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Random Thoughts from Matt Dawgs: Tony Soprano is vindictive, BAIT and SWITCHES, The inevitable HBK Heel turn, Jack Bauer Power Hour, Low-Ki vs Samoa Joe, Nappy headed hos and more.

By Matt Dawgs
Apr 12, 2007, 12:56


Random Thoughts, Opinions, Questions and Observations.




Hi there people and welcome back to another Random Thought’s column where I get some things off my chest and basically just discuss what is going on in that pretty sexy head of mine in regards to the world of professional wrestling. Enjoy, discuss, debate.


Well another week down and another week of weird happenings, some good wrestling and big stories outside the ring.


                The Soprano’s season premiere has come and gone and I must say, Tony Soprano is one vindictive son of a b*tch. What he did to Bobby was flat out messed up but goes to show what kind of man he is. Scumbag. He has to get his in the end. I guess we will find out in 9 more weeks. (There is an off week somewhere before the finale).


                WWE RAW = BAIT AND SWITCH. I hated the fact that they promoted Shane McMahon’s hard vs. Bobby’s ECW title only to have Shane lose by DQ and yet not get shaved. That was piss poor booking.


                You do have to give WWE credit and I am anxious to read the reasoning behind it aka whose idea was it to have the young Make a Wish kid, Michael Pena, become guest GM for the day. It was a super classy move on WWE’s part and I am sure that Michael will have this memory in his mind for the rest of his life which hopefully will be long. He appeared genuinely excited during his appearance and I am also especially glad that they didn’t use the kid as a way to further an angle. Instead, they just let him be and now, in future weeks, they can have someone come out and bash the kid and have Foley defend him setting something up. But to give Michael Pena his time to shine was a wonderful thing and WWE doesn’t get nearly enough credit they deserve for all of the charity work that they do. I applaud you WWE!!!!


                Why did Shawn Michaels come out to his “Sexy Boy” music is something that has been asked on message boards? Well if you remember my column from last week, you will remember this little item:


“Are they or aren’t they is the question of the day. If you don’t know what I am referring to, please pay close attention to Shawn Michaels over the past few weeks. Go back and watch RAW’s leading up to Mania and especially watch Raw last night. There is a reason why someone like Shawn Michaels, even though he is old, is in a top position. He is far and away one of the smartest men in the business. If you pay close attention, Shawn has been showing very subtle hints of turning full fledged heel ala 1996 HBK. Watch it again. You’ll see the signs. The only question is, will they go through with it or will they forget it once his feud with Cena is over.”


                If you also noticed on RAW, Shawn was working his hardest to no sell every single thing Cena said and act like an immature douche bag. Now was this because he is genuinely pissed about Cena being pushed or if it is because the seeds are planted for his heel run. Either way, d*ckhead Shawn Michaels is always fun to watch.


                Great to see the World’s Greatest Tag Team being treated as such.


                Boy, Carlito is going to turn on Flair. Didn’t see that coming a mile away.


                Does anyone else miss Trish Stratus as much as I do? The women’s division isn’t the same without her.


                Did you all hear about Sean O’Haire getting his ass kicked in a South Carolina bar? He had his orbital bone broken as well as fracturing several bones in his face. He needs reconstructive surgery and may lose vision in his eye. I feel bad for him. He had so much potential and could have had a huge career. But then again, I am not telling you anything you didn’t know.


                Great to see Johnny Nitro featured so heavily on RAW. That kid has a bright future.


                Seriously though, Nitro has main event written all over him, especially with Melina and he hasn’t been used prominently since weeks before Mania. Push this guy already. Hopefully RAW was a lead into a feud with Mick Foley for him. If not, then I am going to be pissed.


                Is Carlito the new Dennis Stamp? Get it? He’s wasn’t booked at Mania? Get it now? HAHA. I made a funny. 


