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(74 Minute Audio) Beyond The Mat's Dennis Stamp Talks About: His Trampoline, Terry Funk, "I'm Not Booked," Shock Over His Internet Popularity, Rooming With Adrian Adonis and Four Midgets, Fireman's Carrying a Special Ed School Principal, Personal Stories About Many of Wrestling's Biggest Legends, and MUCH More

Apr 6, 2007, 08:43


"I'm not booked!"
- Dennis Stamp, Beyond The Mat

Well, he is now.

That's right.  This week's Radio Free Insanity will certainly live up to its name as we're joined by Internet Legend and the scene-stealing referee from "Beyond The Mat," the one and only Dennis Stamp!

"The Cockroach King" became one of the most talked about names in wrestling following his rather unorthodox appearance in the 2000 Wrestling documentary, Beyond The Mat.  Whether it's his trampoline or the "I'm not booked" catchphrase, you remembered Stamp.  In 2006, our message board posters inducted him into their own Hall of Fame.  Now, in a rare interview, Dennis comes to to talk about, well, everything and anything.

For those unfamiliar with Dennis, you can check him out on Youtube, take a look at his Myspace tribute page, or even sign the petition to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.   Yup.  There's only one Dennis Stamp and this is one  interview you will never forget.

In today's 74 minute interview, James Guttman and Dennis Stamp talk about:

Beyond the Mat
"I'm Not Booked"
The music he listens to while on his trampoline
The benefits of training on a trampoline
What the kids would say to his daughters about seeing him on it
The Funks
What Terry Funk said about his scene in the movie
Shock Over His Internet Popularity
Paradise Alley
Lurch from the Adams Family
Bobby Shane
Sputnik Monroe
Living with Adrian Adonis
Living with four midgets
Jimmy Snuka
S.D. Jones trying to show him up
Fireman's Carrying a Special Ed School Principal
Dewey "Missing Link" Robertson
The Mighty Zulu
Chasing a six year old girl through the crowd for throwing gum at him
Being threatened by an old man with a knife for it
Abdullah The Butcher
Ric Flair
Hulk Hogan
Amateur Wrestling
Roddy Piper

...and Much MUCH More!

Dennis Stamp's edited interview will be part of this week's Radio Free Insanity, but the only place to hear the entire unedited shoot right now is on!

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