny. Like me.


Also, don’t forget to check out our new section, CLUB WWI. It can be found by clicking the banner at the top of this page. Check out all the new audio updates and features found there. Some good stuff including all of James Guttman’s past Radio Free Insanity broadcasts as well as all new, uncut interviews with some of wrestling past and present names. Good stuff people.

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