                Cade and Murdoch? Really? It’s a double edged sword to me because I am going to be perfectly honest; they are a guilty pleasure of mine. Especially Murdoch. But we’ve been conditioned to treat them as jobbers for so long now that they are getting a title shot and we are supposed to consider them legit threats to the belts? Come on.


                On 24, Mike Doyle (Ricky Schroeder) summed it up perfectly when he came to rescue Jack Bauer after Jack retrieved the nukes. Jack, by himself, killed like 6 armed terrorists including terrorist leader Abu Fayed. After securing the bombs and helping Jack, Doyle looked around the room at all the dead terrorists on the floor and said, “Jesus Jack”. That my friend is writing 101. The perfect reaction to the carnage Jack left behind.


                Speaking of Agent Bauer, his girlfriend is still alive even though we thought she was killed in China looking for Jack. Instead, the Chinese government want’s to exchange her for the device used to arm the nuclear weapons. Jack….well obviously he is going to give it to them. Even if it means killing everyone in CTU to do it. Jack Bauer rules. If you were conducting a draft lottery and had to select someone from television or movies to be on your Counter Terrorist Team, who would be your number one pick? Mine would be Bauer although a friend of mine would select James Bond first. I disagree. Jack Bauer should be first on everyone’s list. The man tortured his own brother and was ready to torture the President of the United States last season.


                PS – 24 should be renamed the Jack Bauer Power Hour.


                Jack Bauer vs. Abu Fayed is a MOTYC. Melzter gives it ****1/2. “Say hello to your brother” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


                That finish to the HBK vs. Orton match was horrible and if you remember correctly, was already used during the HBK/HHH feud of a few years back. Don’t recycle crappy finishes WWE. Please.


                Saw the Marine this past weekend with John Cena. If you watch it on mute, you got yourself a damn solid action movie. I do give Cena some credit. Same with the writers of the movie because if you pay close attention, Cena doesn’t have all that many lines. Robert Patrick is the one with the meat of the movie. Cena just kills people and does action scenes which were what made the movie watch able. The dialogue though, piss poor at best.


                Mark Briscoe is lucky to be alive. I didn’t see the actual move, just a clip of it. But from what I saw, JESUS H. CHRIST he has an angel on his shoulder. My goodness. For those who don’t know, Mark did a shooting star press from inside the ring (off the top rope) to the outside of the ring. Unfortunately for Mark, he pulled a Brock Lesnar and didn’t rotate all the way. He landed on the back of his head on the unprotected floor, splitting it open and suffering a terrible concussion. He was stretchered out and taken to a local hospital where he suffered a seizure.               


                Independent Promotion Jersey All Pro Wrestling is headlining it’s April 21st show with Low-Ki defending the JAPW Title against Samoa Joe. If you are in Jersey on that date, make sure you check out the show as JAPW always has solid cards. If Low-Ki is still the champion on May 19th, he will defend the JAPW belt on that show against Necro Butcher!!!!


                Best wishes to former Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli who has discovered that his brain tumor has gotten bigger and that he now requires surgery for it. My heart goes out to him and his family. Brain surgery isn’t like a walk in the park and is a delicate situation and he will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. I had an aunt who went through the same situation and I hope his situation turns out better in the end.


                Anyone seen Jenna Jameson lately? If you happen to run into her in the street, please do me and her both a favor and hand her a cheese burger. She needs one STAT!!!!


                What is with all of this Anna Nicole Smith baby daddy drama? Why is it taking so long to find out if Howard K. Stern is the dad or if the no-name photographer boyfriend of hers is the dad? WTF? Had they went to Maury Povich, they would have known who the father was within 60 minutes of arriving. Why bother dragging it out?


                Rumor has it that Britney Spears is dating Los Angeles Laker Luke Walton (son of Bill Walton). Good for her.


                Glen Gilberti aka Disco Inferno was arrested this week for running an illegal gambling ring out of his home. Apparently he was under surveillance for 6 months due to the amount of traffic of people coming to his home at all hours of the night. People were coming to play illegal Texas Hold Um and would pay $10,000 online in order to get in. He even had waitresses serving drinks on staff. Good to see that the Georgia Police Department is working hard keeping the streets safe of violent criminals. And yes, that was sarcasm by the way. Who the f*ck cares if he is running a poker operation out of his house? The United States is so damned greedy with sh*t like this. He is going to do time because he didn’t give a cut to the government. That is all it comes down to. The Georgia gov’t wasn’t getting their cut in taxes so he gets arrested. BS if you ask me.


                So here is what is in store for Backlash. A fatal four way for the WWE Title with John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton. Now the question is, is this a fatal four way elimination match? The one they had a few years back with Austin vs. Bret vs. Taker vs. Vader was solid gold. But that was an elimination match. Same with Rock vs. HHH vs. Big Show vs. Foley. The four ways that are one fall to a finish suck ass big time. So let’s hope it is elimination.


                The Hardys defend against Cade and Murdoch. Should be a solid match but come on, does anyone else think Cade and Murdoch have any shot at winning?


                Bobby Lashley defending his title against Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Umaga. We all know who is winning. “Black Lesnar” by pin fall.


                More than likely we will also get Mickie James vs. Melina for the women’s title and Carlito vs. Flair. I hope they hold off on Carlito vs. Flair though. Give it another month to boil. That’s just my opinion.


                Another big match coming up soon, although not on WWE TV is Jerry the King Lawler against Hulk Hogan. If I lived in Memphis, I would definitely check this out. I actually think this is going to be a decent match. Apparently Hogan isn’t doing too good emotionally as in his last interview on Bubba the Love Sponge, he sounded down. Mentioned he has been drinking a lot and insinuated that his marriage is on the rocks. I don’t know what happens off the camera or how Linda Hogan or even Hulk acts off camera but on camera, they both seem like cool people and Linda acts like she is a good woman. So this story is making me sad. You want to see them make it. Let’s just hope though, for Hogan’s sake, that he and Linda have a pre-nup. If not, whoa baby. I feel extremely horrible for Hulk.


                If you haven’t gotten the 4 Horsemen DVD yet, you should. No, I haven’t bought it yet but I definitely will. The Horsemen were easily the best stable in the history of professional wrestling and this is a DVD I would buy without having to read a review or be egged on. For newer fans, I GUARANTEE YOU, that this DVD is a must have and if you’ve only heard of the Horsemen but never seen them, get this ASAP and learn some history. The Horsemen ruled and the promos were GOLD by all of them. If RAW’s clip that Carlito aired on Flair was all on the DVD then this is going to be the best DVD in WWE history. Bar none.


                It’s official, Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole’s baby. Did anyone other than Howard K. Stern think the baby wasn’t Birkhead’s? Come on.


                Solid ECW show this week. CM Punk joining the New Breed? I smell swerve.


                Is anyone a better heel non wrestler than Vince McMahon? When motivated, he is better than anyone in the history of the business.


                Anyone going to see the Condemned? I think it actually looks pretty good.


                Hot Damn, Alex Rodriquez is on a f*cking tear. 6 Home runs in his first 7 games. Now all we need is our starting rotation to get their acts together and we are rolling towards our Subway Series here in New York. Especially come June when Roger Clemens comes home and Phillip Hughes gets called up from the minors.


                Vic Mackey is on a bad path. I feel almost sorry for him. Forest Whitaker wrapped up his storyline on the Shield and it’s a shame that he did. His acting was top notch and he definitely should have won an Emmy last season. But he has an Oscar so I am sure he isn’t too distraught over it. Shane Vendrell, HAHA. He is a dead man walking once Vic finds out what he did to Lem.


                Anyone care to explain why Mike Tenay and Don West are always yelling? It’s so damn annoying.


                Traci Brooks has a nice rack.


                Just got my hands on a copy of “Under the Mat” by Diana Smith Hart. This book was released a few years back but after some legal maneuvering, it was pulled from shelves due to someone in the Hart family claiming it was slanderous. Most copies were destroyed however I got a “transcript” version of it. I must say, it is a very, very interesting read into the minds of the Hart family and how they acted in their real lives. If all of this is true, then I promise you, everyone will have a completely different view of the Harts. Problem is, Diana just speaks what she says happened. She doesn’t provide evidence to back it up so therefore, it could indeed just be slander. Who knows? Interesting read nonetheless.


                Smackdown Spoiler alert. If you don’t want to know what happens on Smackdown or at Backlash coming up, you can stop reading now and come back after you see Smackdown to finish the column off. I am giving you ten seconds. 10…..9…..8…..7…..6…..5…..4…..3…..2…….1…..0.


OK, I gave you enough time. Here we go. At Smackdown, it was announced that the Undertaker will defend the World title against Batista at Backlash in a Last Man Standing match. Here we go again with the double edged sword. We all saw that Taker can carry Batista to a damn good match so that isn’t an issue. Add some plunder/weapons/garbage to the match and it can make Batista look even better since it hides his weaknesses. My problem is that it is a Last Man Standing match. The only logical result is Taker retaining. They aren’t going to take the belt off him less than a month after winning it. So it is the right decision for Taker to win. Problem is, having Batista who is still a face, lose a match like that kind of hurts his character and his aura as a tough guy. It only buries him a bit by showing he isn’t as tough as Taker. Only thing I can see happening is someone interfering and starting a program with Batista immediately after this match and steering Taker in another direction. I do also see both men beating each other bloody before Taker wins only to have Kennedy cash in his Money in the Bank shot. Good booking if that happens.


                You know what WWE needs? Some “nappy headed hos”. Agree or Disagree? Seriously, while Imus’ comment was racist and insensitive, he doesn’t deserve to be fired over it. Al Sharpton needs to also mind his own business. What the f*ck? The number one hip hop song on the charts right now is by MIMS, called “This is why I’m Hot” and has several references to ho’s, n*gga’s and drugs. How come Sharpton isn’t boycotting radio stations, hip hop labels and BET? It’s ok for a black man to say nappy headed hos but not a white man? Double standards suck ass.


                                Does anyone else love Lisa Moretti as much as I do? Her Smack Talk is one of the best features on Club If you aren’t a member, you should be. Good stuff there. If you thought Dennis Stamp was an INSANE interview last week, you have to hear some of the talent Guttman has lined up for interviews. Insane doesn’t even begin to describe some of them.


                PS – How come James never has me on with Lisa. I think he just likes hogging all the glory and spending an hour a month on the phone with a hot woman like her. That’s just my opinion.  


Anyway, that’s it for now people. See you all next week.


Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like in the Anger Management section of the message board or whichever section you see fit.


~Matt Dawgs 

World Wrestling Insanity writer Matt Dawgs is the bread and butter of the World Wrestling Insanity family. His future is bright and once James Guttman comes into a large sum of money, you can expect Matt will be getting tons of it thrown at him, at least half of it. Matt also moonlights as a professional wrestler/manager in the NY/NJ Indy scene. He is legit afraid of getting on Homicide’s bad side but thinks he is a cool dude in general. He also is a funny guy. If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at If the feedback is negative, you can e-mail Matt at


P.S. – In case you didn’t know, there is a WRESTLING BOOK that is out titled “World Wrestling Insanity”. It is a damn fun read so I suggest you run out and get it today. If you already have your copy, read it. If you already read your copy, read it again. It is funny; Like me.


Also, don’t forget to check out our new section, CLUB WWI. It can be found by clicking the banner at the top of this page. Check out all the new audio updates and features found there. Some good stuff including all of James Guttman’s past Radio Free Insanity broadcasts as well as all new, uncut interviews with some of wrestling past and present names. Good stuff people.

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